New Mexico Marriage Laws 1

Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in New Mexico

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Chapter 40 of the New Mexico Legislature is “Domestic Affairs.” Chapter 40, Article 1 is where you can find the New Mexico Marriage Code (“Marriage in General”) and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in New Mexico.

Although you can view all the New Mexico statutes at, the site does not allow direct links to specific marriage statutes (if you know otherwise, please tell us). Here’s how to find the Marriage Laws (you can view these instructions along with instructional screen shots in the How to Find the New Mexico Marriage Statutes Online PDF):

1) Go to (by clicking the link above)

2) Click the ‘HTML’ tab

3) Click the ‘New Mexico Statutes and Court Rules’ folder

4) Click the ‘Statutory Chapters in New Mexico Statutes’ folder

5) Click ’40. Domestic Affairs’

6) Click the Title of the Chapter of the Information You’re Seeking

A few of the important chapters related to New Mexico marriage are:

  • New Mexico Marriage in General (Chapter 40, Article 1)
  • New Mexico Rights of Married Persons Generally (Chapter 40, Article 2)
  • New Mexico Uniform Premarital Agreement(Chapter 40, Article 3A)


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