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  • kristen

    My husband has 3 children from his previous marriage she is always moving from place to place and we are forced to meet her halfway… is there a way we could have her do all the transportation.? i dont think it is fair she keeps moving father and father away.?

  • donald krupczyk

    will a homemade prenuptual that is not produced by an attorney or witnessed by a officer of the court, hold up in a divorce proceding if it was signed a few days before the wedding before a notary not associated with the court.

  • ann

    my friend put a large amount of money towards purchasing a house while out of the country. her fiance at the time purchased the house. she came to the US, got married but he wouldnot put her name on the house. now he is selling the house and kicking her out is there anything she can do to get her money back? NYC

  • Kerin

    If the fiance moves out of the house while I am out of town, essentially ending the engagement,do I have to return the ring. He is requesting it back.

  • kerry

    My daughter will be 21 and automatically emancipated in May. My ex has tried to get out of support almost every year since we divorced. He claims his back was injured on the job over a year ago but he worked up the whole year with it until this month when he decided to have surgery; it is a voluntary choice, not an emergency, and a temporary disability. It could have waited the 3 months until the support ended. I think he is doing it now to get out of the supoort obligation-will he be able to do it?

  • Alyssa

    I have an 8 month old son in which me and my ex do not have any kind of custody agreement for. His father and i were never married but do have an acknowledgment of paternity. My question is, if i were to move out of the state of ny with our child, is there anything my childs father could do about it?

  • Manuel

    I live in Upstate,NY, me and my ex girlfriend have a 3 soon to be 4 year old special needs child.We have a pending family court matter in Upstate NY.My child”s mother has violated 2 court orders only because she did not let me exercise my parenting time with our child.Last month my child’s mother quit her job and had our son discharged from a school for children with special needs.Our son was born abnormal and disabled.She violated a court order that specificaly states, that she shall not remove the child from 3 of the counties in Upstate, NY. She and our child lives with her mom in New York City, which is about 200+ miles away from Upstate, NY.She did not appear in court , she was held in contempt of court and was told to appear in court with the child the following week.she came to court without the child.The Judge sanctioned her were she has to pay for transportation to bring me our son from saturday to monday.The judge also placed a child neglect investigation order on her.Last weekend I did not see my son.She made up a bogus story..This weekend she tells me our son is sick, I called all of the Dr. offices and hostpitals down in New York City, our child was not admitted into none of the hostpitals or Dr. offices.I have joint custody she has primary custody, I have my own apartment and I work parttime, why my child’s mother is living with her mom in a 1 bdroom apartment. I fowarded all court documents to the special educational department in New York City, our childs application for school is on hold, I did that only because our child is out of jurisdiction, and that we have pending matters in Upstate, NY..What petition/motion can I file to immediately have my child brought into my care? (full custody) We appear in court in 2 1/2 weeks..

  • the responsible one

    When a soon-to-be x liquidates and defaults on their 401k and has nothing to offer in the “fair” distribution of assets, do I still have to give this person 1/2 of my 401k, when they have proven that they are not fiscally responsible? How could they have withdrawn funds without my
    signature if I am the benefactor on the account? Do I have any legal action I can take against either of these?