Ohio Marriage Laws 5

In: Ohio

Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Ohio

Also See: Ohio Divorce Laws

Title 21 of the Ohio Legislature is “Domestic Relation – Children .” Title 21, Chapter 2106 is where you can find the Ohio Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Ohio.

Ohio Action to Set Aside Antenuptial or Separation Agreement (Title 21, Chapter 2106, Section 22): codes.ohio.gov

Ohio Marriage – Husband and Wife (Title 31, Chapter 3101 & 3103): codes.ohio.gov

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  • Bridgett Y. Adams

    If I marry a man with children in Ohio do I have to pay his child support payments?

  • Almost Married

    I am trying to find out if i marry a man who’s home is in foreclosure if they can come after me or myhome for the money?

  • danitza

    if you are 18 and you marry someone 16 years old are you still married when they turn 18

  • Chevy

    Can the state make you and your spouse seperate for good?

  • Wilma

    If my husband decides he does not want to be with me, can he force me to move out even though it would mean leaving my children just because he has an income and I do not