Oregon Marriage Laws 3

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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Oregon

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Volume 3, Title 11 of the Oregon Legislature is “Domestic Relations.” Volume 3, Title 11, Chapter 106 is where you can find the Oregon Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Oregon.

Oregon Marriage (ORS Volume 3, Title 11, Chapter 106): leg.state.or.us

Oregon Uniform Premarital Agreement Act(Volume 3, Chapter 108, Section 108.700 to 108.740): leg.state.or.us



    I have a female friend who was married a couple of year,s ago in the state of Oregon,but at the time the justice of the peace did not sign there license,now she is worried that they may not be legally married and this is causing her a lot of stress,so any information you can give me would be of much use and may put her mind at rest thank you.

  • the one betrayed

    is committing adultry in Oregon illegal?

  • chrisann

    I was married aprox 14yrs ago in Newport, OR to a man that has since abandoned myself and our 3 children. I just found out that the marriage took place within the 60 day waiting period restriction from his Alabama divorce. would this marriage be recognized as valid by Oregon or considered void? Also, if it is a “void” marriage, would I have to become a resident of Oregon again to file for a decleration of annulment? I have been living in Brooklyn, NY for the last 10yrs and it would be an EXTREME hardship to go back to the west coast. thank you for your help.