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  • mike

    is there a website that has previous decisions as far as a father having rights to have his 6 year old daughter over night and take her to school..i already have a court order in place for 3 plus years saying i have my lil girl thur and fri every my ex is tring to take that away from me. i dont work fri or sat or even sundays so there is no issue with me being able to take her or pick her up from school. i dont feel like i should be pushed out of her life and not get to help her with school work or have my time deruced with her. please help and provide any info you can. thanks. mike

  • Jill

    If I purchased a house in my name, is my domestic partner eligible for 1/2 once I sell?

  • Jackie

    If I am engaged and the engagement is off because of the mans infidelity do I have to return the ring to him or do I keep it?

    • halfsgirl

      Jackie, the law, as I know is it was bought as an “engagement” ring, once the engagement is off, you have to return it. I dont really think it matters what the reason is for it being off, that probably applies more with divorce. If it was bought as a “gift” I.E. christmas, bithday etc….its yours to keep. Not sure if you know this info or not, just trying to help with what I know.

  • lara

    I live in PA and my children father live in SC when he call them he tells them he wants them to come there and live with him and be with there friends they have never live there only visit. I have move on with my life and he has not
    so I stop all contact with him and he. Do I have that rights is not what to do

  • Lorraine

    My son’s wife deserted and abandoned their home taking their 2 children. My son has been residing in their home as she moved in with her boyfriend so not only did she desert him she committed adultery. They had a temporarly court hearing for child custody and rights th their home. his wife stated that my son does drugs in which he does not so he had to do a drug test today and she also stated that she was afraid of my son hurting her. domestic violence and it is not true…therefore the Judge granted her primary custody with my son having partial custody with supervision…also the judge orderd my son out of the house in 9 days 2 days before x-mas….nice huh? what can he do as his wife falsely accused him and she lives with the boyfriend and by the Judge ordering my son out of their house and he really has no where to go. I have a 2 bedroom apartment that me and my daughter share??? please help or advise???

    • halfsgirl

      Lorraine, do her and your son own the house? I would tell him to try looking into what he can as far as selling it and at the least, they should both get half of the profits. I dont understand how, child custody court had anything to do with property, but maybe your state is different than mine.

  • Charles Powell

    i have two sons i pay child support for. 8 yrs ago i was found to be the perpetrator of abuse and my decision making rights taken away. two yrs later my childrens mom and i split and contrary to previous descussions she has been keeping them from me and because of previous accusations she has gotten away with it. I have no real rights to my children besides the right to pay child support. my question is if i would relinquish my perental rights to my children would that excuse me from having to pay child support. I dont wanna be just a paycheck for my ex anymore and i already am not a father to my children.

    • halfsgirl

      Charles, in most cases (well in PA) if you terminate your rights, your support gets terminated as well. Some cases the other parent would still have to pay support. I would not give up my rights until you have went to the court and filed for partial custody or at least visitation rights. If that already happened, then I would sign up my rights and just try to get in contact after they turn 18 and explain the situation to them as to what their mother did.

  • Stacy

    I had a Plowman hearing in November where the father wanted to relocate with our two children to Ohio. I am in PA where the kids have grown up and both mine and his families are. The relocation was denied and he moved while the kids stayed with me. We then went to a relocation trial. Since the father moved away my 11yr old son has been telling me and his therapist about the mean and nasty things my ex and his wife do and have done to him. the verdict came back permitting the relocation at the start of the next school year. I can’t figure out why, but I need to do something to change this to save my children from neglect and abuse. The Therapist and Psychiatrist think I need to get a CASA or GAL involved. What can I do to get a hearing where these things can be heard and be changed? I have heard that I can file a Motion For Reconsideration and a Motion for CASA or GAL at the same time. Is this true? And if so how do I do this? Please help me!! My son has panic attacks about just going to visit for 3 days at a time!

  • Proud Father

    Mike (and to all fathers): Check this website out. It’s for us, fathers and our rights as a father.

    Website: Good luck Mike.

  • judith

    I have a question & need help…I was with my boyfriend for a year & 2 months at 31 wks of me being pregnant I found out he was living a double life married man…I exposed him & he got angry and denied everything even his unborn baby…abandon him completely…I have less then 3 wks to my due date…I wanna know if i can apply for sole custody and still get child support…Im afraid of leaving my child with or his family since i was already threaten…I didn’t know he was married what man that is happily married be on a dating site & stay with someone for as long as he did with me….I was told I was a mistake and that my baby should be aborted…help I need answers.

  • Martin

    My ex wife got pregnant with twins when we going through our divorce. She had the babies when we were still married but not at all together. I know these 2 children are not mine but the state of PA says they are mine because we were married. I have paid child support for theses children since they were born. It has been a few years and she will not give me a paternity test. I have set up for a paternity test and she refuses to take them. Is there anything I can do? I do not like the fact I am paying support on children that are not mine. What can I do?

  • Paula

    I have joint custody of my son with his father and I am curious as to if I have a right to know who is watching him when he is not in his fathers care? I have asked his father and was told that its not my problem or concern that it is his week with him! I do have the right of first refusal if care is needed for more than 4 hours but prior to that I don’t. I’m very frustrated that when he is at his fathers I honestly have to say I have no clue where my son is and when my son (who has autism) says anything its been several names and people I dont know. Anyone know what my rights are concerning child care when he’s with his father, and do I have a right to know who is watching my son and who is alone with my son while there?