• Nick Fodera

    Hi. My friend was recently divorced from her husband of 5 years. They lived in PA. She has one 18 year old daughter from a previous marriage. Husband works for a major company in PA. She want to know if she or daughter are entitled to health insurance from the husband for any period of time after the divorce.
    Thank you.

  • help please

    i am a disabled single parent. my parents cared for voluntarily for my daughter for the past 8 years. she recieved social security benefits through me. i thought my parents was putting at least some away, now i find out she has nothing and had to pay him $285.00 per month in cash for rent???? Plus he claimed her on taxes and kept that money. Now she has nothing for college. Was he legally allowed to take her money for rent? she barely had clothes, shoes and she didnt even get a computer which most students do need. what can i do?