South Carolina Marriage Laws 2

Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in South Carolina

Also See: South Carolina Divorce Laws

Title 20 of the South Carolina Legislature is “Domestic Relations.” Title 20, Chapter 1 & 5 is where you can find the South Carolina Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in South Carolina.

South Carolina Marriage (Title 20, Chapter 1)

South Carolina Marriage – Property Rights of Married Women (Title 20, Chapter 5)

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  • Cyntheia Ferris

    How many witnesses are required for a marriage taking place in South Carolina. (for both bride and groom)

  • ellymay

    I’ve been married to my kids father since 2004 but he has been in and out prison for past 5 years and the past 2 and half years he been in prison. I went to Tennessee in 2011 while he was locked up and married another man. Well we lived together for 9 months and I left husband 2. Now husband 1, my kids dad is out prison and wants me back. How or what do I need to do bout husband #2. How can I get him out life. Do I file for divorce in sc were I live. Are we even legally married