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  • Chad

    My daugher has custody of our daugher and child support comes directly out of my paycheck every two weeks. She wants me to take our daughter for the summer, June, July, August, during this time she said she would pay me the child support back as soon as she gets it. The thing is I do not trust her to give me the money or to take back our daugher whenever when feels like this. How could we go about making this official? Is there papers or something that we can sign?

    • You and mother can enter into an agreement which modifies the visitation schedule and child support. The agreement must be signed by both of you and filed with the court. You should contact the family court in our county to obtain any necessary forms (also see: Custody Court Forms).

  • christmas

    is it a fact or fiction that any negitive credit found on your cedit report during your married year’s is not usable in a negive fashion against you after 6 year’s old or older with the exception of it being a judgement against you?.