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State Sponsored Legal Certification Organizations

Boards of Legal Specialization (the first of which was created in 1983 – in North Carolina), serve to establish programs by which qualified lawyers can become certified as specialists in a particular area of the law. This designation can help you identify lawyers who have demonstrated special knowledge, skill, and proficiency in a specific field – family law, for example.

State sanctioned certification programs currently exist in only 17 US states. And only 9 of those states offer a specialization program in the area of family law. Below is a list of each Legal Specialization programs in the United States, and a link to each program’s website. The American Bar Association also has a list of private and state-sponsored certification plans – both state and national – in all areas of law.

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State Legal Specialization and Family Law Specialization Websites:

[State Name] – [Legal Specialization Site] – [Family Law Specialists (if Available)]


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