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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Tennessee

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Title 36 of the Tennessee Legislature is “Domestic Relations.” Title 36, Chapter 3 is where you can find the Tennessee Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Tennessee.

Although you can view all the Tennessee statutes at michie.lexisnexis.com, the site does not allow direct links to specific marriage statutes (if you know otherwise, please tell us). Here’s how to find the Marriage Laws (you can view these instructions along with instructional screen shots in the How to Find the Tennessee Marriage Statutes Online PDF):

1) Go to ‘michie.lexisnexis.com’ (by clicking the link above) and then click on “Tennessee Code”.

2) Click the “Title 36 – Domestic Relations”.

3) Click the Title of the Chapter of the Information You’re Seeking.

4) For Example, click “Chapter 3 – Marriage” for the Sections under Marriage Code.

5) Click the Section for the information You’re Seeking under Marriage Code. A few of the important chapters related to Tennessee marriage are:

  • Tennessee Marriage (Title 36, Chapter 3)
  • Tennessee Enforcement of Antenuptial Agreements (Title 36, Chapter 3, Section 36-3-501)


  • Helen Bryant

    Tennessee native, married a Marine from Texas in 1966. Lived in Florida and North Carolina. Separated in March ’66 & I moved back to Tennessee and filed immediately for divorce. Did not reestablish residency. His attorney argued that a Tennessee judge could not grant a divorce since neither of us were residents of the state and under law of domicile, I was considered to be a resident of Texas. Judge ignored and granted divorce. Was and is the divorce valid.

  • hope

    my boyfriend married a woman several years ago. a few months after they were married, she was arrested for bigamy because she was married to someone else at the time she married my boyfriend. my question is this…..my boyfriend and his wife have not lived together since 2006. they were married in 2005. does he need to file for divorce from her or is this marriage valid? he has documents that show where she was arrested for bigamy.