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All Texas Statutes: tlo2.tlc.state.tx.us

Texas Family Law Code (Family Code): tlo2.tlc.state.tx.us


  • Be careful in using forms from fee-for-service forms providers and document assembly services. Not all, but nearly all pleadings drafted or sold by these services violate Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 190 in their first paragraph and don’t get better from there.

    There are sources of free legal forms for family law issues that you should consider:

    (1) The county law library. If you go to a Texas District Courthouse, they will have a law library that has paper-based forms for many common purposes. These forms are not very fancy, but they are drafted and recognized by the judges who preside in that courthouse. These forms will also conform to local rules of practice which the fee-based web sites NEVER comply with. These forms are either free or you may be charged 10 cents per page–which is still a great deal.

    (2) District Court Web Sites. Many district courts in Texas maintain web sites that contain a few forms. Again, these forms will be drafted and recognized by the courts in that courthouse so they are of high legal quality. They are always free to download.

    (3) Texas Law Help. TexasLawHelp.org maintains an extensive library of free forms for many purposes, including family law. These forms are drafted by local attorneys who practice in Texas courts every day and who are comitted to providing quality assistance to those who are financially constrained. http://www.texaslawhelp.org/TX/StateSubTopics.cfm/County/%20/City/%20/demoMode/%3D%201/Language/1/State/TX/TextOnly/N/ZipCode/%20/LoggedIn/0/iTopicID/495/sTopicImage/familyjuvenile.gif/bAllState/0

    (4) State Bar Web Sites. OK, in Texas it’s a little bleak. But in other states, notably Wisconsin, the state bar’s web site provides a treasure-trove of free forms.

    (5) Attorney web sites. Some Texas Attorneys maintain great forms on their web sites as a public service. For example, in Texas, TexasProbate provides forms that attorneys all over Texas use in handling probate and estate planning matters. My own web site provides a way for visitors to create a free Power of Attorney.

    (6) Legal Aid. If you meet the income qualifications, you can ask Legal Aid for help. If they accept your case, they will provide all the forms you need at no cost to you.

  • ingrid

    Can my husband take his ex visitation rights away if it not in the best interest for the children

  • emily conn

    yea i had a baby 3 yrs ago. i had custody of the child for the first 2 yrs then cps came in and gave the father temporery custody of said child now that the cps case is closed the father is refusing to give me back my child. we were never married and we have lived together off and on since cps took the child. QUESTIONS: what are my rights? can i just go in and take my child? do i need to first call the cops? how do i get my baby back? the law says that as a unwed mother i have all the rights of that child until custody is established cps established temporary custody but know that the cps case is closed shouldnt custody come back to me

  • monte

    Making a very, very, long story short as i can, Here go”s…….
    I called CPS due to wife’s( ex-wife now ) involvment with drugs and alcohol. It backlashed drastically. After 24 months of jumping their hoops and successfully passing every class ( one point i was attending 4 a week ). Ex-wife had her rights removed from our daughter. CPS wanted me gone too. Instead of continuing the torture ( i speak the truth ). I signed a paper aswell removing my rights and CPS agreed to give my daughter to her grandmother. that was january.
    My question is this, Am wanting paternal grandmother( my mother ) to adopt my daughter. My understanding is untill she does, Child is in CPS custody. Whether I have the 5 to 8 thousand ( depending which attorney asked ) or not, Can i do the paperwork for adoption??? If so, How? Would much rather use monies for her collage or similar than attorney fees.