• Belisa

    I’ve been with this one person for almost 18 yrs. At the beginning we file several income tax together as married. These last year we were together he left and legally got married with someone else. Can I do something?

  • Frustrated

    I have recently filed a modification with California Child Support and been advised that due to UIFSA California can not modify my current child support order as neither I nor the non-custodial parent no longer reside in the state of California. I have opened my case with the State of Texas Child Support in Plano, TX per the requirements of California and Texas has requested the locate data from California since 10/3/10 with no feedback from California on the non-custodial parent. I totally frustrated as it appears that California will not assist me and there Interstate Division is blocking information from Texas. What Can I do??? I have followed up on the UIFSA law regarding Child Support Enforcemetn and have noted that California could by the definition “Long-Arm of the Law” provide enforcement methods on the non-custodial parent as California is the original state wherein my child support order implemented. What can I do?? To get assistance with this matter to expedite the Red Tap to get California to remitt locate information on the non-custodal parents address (as California) has this information. And I know they do since I filed the Modification in 9/10 and filed the motion with California who provide the copies to the non-custodial parent for court.