Threats to Children 0

Preparing and Protecting Young Ones

Every parent knows that raising a child isn’t easy but it isn’t just curfews and manners that you have to worry about. Today’s world presents a whole host of dangers to children . Knowing how to prepare for them can help you keep your child safe. From drugs and gangs to pedophiles and hate groups, your child is exposed to a variety of potentially volatile circumstances almost every day. And while you can’t always monitor every moment of your child’s life, you can teach them how to handle dangerous situations when you’re not around.

Teaching your child to identify safe versus non-safe situations is a great place to start. Talk to your child about the dangers they might face out in the “real world” and help them learn the best ways to handle these situations so that they can get home safely. Remember, your child will have to “think on their feet” and often, they must do it while dealing with peer pressure from their friends or when faced with a frightening set of circumstances.

The more your child can learn to anticipate potential situations, the better chance they have of getting out safely before the situation escalates.

Explain the dangers of drugs and gangs. Talk to your child about unprotected sex and teach them how to respond when they’re approached by a stranger. Obviously, different age groups will need different conversations but the point is to keep the communication lines open.

As your child grows, so do the number of threats they face. Help your child stay safe from harm by preparing them for the bad things out there in the world.


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