Types of Guardianship 202

Your Rights and Responsibilities As A Guardian

In its broadest interpretation, the term “guardian” is used to refer to parents, whether biological or adoptive or other legal custodians of children. However, there are actually several different types of guardianship, some of which can be awarded while the parental rights remain in tact.

A Guardian Ad Litem for example, refers to a person (typically an attorney) who is charged with representing the child’s best interest during a legal proceeding. The attorney is separate from any counsel representing the other parties so that there is no conflict of interest. The Guardian Ad Litem’s authority ends when the legal proceedings are over.

A Guardian of the Estate (or Conservator) is a person designated by the court to oversee the child’s financial matters. This person may be the parent or primary guardian or it may be an unbiased third party such as an accountant or attorney. The Guardian of the Estate is responsible for making sure that the child’s money and/or property is properly managed. This is commonly found in the case of child celebrities where the child makes considerably more than the parents and/or the parents’ management of the assets have come into question.

The Guardian of the Estate’s authority lasts until the court deems it is no longer necessary.

A Guardian of the Person would be responsbile for handling everything outside of the child’s property and finances. This person would be responsible for making decisions about medical care, education and other factors and events that would effect the child’s life. In the example of a child celebrity as used above, the Guardian of the Person might be the parents while an accountant might be given the title of Guardian of the Estate.

Plenary Guardianship is perhaps the closest legal definition for the rights and responsibilities that are naturally assumed with parenthood. A Plenary Guardian oversees both the “person” as well as the “estate” meaning that they make just about all the decisions on the child’s behalf. The only limitation to this type of guardianship would be a condition that was stipulated by the court.

An Emergency Guardian is just what it sounds like – a person who is awarded guardianship in an emergency situation. This might be a foster parent, an attorney, a relative or other adult who is given the responsibility of caring and supervising the child until a long-term guardian can be appointed. This type of guardian is typically called in when the child’s immediate welfare is at stake, such as when parental abuse is suspected.

An Interim Guardian is a temporary guardian designated by the courts until a permanent or replacement guardian can be found. A good example of an interim guardian would be a foster parent.

A Limited Guardian is one who is given authority over a specific aspect of the child’s life but nothing else. An example of this type of guardianship would be where the parents oppose certain medical proceedings and/or testing but the court decides the procedures would be in the child’s best interest. In this case, they might designate a physician to be a Limited Guardian with respect to the child’s medical care. The parents still maintain all other forms of guardianship but in this instance, the Limited Guardian would have the final say on matters relating to medical treatment.

These different types of guardianship can be mixed and matched to suit the specific needs of the child in question. In addition, two people can share one or more types of guardianship for a child. In this instance, the parties would be known as “co-guardians“.

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  • Ellen

    A 13 year old has two divorced parents with joint custody. Can the mother legally assign guardianship to her brother and sister-in-law because she is metally ill and cannot handle the day to day responsibilities but still wants to remain an active parent?? Just a side note: her father is a jobless, alcoholic/perscription drug addict who, at 48. still lives with his mother and brothers.

    • ivedoneitb4

      In Ohio both natural parents have to consent, UNLESS your court or social services finds a parent unfit, or unwilling to care for their child. With guardinaship here in Ohio, basically the guardian is in charge of the visits. The guardian can choose to have a libereal vistation with the parents, an agreed upon visitation schedule, or at a miniumum follow a standard vistation; like the ones for divorced parents in your state. The guardian can also terminate a visit if they feel the child is in danger, a parent is high on drugs, drunk, etc.
      Just because the child my be in the custody of a guardian it does NOT release the parents from financially supoorting the child nor does it release the parents from communicating with them either

  • jessica

    so if we have legal guardianship of a child and want to pursue adoption how would that work

    • Bonanza

      We live in CA and I have a very related question. We have had custody of C since his birth over two years ago, and have been his legal guardians since he was 2 weeks old. His mother consents to adoption and I think we could easily get the absentee father’s rights terminated via CA Probate Code 1516.5. The county is paying us monthly for his support which would end if we adopt him, but we can’t afford the $5,000 plus in adoption fees so wouldn’t it save the county money in the long run just to waive the fees and not have to continue paying us over $400 a month the next 16 years. So my question is where can legal guardians get legal and or financial assistance with pursuing adoption? It’s dumb if we can’t adopt just cause we can’t afford to pay the county $5,000 to let them to stop paying us $446 a month for the next 16 years.

      • ivedoneitb4

        Are you relate to the child? Sometimes certain states allows a relative by birth (even in the event of divorces or death) to file directly in their court. Contact your local court and ask how you can file. Also, have you ever heard of Adoption Subsidy Title IV-E? It is both a federal and state ran program. IF you can get the adoption subsidy, they will reimburse 100% of all of your out of pocket expenses related to the adoption, atleast they did 13 years ago. Just google it and read, read, read, sometimes you can actually download your states subsidy program (pdf file). Also, in addition to the reimbursement you will also recieve a monthly check for subsidy for the child until they turn 18 or 21 if their is a an impairment. I honeslty do not know all the rules, since they have changed over the years. Once you are in, you are in, and your family income is not “a means for test” so do not include it in any of your paperwork they ask you to fill out, where it ask your financial info, write “not a means”. You can contact your county social services afdotion department and ask them about the adoption subsidy. Ask them to mail you a packet and the documents you need to fill out to file BEFORE you apply to adopt. They will, like all counties do, try to give you the run around and ask questions. Give them simple short sweet direct.answers. The Title IV-E Adoption Subsidy will also keep medical coverage over the children being adopted until they are 18, there are also other “programs” within the program itself. The program from what I understand was set up to get children out of foster care, etc to give children a permanent home.

      • linda

        when you have legal guardianship of a child and you move to another state if the judge sends you a letter stating the case is closed and you need to apply for guardianship in the state your in now does it mean you are no longer guardian

  • lisa wytcherley

    my parents(my kid’s grandparents) just filed an emergency gaurdianship of my 3 girls. i found out on an accident on-line. her reason for this is she found something to hold over me after years of looking for something to have my kids in her custody. What r my rights and what r theirs? I appreciate any advice, I’m desperate to be with my kids. I havn’t seen my girls in almost a month. Thank you for your time
    Lisa Wytcherley

    • laura

      lisa you know why they did it. not to hold anything over you. because they had no other choice.

    • DK

      Lisa, your MOM had no right to do what she did, I went thru something similiar and I know exactly HOW you feel

  • mike

    I was just granted primary guardianship of my two kids and I was woundering what it ment….? Can she come and take the kids whenever she wants or dose it all have to go through me first??

  • Marilyn

    Can my sister in law who is 18 get guardianship of her younger brothers 13 and 16. Their mother kicked both boys out. They are living with their sister who is living with her boyfriend. My father in law passed 2 years ago and the mother receives social security benefits for both boys. She told her daughter that she will not release any of the checks to her or the boys. They all live in Pennsylvania. She wants her brothers to live with her legally.

    • RW

      Using somebody else’s social security benefits is fraud, and a federal crime, although the mom will probably not get prosecuted. The daughter should notify the social security office that the boys are living with her and that she wants to be the payee for their SS benefits. She will need to prove in some way that they are living there, but she may not need to have guardianship.

      The sister should go to the county courthouse to get help filing for guardianship. If the mom kicked them out it should not be too hard to prove that she’s an unfit parent.

  • Barbara

    I live in Mississippi and I have a two year old son. His father is alive and have a court order to pay child support we are not married. I was wondering could I fix it so that my mother get legal guardianship of my son if I become unable to see to him or if I die before he become legal of age.

  • Veronica

    If you’ve had two children physically for two years, they’ve lived with you, in the state you lived (Seattle Wa.) you’ve been solely responsible for the children’s clothes, food, shelter, health and schooling, with no help from either father of the children, with the mother of the children being deceased. How do you obtain guardianship? Before the children came to me, no one had established guardianship of the children. And no one still has legal guardianship or custody of the children. The relationship to the children would be great aunt and the grandmother was who brought them to me, asking for help.

    • Kat

      My situation is similar but in my case, dead beat parents. Neither one of them wants to raise their children. The father is too cheap to lift a finger and mother is young and stupid. So my family, the girls grandparents, aunts and uncle have been raising them for the last 4 yrs. What can we do to get premenant custody of them?

      • ivedoneitb4

        Please read what I replied to Veronica since your situation is pretty much the same. Good Luck!

    • ivedoneitb4

      If it were me I’d contact my local court house. Just ask them how to obtain guardianship. I did a google search “Seattle Washington where do I file for guardianship” and the links came up for you to download the paper work, or you can go into your courthouse and get a packet, get an extra one “just in case” . Here in Ohio I not only prepared the documents I also filed them myself, with no lawyer. The only fee I had to pay was the guardianship fee, and no I do not have a college degree in anything. I have had guardianships over 2 children. The first one was over 15 years ago, and we adopted her. Just recently this year we obtained guardianship of another child. We also plan on adopting him. With a guardianship a parent can crawl out of the woodwork 10 years later and legally get them back back dissolving your guardianship through court. My court social worker recently told me about a family that had guardianship of a baby girl since the child was only 3 weeks old. The mother came forwars after 13 1/2 years and decided she wanted her child back. The worker informed me even though neither biological parent ever visited, communicated, or supported the child in any way sahep or form for all that time the guardians were forced to reunite the child and mother, and the mother was ultimately given custody back of the child, stripping the guardianship. It was BECAUSE the guradians did not adopt the little girl. In Ohio, with consent of the parents adoption can be filed after a child has lived in your home for 6 months. WithOUT consent the child has to live with you for a year. Look up your state adoption laws! Again, her in Ohio consent is NOT needed if the biological parent does not communicate or support their child for one full year from the time of LEGAL placement; which means from the time you obtain guardianship/custody, etc. Power of Attorney is not a legal placement. Most states offer kinship care which is can help for financial help. Hopefully this helps you.
      In addition, BEFORE you file for adoption you should check out the (Federal and State) Adoption Subsidy Title IV-E. Your personal income does not matter, don’t include it. Even if you don’t want the subsidy, you can always put it in a bank account for the children for when they reach adulthood, a college fund, etc. It is an awesome program and great for when you need that help.

  • michael

    If I have guardianship, does that mean I also have custody? I live in Arizona.

    • ivedoneitb4

      yes, but parental rights and responsibilities are not totally gone. Meaning they can still visit and communicate and it’s still their financially supoort their child. If they don’t do it for a year (my state laws, yours should be simular) than you can adopt the child terminating any chance of them getting their child back

      • Roxanne

        Ive been divorced for several years I have two children who are not my exes kids and they stayed at his house for 9 months because I was homeless. Now I have a home but my kids want to stay with him. What if anything can he do to keep my kids. Plse contact me ASAP. Thanks

  • Danile

    what type of gaurdianship would i be using to have my older daughter have gaudianship to her sister. she is enrolling in a school district and as parents we do not reside in the district, therefore she is ineligibily to participate in the sports program for 180 days.

  • eileen

    I have a 15 year old brother and my father is a widower. I’m 23 and want to have enough legal right to enroll him in school and make important decisions without needing my father to be there. I’m not trying to get full custody but I want to be able to help my dad when he can’t be around. any ideas?

  • Sheri

    Are there any laws that state my parents can have limited guardianship of my two children for school purposes only and attend school from their address, but still reside with me?

    • ivedoneitb4

      I know of NO school district that will allow that. School districts get there funding from people (tax payers) that live within their district. Other wise everyone would do this. I would have been the first in line too! Instead, you either have to send your children to school within the school district in which you live, a private school, or move into the district you want your child to attend. If you already live within the school district but want your children to attend a school other than what you have been assigned, call the school district and ask for a transer. For example, I live in the “x” school ditrict of Ohio. My child is assigned to school “y” but I want her to attend school “a” because it’s a better school. All I had to do was request an inner district transfer.

  • Jackie

    I live in Alabama and I wanted to know a little about getting guardianship of a two year old with out going to court. I keep her all ready! I need guardianship to send her to school and if anything happens to her while in my hands.Could I have a paper wrote up in front of a notary and would that be legal to do what I am asking?

    • ivedoneitb4

      no such thing that I am aware of. You must go to court for a guardianship, You may be thinking of some type of Power of attorney, which are only recognized in an emergency situation for medical care. I actually had pwer of attorney of a child this year and thats how I discovered I had to have an actual guardianship. In order to enroll her in school the childs parents must do that, unless you gain legal guardianship through a court. Are the parents of the child involved in the childs life? If so, they need to follow through with their responsibilities and if not apply for a guardianship

  • Laurie

    Similar situation to Ellen- My 15 y/o and I have been blessed with a great father and companion. He has helped with raising her since she was 11 y/o and for the first time she knows how it feels to have a father. Her biological paternal donor has not been in her life since she was 1 1/2 y/o- He does not have a legal job and does drugs. We would both like to have my boyfriend be a guardian- we cannot locate her biological father- he has joint legal custody- IN case anything should happen to me, she wants to be with her dad (my boyfriend)- can I do this?

    • ivedoneitb4

      boyfriends can’t be legal guardians. As a matter of fact until you are married he has no legal standing any where that I know of. If you are married he can adopt her. In Ohio you would not need consent of the father since he basically walked away from her. 1 year of no contact, no support. Hope this helps

  • Tanya

    I have a friend who wants me to take and raise her baby to be born in febuary we need to get guardianship the father and mother both agreed to sign whatever needs to be sign. They just dont want to give up their prental rights so what do I do.

    • ivedoneitb4

      Call your local court and find out, or look it up online. Google your city name and state, where to file guardianship. Most likely you’ll be able to downlaod the paperwork needed from your courts website. Guardianship does not strip them of their rights, but it also does not strip them of their financial responsibility either. If they chose to do either for a year after you obtain guardianship you most likely can adopt the child without their consent.
      In addition, I wanted to say my court social worker recently told me about a family that had guardianship of a baby girl since the child was only 3 weeks old. The mother came forwars after 13 1/2 years and decided she wanted her child back. The worker informed me even though neither biological parent ever visited, communicated, or supported the child in any way shape or form for all that time the guardians were forced to reunite the child and mother, and the mother was ultimately given custody back of the child, stripping the guardianship. It was BECAUSE the guradians did not adopt the little girl. SO please protect yourself and the baby!!!!

  • Paula

    I’m guardian of four kids n right now i don’t get that much income.the mother and father were put on child support but only one is paying child support for his three kids which is not enough and the mother is not paying anything because she refuse to get a job because she knows she has to pay and the oldest child is not the son of my brother so he does not not recieve any support and because he is not any relative to me i can not get any other support for him how can i get support for him from his mom and for the other three kids

  • Ellen

    I’d like to obtain legal guardianship of my 14-year-old brother (I’m 39). His mother and our father will consent. We live in different states–should I file in the state I live in, or in my brother’s (and his parent’s) state? Also, is it helpful to have him live with me before I file for guardianship? I am just afraid of pulling him out of school before he is eligible to attend school in my town. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Ethan

    If a 17 year old child lives in Kansas, and his father works in a different state, and comes back to Kansas every weekend, the child having a divorced mother who lives even further away, and stays with his father on the weekends. Can he legally stay with his aunt and uncle (not a guardian)during the weekdays while his father is away? As well as maintain a education, and keep his father as the 1st contact line on the schools records?

  • lov

    I am a 20 year old mother tha was cohersed into signing over my daughter which was 3 mths at the time and is now 1 year old i have been back and fourth to court since feb and have been assigned a guardian ad litem who has acted in th guardians favor i have been compliant to all things that judge has asked me to do and before i could go to cort to present my case the guardian ad litem has asked to b removed from my case and has also been granted and not to mention the gurdian has made serveral calls ad text mesages tha i have police reports on about giving me money to stop the case and let her adopt my daughter i do noteel that the courts have mdafull backgrond on the guardian for her to keep my daughter and i my questions a what are some things that i can do to get my daughter back

  • Melanie

    This question is going to be short and to the point. Children and youth already interviewed my son. Do their rights since my parental rights have not been in question or terminated trump their rights to go to the school and pull him out of class into a room without me there and question him by himself? I already asked a DA this question and he said that as long as I am the parent that I have the right to be there and that children and youth do not have the right to question him without me being there or an attorney can someone please tell me if there is anything on the books about this because the principle was told different by his boss.

  • GoingCrazy

    Okay, So i’m 17 and everything in my life right now is just seeming a little bit fishy. my dad (as ii know) as custdoy of me only, but him and ii never got along so he sent me to live with my mother, then my mother hit me and kicked me out (she was always abusive) so ii came to live with an old step-sister, technically she isnt anymore because my dad and her mom are divorced. so my dad gave me permission to live with her the said they went to the Majastraights (spelling) office and he signed her over “in loco parentis” of me. so now she is my guardian. I thought for in loco parentis you accutally had to go threw court to have it done?? im tyrin ti find out if this in loco paretnis is real and if she accutally does have control over me

  • valare

    if i gave my sister a 6 month temporary guardianship of my daughter (not court ordered). We filed through the courts just in case something was to happen to my daughter and for some reason i could not be present, my sister would have authority in making necessary decisions for my daughter if needed. Also if something was to happen to me she may seek emergency financial assistance for my daughter. when we filed we had a lady helping us fill out the forms, it was to my understanding that i would NOT be giving up any of my rights to my daughter. i understood that i would still have full soul custody of my child. my daughter and i moved from arizona to california and resided at my sisters home.my daughter and i came back arizona for my 2 month check up with my doctor after having my daughter and to visit with family and friends. we were going to stay for 2 weeks and then head back to california where we lived with my sister. well i decided to stay 3-4 days longer. 2 days before i was dead set on leaving to head back home (in california) my sister showed up at the residents where my daughter and i were staying during our visit with a police officer and the demanded that i hand over my daughter to my sister or else i would be arrested and charged with kidnapping. they gave me 10 minutes to pack my daughters stuff and say goodbye to her. my sister told me that i could not come back to live with her and that she had put an order of protection against me so if i was to show up at her residence i would be arrested. can she legally do that? it was to my understanding that she did not have any rights over me let alone have the right to take my daughter from me. she wasnt awarded any type of custody of my baby. because she had a legal document that said temp guardian on it the officer said i had to hand over my daughter. he wouldnt even read the documents. i was forced to give my daughter to my sister who obviously wanted my daughter for herself took my baby and left me stranded and homeless. i havent been able to see my daughter since she was 2 months old she is now 18 months. is there anyone who can help me get my daughter back? i just dont know what to do.

  • PATY


  • Cheryl

    My son right now has temporary full physical and legal custody, the mother and him never were married, the mother has visitation only right now. I am the grand parent who raised the child and the mother was never there only at times. for the fact that the mother had to sign everything and was not around 90% of the time my son filed for custody. Can he at this time give me the grand parent temporary guardianship so he can go out of town to work?

  • AK256

    I am a step mother to my boyfriends two kids and their mother recently had another baby (not my boyfriends) that lives with us 5 out of 7 days a week. The baby’s father is not in the picture and does not provide support, what if any recourse do we have to gain guardianship of the baby? The mother does not have a place to live, transportation or any stability. We live in the state of Washington. Also, the mother currently has not visitation or parental rights two the other two kids, its been this way for over a year and was put in place by a court approved parenting plan- do I have any chance of gaining guardianship/custody of the two kids?

  • margie

    my daughter has no job and has not followed the requirerments to keep health care coverage of my 4 year old granddaughter going….my husband and I financially take care of our granddaughter…and daughter who is 20 years old. can we get some financial help from the state of rhode island for doing so. and can we also file for medical coverage through the state for our granddaughter. is there away to get temporary custody of our granddaughter without taking parental rights away from our daughter. all this until our daughter is better settled in her life to take responsibility.

  • Denise

    I live in wisconsin. A very good friend who is in Jail for 9 months and wants me to have temporary placement of her 2 year old daughter. I want it to be legal so when she get out some one besides me make the decide when I give the child back. So I guess my question is how do I do this all?

  • eli

    im 13 years old iv been in foster care 3 times because my mom has either not been able to care for me or she is on probation and not allowed to see me or my borthers and sisters. they are 18 and 19 but right now my new gaurdians who id much rather “reside” with are fighting in court to keep me from my mother and i completely back them on that but my mom wont give up. the court says i will go back if her home is suitable and if she no longer drinks because of her alcoholism but she did not take me to a doctor once in my life since i was born now that i am with my new gaurdians we found out i have A.D.D , asthma, low testosterone (guess my uncle had same problem not sure what it means?) and my mom never once thought of testing me for these and within 2 months i had all them tested and confirmed. my gaurdians home is much more stable and id rather be with them so am i going to be forced into liveing with her again or do i have a choice to live with current gaurdians because the living condition is much better. HELP ME OUT HERE.

  • Jenny

    My daughter’s father is deceased. I have been raising her with my partner for some time now and I would like him to be her legal guardian. We live together as a family in Wisconsin. I am looking for answers on how we can give him legal authority over her (in general, not just in the case of if something happens to me) that does not affect my parental rights. She recieves SSI due to the death of her father, which is applied toward our living expenses and also toward her college fund, so adoption is not an answer because from what I understand, she will lose all of her benefits if he legally adopts her. Can you tell me what our options are?

  • Ashley

    My oldest sister has a 6 year old daughter. She is incapable of taking care of her child financially, physically and mentally. I would like to obtain guardianship of my niece. Please provide information on what I would need to do if she does not consent to me having guardianship.

  • Jeramy

    I am divorced and have two kids. There is a court order that their father not have overnights with the kids due to his alcoholism. Can I assign a legal guardian to raise them if I die before they are 18?

  • Joseph

    Grandparents were given temp guardianship of the child 6 years ago. 5 and half years ago mom returned and child was returned to mom, How is that guardinship dissolved or terminated?

  • Reese

    I am in litigation with my ex wife for guardianship of my special needs son. I offered an adequate plan even agreeing for her to be the guardian but that is not good enough for her as she wants to control my weekends, alienate my son from my wife of 5 years and make me do all driving and be allowed to just chnge the visitation at will. Will the court allow this to happen? I am running out of money after 10,000.00 and my attorney is threatening to withdraw…..I have no way to pay until July~ Will the court just grant my ex what she wants or will they look at both offers and see the control she is trying to get over me???

  • lisa russell

    If one parent has sole legal and psychical custody of their children, can this parent sign over temporary custody to a grandparent while this said parent goes out of state for a few months to stay at an inpatient rehab? Is the non-custodial parent able to use the notarized temporary guardianship papers against the custodial parent to obtain legal and psychical custody of the children?

  • Nancy

    I have a friend who has custody of his children and his ex wife has parental rights only. The 15 year old wants to go to school in NC and live there with friends of the father. His mother is wanting to stop this. Can the father give temporary custody to friends in NC legally or can mother prevent this?

  • Kindall

    We (husband & I) have permanent guardianship over our two grandchildren (we live in georgia). The grandkid’s parents are divorced and we are wanting to know what the parents would have to do to get custody of the kids?

  • Jennifer Massad

    I am divorced from my children’s father and have sole legal custody. My boyfriend and I are moving out of New York state to Alabama with my two kids. I was wondering what the benefit to making him a legal guardian of my two kids would be.

  • Concerned

    There is a family in Nashua, NH that brought a 16 year old girl from Montana to stay with them (the girl was a friend of their daughter’s).
    They have had her since April and they do not have guardianship yet. She is not in school, because they do not have guardianship and in NH you must be the parent or guardian to register the child for school. Are they breaking the law? Should this be reported to local authorities?



  • manda

    My parents need to have some sort of legal guardianship to get my children on their health insurance. Does that mean I lose custody in order to do that? Or will I be able to keep full custody?

  • trujezzael

    I am a 23yr old mother of 2 by separate fathers who has been diagnosed with frontal lobe seizures after a 5yr abusive relationship with the father of my youngest. I currently have full legal/physical custody of my youngest and am about to undergo a pretty scary surgery for these seizures. He currently has visitations every other weekend with her I would like to ensure that my father gets guardianship of the child and visitation with my ex remains the same. Can a living will provide this for me?

  • Des

    I live in Maine.
    My now husband and I have co-guardianship of my niece… but I wish to divorce him.
    What steps do I take to remove him from the guardianship, and would I fill out the divorce forms “with children” or “without”
    There are no other children involved.

  • kindness

    I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids are in foster care I’m still fighting for my kids the worker want the foster parents to adopted my kids my kids are suffering in foster care I would like for anyone in contact me I need help saving my kids from being put for adoption / sale I would like for anyone to e-mail me kindnessohio@att.net I need help asap

  • Kimberley

    Okay so here it goes. My best friend who is a guy slept with another of my friends and they ended up having a baby boy and named me godmother. For about a month after the baby was born the mother was fine and helped out etcetc. But then she started going out and partying a few nights a week. For a while we just let it slide and then my best friend went off to college on scholarship in August leaving his baby with her in an apartment that me and him were both paying for, for the two of them. After he moved T(the mother) started going out more and more and it came to the point where she not only was partying every night but she was bringing the parties back to the apartment with her, when the baby was still there. One night I went over to check on them after receiving a phone call from the neighbors complaining about the noise and when I got there, I walked into the babies room and found some random people having drunk sex on the carpet with the baby still in the room. I started yelling and kicked everyone out–even to the point where the cop that lived across the hall had to come help me. When everyone was out I started yelling at her telling her what a disgrace of a mother she is to her baby. I gave her a week to clean up her act and then left after calming the baby down. For the next week I watched her carefully and was dissapointed to find out that she didnt take my warning into account so as soon as the week was up I called my best friend and got his permission before I went to the apartment and packed up all of the baby’s things and her stuff and told the landlord who is a friend of mine to go ahead and rent the apartment out. I put her stuff in storage and moved the baby in with me. That was just about 3 months ago and I have been taking care of the baby ever since, financially and emotionally. Last week we went to court and J(the dad) was awarded full custody and I was awarded guardianship of my godson who is almost 8 months old. Currently T is in Italy supposedly “working” and she is going to be there for the next few months but is threatening to charge me with kidnapping, the courts say that it isnt going to hold up because I had permission from J to take the baby but I cant help but worry about it. I am 18 and want to adopt my godson– I have permission from his father but do i need permission from the mother even though I am his legal guardian? Is there anyway to ensure that she cannot take him away from me an put him back into a bad situation? The baby lives with me because his dad lives in the dorms at his college and though he helps I support most of the finances. Any ideas?

  • Susan nasri

    The mother of my brother’s children passed away early October 2011 and he was co-parenting with the Mother. She was an excessive alcoholic and possibly was doing drugs. My brother called that half sister’s step-grandmother while the ambulance came so the kids would not have to see their mother like this. She ended up dying. Now, the step-sisters and their step-grandmother will not release the children to my brother. He has tried to go over with the police and they will not get the children. These people are trying to strip my brother of his parental rights just to be spiteful. So much hate and evil it is terrible. I was their family caregiver for a year, but I believe my brother should still have a chance. Now, they are trying to get temporary guardianship and just trying to undermine the father and his side of the family. Can they do this even when my brother tried to go and get his children. He is very intimidated by these people and the police will not go in and get the children…..HELP!

  • brandie

    I am having trouble finding the answer to my question through online research so I turn to this website for advice. My younger brother recently got into a altercation with his dad and step mom who called the cops on him and had him taken to the youth crisis center. He was already on probation so he violated. The step mom called me and said if you want him go get him because he is not coming back here! My brother is 15 years old, I couldn’t just let him stay there so I went and picked him up and they gave me temporary custody of him. He now lives with me and is on home detention at my home. They still have legal ties to him but do not want to help me financially. I am a 22 year old, who only has a part time job. I am trying to get back into school so I can better our lives. Now if the dad still has legal ties to him is there any way legally I can get him to help with some of his son’s financial needs.



  • robin

    i have a daughter thats 2 she was born in missouri and i was living with her dads mom and i gave temporary gaurdianship because i was forced in to it her dad would have took her and if i didnt i was told edie would kick me out and keep my daughter knowing i had no where to go due to moving to mo from indiana. that happen anyway and they wont talk to me or let me have any contact with my girl and its been almost a year i have a job my own house and everything what do i do to get her back now that im back home to indiana by the way the paper work was done in court in missouri

  • Kristen

    My mom has been in and out of jail forever, ive always taken my little brothers who are 6 and 3 yrs old. My mom will probably be going back to prison soon and im wondering what steps i would have to take in the state of washington to have guardianship and would i be able to recieve money for them? because i am only 21 yrs old i work full time and go to school but i also have a one yr old of my own and could never afford two more kids. please let me know any advice thank you

  • Sean

    My sister has 8 kids, and two of which are twins. She is always leaving them to drink and party or to go out with random guys. I take care of her 1 year old daughter all the time and I want to adopt her. I don’t have to get money for it, I could take care of her myself, so my question is. How do I go about adopting her? I care about her more then anything and she is stuck to me by the hip. I mean, she follows me everywhere and I really love taking care of her. Could you hepl me please?

  • Deb

    I have a question

    My daughter-in-law is living in a nursing home ,my grandson lives with daughter-in-laws father (which he & his new wife has custody of child)my son is still married to daughter-in-law but her father (child’s grandfather wants my son to divorce her

    what would the grandfather & step- grandmother of child gain if my son divorces the child’s mother while living in nursing home?

    just a note : daughter-in-laws father & step- mother has full responsibility over her to

  • SC

    I live in Wisconsin and I have had legal quardianship of my 15 year old grand-niece since she was ten months old. In all these years, her mother has only seen her once, about ten years ago. My husband and I would like to adopt her so that she will be entitled to our benefits, should anything happen to us. Would an adoption be easier since we have been raising her all this time or would we still have to go through all of the same protocol as if she were being placed with us for the first time? I have tried asking these questions to a family law group, but their response was that since we already had guardianship, adoption wasn’t really necessary. We feel that it is important so that she can be legally equal to our other children.
    What can we do and where do we start?

  • christina

    My ex husband just passed away and we had three minor children together, he left the life insurance to them. How do I go about getting guardianship over them and the estate being there is no family left on his side but a sister who doesnt have the ability to help raise them? I was wondering if they will make the biological mother of the children go and get bonded and all of that even if I have been the primary custody holder? I live in Virginia and have no clue if this will be a costly thing to do or if they will just give me the rights? The insurance company said they will send me the money in a check as soon as they get the papers. Will I have to do all the accounting and stuff or being I am not employed and going to school will this be able to be used as well as SSI to maybe purchase a house? I am confused as to what happens with a situation like this can you help me out?

  • Kayla

    Okay, My husband & i live in Ohio. He was not in contact with my 4 year old step daughter because the family kept him from her. He was 15 when she was born && he was unable to see her until he was 18 because he was in Foster Care. Once he got out he seen her once. Then this past October we filed for Full Custody. In December we got awarded Emergency Custody & we have court in Feb. for full custody. Well in December once we went to pick her up, my stepdaughters Great Aunt notified us that she had guardianship. So we were unable to take her. They did let us visit her & she got super close to me. & started opening up to my husband. The aunt said she wouldnt fight us when it came up to terminating her guardianship now she is..! We got to court in a week and a half. Do you think the court will terminate the guardianship? Do they do it that day?! I need help! :)

  • Julie

    My daughter and her boyfriend, my grandaughter’s parents, have recently split up. He didn’t have anything to do with my daughter when she was pregnant and living with me until a few months later when paternity was proven, they got back together a few months after that. I moved to Florida and my daughter wants to come back home. She signed guradianship over to his parents for 3 years. What does that mean and can her and my grandaughter move back here?

  • terry

    well thiis is what it is my girl freind after 9 years had little girl with her she is 7 now went to see her dad in new mexico and said she was comeing back she called me and said iam not comeing back with now i dont know what to do thats my little girl she took away from me its hurting me bad i dont have job and shes with so so called friend of mine had another babby i need help can some onr help me iam going nuts fast deppresstion is hurting me

  • Ann

    My boyfriend is 22 year old who’s trying to attend college. He’s never met his father and his mother doesn’t want to give her information to him in order for him to obtain financial aid. My mom wants to be his legal guardian so he can get financial aid. My question is – what type of guardianship should she apply for and how in the state of Georgia?

  • Josh

    My ex is a drug addict, (I tried for years to work with her and help her but she just kept going back to it despite promises not to), and she left a long time ago. She came back unexpectedly, after completely giving up all of her rights to me as father, and I was worried about her finding my son so I gave temporary guardianship to my sister who had moved to keep him safe so she wouldn’t try to contact him since the last time she did contact him, she told him that she was going to die and he would never see her again. He was emotionally devastated for weeks. Well, my sister had guardianship of my son for 60 days to be on the safe side. I came to see him every single night and tucked him in and paid for all of his needs. My problem is that my sister is now refusing to give my son back to me and it’s been 65 days. I’m getting very upset. Without involving the authorities, what do I say to my sister that will help me? I don’t know how to handle this without losing my temper. I want my son back home with me now.

  • chris

    I am currently divorced from my husband and have never been able to get along. We have 1 son together and we also adopted another son together. The adopted child had several issues and we recieved an adoption subsidy to help support him. Now myex husband has the adopted child and I have our natural born child in which i recieve child support for him. My exhusband receives the adoption subsidy now and is also asking me to pay child support. Is he entitled to recieve support form me in addition to the subsidy??

  • jennifer

    I currently have custody of a non related 13 ye old. When he was 11 his mother handed over temporary guardianship of him to my fiance and myself. She failed to maintain any contact with him or us for the first six months and we took her to court for custody of him. It took two hearings and nine months for a ruling in court. The guardianship was signed and notarized in S.C. and custody was decided In Tn. Where we live. The mother had been in trouble and incarcerated many years prior to this and had signed guardianship over to her grandmother while she was in jail. She recently was sentenced to four years for unlawful neglect of a child and today I was informed that her cousin is intending to take me to court over custody claiming she did not have rights to sign over guardianship in the first place. Its been almost two years that he has been in my home and in that time her family has always had a way to reach him and has neglected to do so. By their choice. Do they have grounds to fight the guardianship that was handed to me by the mother and what state would have jurisdiction?

  • lifesgreatesttresure

    Okay my sister in law and her husband got locked up 5 years ago and the grandparents kept their child who was at the time 18 months old. They never had custody or guardianship over the child. my sister in law spent three years in jail but then got out and moved in with her dad and her step mother, who are the ones who had her child. The father has been in prison everysince. 2 years later my sister in law gets locked back up and has signed over temporary guardianship of her five year old daughter to me and my husband, who is her brother. Now her reasoning behind this is because her father the childs grandfather who currently has the five year old is an alcoholic. A functioning alcoholic. HE goes to work everyday but everyminute he stays at home he is drunk. My question is if both mother and father sign the temporary guardianship papers and they get filed with the courts will we be able to get her. Or can the grandparents contest what the father and mother have signed over to us.



  • Nichelle Hoyle

    I have had my god grand baby living with me because this girl who is her guardian abused her, the thing about this is her bio mother is also in the picture they both have visitation twice a month but the state of Maryland is trying to make me the foster mother. The question I have since the courts gave me limited guardianship do I have to right to ask for full guardianship or will they try to give her to one of the women who are not doing what the courts ask them to do. They have never given me any money for the child and neither one of the women has done anything for the child in over a year. The state of Maryland said that in order to get any help like money for the child I have to give up my limited guardianship, I love this child and want her to stay with me I feel if she goes back they well I know the guardian not the bio mother wants to sexual abuse this child again , do I have any rights since the child has been with me for a year without any help from both parents or the State of Maryland.

  • Diana

    I live in NV with my parents, my daughter and nephew. My parents adopted my nephew since my sister(his mother) passed away and my brother-in-law(his father) deported to Mexico. He’s now 10-years-old and wants to live with his father in Mexico. Is there a law that an US citizen child wanting to live with their biological parent who was deported to another country?

  • ctjturner

    I have a 4 year old grandson who I have in my custody but not legally(his mom just let me keep him since he was about 2weeks old). I don’t get no benefits for him at all because his mom was a minor when she had him and therefore her mother gets all his benefits at her address(finacially and medically). What I want to know is how can I get him in school from my address without having any guardianship at all over him. By the way his mom is 19 years old now and she wants me to put him in school from my address so I can be able to take him to and from school everyday myself. Is there a way I can get guardianship without taking full custody if there is no sign of abuse or neglect…..Somebody Please Answer This For Me ASAP….I desperately need to know because I want him to be able to start pre-k this school semester that’s coming up

  • ctjturner

    We live in Memphis Tn. by the way so if anybody know the laws there on this issue please feel free to comment back to me on here or in my personal email with is corthony83@gmail.com….THANKS IN ADVANCE

  • Mickele

    My husband’s ex wife passed away in December. He already had full custody of his two boys. I want to know if I get legal guardianship of the boys will the state take them away if God forbid my husband passes away. I’ve talked to one lawyer who said the paper is useless if something happens to my husband. I live in Alabama, does anyone know if this is true.

  • irene

    my sister in laws is from mexico she has 2 kids she is hear in the united states she said she will never go back the other day she wrote me a letter telling me she no longer want her kids she is going to start a new life and she gave me a letter saying that i could have the kids the kids are 5 years old and live in mexico is there a way i can bring theme to the united states

  • Anonymous2012

    My sister who has adopted my 3 nephews has decided she no longer wants to raise the oldest of the three. She actually dropped him off at a shelter & told them she wanted to leave him there at which time they also I formed her she would be relinquishing her rights and that they would have to notify child protective services. Long story short the shelter notified myself and I of course picked him up and have had him with me 2 months. She is unwilling to pay any fees to a lawyer to make it official. I myself have no money to pay a lawyer since I have my own family. She is still willing to give him up but how can I do this with little or no money? Can someone do this on their own? How would I know what forms I need?

  • dellakay

    My mom/dad took temp custody of my daughters in 2000 in the wrong county. it never went before the judge in our county. She died last year. My daughters are in my Dad’s care but my sister acts like they are hers. Does she have any legal rights to them. I was NOT in agreement to any of this arrangement

  • Loyce

    What are the Arkansas Law on guardianship awarded to a grandma (in a 10 yr Lebian relationship with the lover living in the home with the grandmother) because the mother was 16yrs old and didnt understand she had to do more than NOT SIGH the petition that was given to her. The child was never taken away from this 16 yr old mother who has raised this son until he was 7 yrs old then the grandmother dont like the correction the mother now 23 and her husband 30 uses towards this 7 yr old grandson. So she comes and removes the grandson and threatens the mother to not come to her house for she will call the law on her. This mother has proof she has raised her son his entire life. Does she not have visitation with out the grandmother present? Can this mother get the guardianship from this grandmother desolved?

  • Katie

    I have a question. My boyfriends parents have co guardianship of his son. The court clerk said that means my boyfriend has no rights to his son. So does that mean hes still required by law to pay child support? I live in nevada

  • Elizabeth

    I currently live in the state of Washington (have been for almost two 2 years), but am not yet considered a resident of the state (still IL resident). I would like to have my brother (14yrs old) live with me next year; he lives in Illinois. Are there any legal proceedings I should know about or need to follow? Or is it necessary to adopt him to be able to enroll him in school, etc.?

  • Ashley

    If I am trying to obtain guardianship of my minor biological sister and I live in Michigan, she lives in Texas with a cousin who has power of attorney and our bio mother has custody in New Mexico, what state do we have to pursue obtaining guardianship in?

  • Ashley

    My minor biological sisters cousin has power of attorney over her, where she resides in Texas. Our biological “mother” still technically has custody of her and resides in New Mexico. I live in Michigan and although I did not grow up with my sister because I was adopted due to our biological mothers obsessive drug use, I am her blood sister and need to know which state we have to pursue custody/guardianship in. She will be 14 in January and that is the legal age of custody consent in Texas, but I’m not sure how all that works as far as her choosing where she wants to live and we may end up in a court battle with our “mother”.

  • amanda

    Im seventeen i live in arizona and my foster parents told me tonight that they want me out and my boyfriends parents are willing to take me in but are not lisenced foster parents. I will be 18 in 6 months. Are my boyfriends parents allowed to be my placement?

    • https://www.azdes.gov/dcyf/ilp/ WorkThere

      Amanda, you will need to contact your CPS case manager and/or attorney. They can request a background check and homestudy to be done and see if the court approves it. I hope that you are working with your local independent living agency. If not, look at this website: https://www.azdes.gov/dcyf/ilp/ Since you are over the age of 16 in foster care, you already qualify for the following after age 18: Transitional Independent Living Program (TILP), Education and Training Voucher (ETV) funds for college, and Pell Grants free money for college. Should you be in CPS custody until age 18, you will be eligible for Independent Living Subsidy, AHCCCS (medical coverage) and Re-Entry, should you want to return to care after leaving until age 21. Let me know if you have any questions. And remember to be your own advocate!

  • Kristyn

    My mother would like me to sign guardianship so my son can stay in the same school since we moved to a different school district. If I do this will I lose his ssd benefits which is his father child support? Will his father also have to sign something? The principal is saying we have to do this cuz he lives with my mom on the weekdays and stays with me weekends and summer and any breaks. Will he still be able to get state insurance or will my parents have to add him on theirs? Thank you!

  • Nicole

    I gave my mom temporary guardianship of my daughter about a year ago. I have since got my life straight and now she is using that to keep my daughter from me. Is that legal? I want my daughter to live with me. What should I do?

  • cody

    My girlfriend who is also the mother of my son and is pregnant again is on a on a gaurdianship with her father and grandmother my question is are they allowed to make her stay in another town when she wants to be with me she is 22 years old and we live in wyoming

  • Renee

    My husband has had custody of his son since Jan 2009. His ex lives in Georgia and we live in Indiana. In Feb 2012 the child went to stay with his grandparents for a “change of scenery” due to him being a but in my house. In March we went to court for Temp Guardianship for the grandparents until school was out and the judge threw it out because it was not filed properly and everything reverted back to the prior order. The judge said the child can stay with grandparents of both parents agreed and no abandonment charges could be filed. Now the mother has come here and taken the child and all of his belongings to Georgia without telling us anything and no one will answer a phone call or text. The police wont help because it is a civil matter. What should we do? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Ian

    My girlfriend has three kids and im really thinking about marring her. The 5 year old’s dad is in jail and has been for 4 years. The 1 and 3 year old dad comes around whenever he wants. He helps out rarely. I’ve been taking care of her and the kids for the last year and half with her moms help. My question is When I marry her will I have legal guardianship over them and can there fathers just come and get them whenever he feels like being bothered with them? We live in Louisiana

  • lovemychildren12611

    Ok so I’m going threw a court procedure on termanating a gardianship for my son with my sons paternal aunt now she’s had him sence he was 7 weeks old due to voulentary gardianship now if the courts give me my son back she wants to go for court ordered visitation can she do that

  • Deborah

    My husband and I just recently started having problems with our daughter. She is 20 years old and mentally disabled (she has the mind of a 12- 13 year old). Our problem is she recently she met this boy on facebook who lives 30 miles from us and he has been threatning us and telling our daughter what to do. He is also verbally abusive towards our daughter but tells her he loves. She believes everything he says but she won’t listen to us when we tell her what he is doing is wrong. We never had the money to get guardianship of her. Now, he (the boyfriend) told us he will take our daughter away from us and we will never see her again and there is nothing we can do about it. HELP! What can we do we feel for our daughter’s safety.

  • Sandy

    If two men become legal guardians of a child, and they separate, does the non-custodial guardian have to pay child support in Massachusetts?

  • Kathy

    I have a son who lives in Ohio, he is not married but his girlfriend just had a baby. I asked him to get a paternity test to make sure this is his son. Meanwhile the girlfriend delivered the child and she admitted at admission that she had used drugs and tests would show she was not clean. Both have had issues with addiction, they both want to turn their lives around and be a family. At this time their son has been placed in foster care. I agree that they both need to prove that they can take care of the child but while the state is taking care of the child what about the fragile emotions of the parents? If the state decides not to give the child back can they give me and my husband custody, we live out of state. I do not want to see the child taken away from his family, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We do not have any legal or drug issues.

  • WorkThere

    The state should provide a DNA test, but this depends on if your son signed the birth certificate or not. You can request an “Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)” for the child to be placed with you. This takes several months and requires a home study, background check, etc by the state you are residing in. Given the young age of the child, they will not likely look at doing this unless reunification is not going to happen. The state should be providing services to the parents to make the behaivoral changes needed, which may include counseling. The best thing to do is contact the case manager and provide them your information and keep in contact with them as an interested party.

  • Jen

    I receive Social Security for my daughter who is under the age of 18 and is still in school, If someone has a limited power of atorney over her, wil i still receive the social Security for her each month?

  • Erica

    If the paternal grandfather has guardianship and has a wife that is NOT blood related, can she fight for custody against paternal father if paternal grandfather passes away? What are the odds of paternal father getting his son back after paternal grandfather passes? The wife of paternal grandfather has always tried to stand in the way of father son relationship with child. Won’t allow paternal father to take child anywhere. There is no drug history or criminal record involved. This would be based in Delaware.

  • Vera

    I live in Santa Rosa California , I have raised my niece since she was three months old I had legal guardianship of her . She now is a adult ,she was in a very abusive relationship which also involved drugs. She has three children , I raised her as my daughter when she was pregnant the first time she lived at home and the baby, the father was around they did move out but were reported to child protect agency ,I always had the child . a second child , third drugs were involved I had the children in my home child protective agency was involved , the dad did what he was to do to keep his children , but when he got custody he stripped the children away from an would not allow us to see them I called C P A all parties had a meeting an they put the children back in care with my husband an I from sunday thru wednesday my daughter has been clean for seven months every time he sees her he does everything to knock her down that man has controlled her at very young age and still does he does not want her to have the children he does everything to make it very hard for her , she beleives what he says he tells her she’ll never get them back, the oldest child confides in me and repeats what his dad says . I have been a stable grandparent for these children I have taken them to every dr. appt. dental appt parent conference , fieldtrips, class parties awards days , stayed home at times when there too sick, I have also been involved in ther pre school an events ,I have been more of a stable parent for the children than the parents , so now the father is UPSET WITH ME , because the oldest is having issues an is hitting his mom talking back etc , The dad suggested both see a counselor when they did they suggested the child see one on one when that happened he did not like that and I know why , so now I am at fault ,so now CPA is no longer involved he has ripped the children away again, and they do not know why , This is not in the best interest of the children as I feel It’s personal on his part because I CONFRONTED HIM with why does he want put down their mom in front of them I HAD ENOUGH do I HAVE A GOOD CHANCE OF GETTING ANY TYPE OF GUARDIANSHIP ? OR IN BEHALF OF MY DAUGHTER IAM THE BIOLOGICAL GREAT AUNT TO THE CHILDREN THEY CALL ME GRANDMA I LOVE THEM, AND MISS THEM DEARLY AND ONLY HAVE THEIR BEST INTEREST AT HEART.

  • molinar

    I live in california and was wondering if i can get gardenship of my cousins daughter. she passed away and my grandmother had coustady of her. my cousin and his exwife was caring for her while my grandmother was in the hospital. then she passed away and my cousins exwife filed gardensip papers in her name only and she isnt related by blood.at that time she was married to my cousin and now she is keeping the chield from are family and i would like to take gardenship also none of my the family was notifed that she was filling fot gardenship please help me any info is much appreciated.

  • Erica B.

    Hello, my name is Erica, and I am trying to see what steps I need to take to get custody of my niece (6) and my nephew (3 months). My sister is, plain and simple, an unfit mother. Her home is never clean (trash everywhere, uneaten food left on plates sitting in the sink for months at a time, mold growing in places, etc.), she verbally and sometimes physically abuses my niece (telling her that she is “retarded” and an “idiot” because she was diagnosed as mildly Autistic and smacking/hitting her when she isn’t 100% perfect), and she does not care for her baby (my mother–who is physically and emotionally incapable after a fatal automobile accident last October) does everything from feed him to changing his diaper to even putting Orajel on his gums. My sister uses her social security disability to go out and get tattoos and go drinking with her multiple lovers. She doesn’t ever prepare meals for my niece, instead she buys her McDonald’s or spaghetti from a pizza place every day. Her daughter went two weeks without a bath, and the baby has only has 3 since he’s been home. She also lets her stay up all night then miss school the next day because she lets her play on the internet for that long. She does not put her to bed. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t even have an actual bed to sleep on (it’s an inflatable air mattress). Her home is infested with bugs that bite both the children and our mother, but my sister does nothing to try to exterminate. She doesn’t get bitten, so she doesn’t care. She shoves a bottle in her baby’s mouth and puts him on the couch (unsupervised). What if he were to choke? She is a ridiculously bad mother. My niece’s teachers have taken me aside and told me that, if I ever wanted to file for custody, they would stand behind me. I live in Indiana, and I am not sure of the laws here. Help me, please. I need some advice. I really don’t want to tear up my family, but I have sit idle for too long hoping things will get better when, in reality, they’re getting worse day by day.

  • aisha siraj

    I am married and had a baby boy of 2 years, his father earning is low and he do not fulfill our requirement as per legal need, and my parents given me all expenditures regarding my child, my house rent and food necessities etc, i got job in UAE, can i make my parents, my baby legal guardian as he also works in UAE, so he could able to apply my baby residence VISA over there, because my husband does not want to give me divorce as i need? i have no other option please help me..

  • Julia

    My name is Julia and my question is I was battling drugs around the time I had my oldest daughter who I left at 3 months old in the middle of the night without telling the grandparents I was whom me and the father stayed with. She s now 6 and a half years old now. I had her younger sister two years later which I lost to the social services at one month of age and the grandma adopted her because I went to prison, she is now 4 and a half years old. Ive been clean and sober and off parole for two years now. I never pursued getting custody of my oldest back because I never wanted to seperate my two daughters but just the other day the grandma threatened that she will take me to court and I will lose because of my past. Do I still have legal rights to my daughter and do you see me getting custody of her back becaus of my past?

  • Pat J.

    In the state of Tennessee, who has more legal rights of guardianship to minor child, a grandparent or great aunt?



  • Doniele

    I am currently unemployed, but looking. I am living with my parents at the moment and have 2 young children. We were told that they could be put on my mother’s insurance as long as she was providing 3/4 (or something like that) of their living expenses, but needed some kind of guardianship. What kind would that be and would that take away my parental rights in choosing schooling,etc?

  • Melinda

    I had a baby from birth intel she was 51/2month her birthmom sign me power of attorney and revoked so her cousin can I adopt her,when I was promised to be able to adopt her after 6months, my lawyer said we can interving on the adoption what are my chances of getting the child back? or is there any chances

  • loulou

    My cousins daughter signed full guardianship of her child to my husband and O. We really want to adopt the child. How difficult will the state make this? The mother and father both know and recognize this would be in the childs best interest. I am in alabama.

  • Blaineb216

    My nephew and his girlfriend have physical custody of her little brother who is 16…they can’t get in contact with their father who lives in Florida, we’re in Cleveland, or get in contact with his mother. So how can they get him in school? They have all his documents but the school says she needs some form of custody but how can she get that when she can’t find his parents and in the meantime is he supposed 2 just sit around being a dummy?

  • B_0821

    My kids have lived with my mom since they were born (2006) and I given her power of attornry same time, I still take care of them ans see them can cps still get involved

  • tammy

    If a granparent has custody of a 13 yr old and the mother only has 1 visitation per month is there a way the child can live with an aunt and uncle with out going to court if the grandparent signs something saying the child can live with aunt even if the mother does not agree?

    • tammy

      Oh and the father passed away so it is just the mother who disagrees with the chikd living with aunt because she wants the child but the courts have told her she will never have custody of the child only once a month visits

  • Tyrone Parker

    Ok i’m 17 and nobody has custody of me since last year and I need help

  • Great Nana

    My question is.. I have had my daughters child sense birth she comes and goes. Now we have placed him in pre school and she took off again i showed them a letter of temp gaurdian ship but they say its not detailed enough and they dont want her coming back on them.. we live in PA and im on disability so i cant afford to fill papers in court. my daughter wants me to write up custody papers and she will sign and get them noterized, how can i find a free form and is this legal… she really wants nothing to do with him… i have called several lawyers and they want atleast 50 dollars to talk with me, and we live in a very small town hrs away from city life…. thanks for your time

  • jadee’

    I’m 15 I live my mom we argue a lot but my sister there do nothing seriously goes wrong . But is moving out soon. Can I move with her and make her my guardian. If so how ? Do O have to do legal stuff and paper work and I do it without my mom permission ?

  • gerald wardrop

    what documents are needed for a guardian(grandmother)(my ex wife) of my grandchildren to place the children with me (grandfather) . she went to court and was awarded full guardianship, but due to her health issues it would be better for the children to live with me. The original guardianship was done in clark county nevada. i will be living in nye county nevada. she still resides in clark county nv there will be an a accident settlement for the minors to be protected as wellnnok lily

  • Awesoma

    My daughter asked us to pick up her newborn baby bc she was “afraid she would do something bad”. Right after we picked up the baby our daughter got a dog, decided to move in with some addicts and has been drinking and partying ever since. We want to file for Legal guardianship if we can not convince her to sign over guardianship voluntarily. The kicker to all this is she suffers from psychiatric problems and is starting to show signs of paranoia schizophrenia. She barely lifted a finger to take care of the baby when the baby was with her and now she acts like she is mother of the year. The dad is not in he picture bc in Arkansas if not married he really has limited rights anyways. But even if, he isn’t in picture.

  • jessica

    My nephew is 12 years old and his parents share joint custody but his dad has primary care custody however the father pretty much kicked him out said he couldn’t handle him anymore. He refuses to live with mom due to her husband having a drinking issue and in the past has been abusive to the mother who is my sister. My nephew is wanting to live with me and his dad said he will sign his rights over to me so what do we have to do ? we live in north carolina

  • william a. wright

    The question in particular that I need answered is this. Does the legal parent lose parental rights when necessity dictates that a guardianship be imposed for a child’s well being because a legal parent cannot parent a child because of incarceration? And if the legal parent was a proven good parent before incarceration how difficult should it be to return the guardianship to court to have it overturned and have the child returned to the care of the custodial parent?

  • Jean Byrne

    Our 17 year old daughter was adopted and gotten kick out by her adopted parents on Nov. 11, 2012.She told us that the parents are abusive verbally and physically. She will be 18 on March 14 th. is there any way we can regain custody or have joint custody until she is 18? We in Montoursville, Pa. and would like to help her but we legally are not to see her or know where she is; the adopted mother said last year after contacting our oldest son on his 18 th. birthday on 12/14; that it was o.k. as long as they knew what was going on. Concerned biological parents.This case happen over 11 years ago. We lost them in the higher courts of Harrisburg,Pa.

  • http://n/a pete

    i ve had my grandson since his dad threw him out 66 days ago do i have any rights

  • jda

    My 3 month old granddaughter was removed from my unmarried daughter and is a ward of the state, living in a foster care home in Nevada. My husband & I live in Virginia and would like to became the child’s legal guardians. My daughter agrees with that this would be best for her daughter and is willing to sign the papers. Can I get legal guardianship even though I do not live in the state where the child was born & is currently living?

    • mundi

      This is moreless my question but I’m in Texas and state of Oregon has my grand children my daughter said she would sign them over can I get them and what do I do ?

  • jake

    hi, my name is Jake. I am 16 years old, and recently my biological dad has got custody of me. I dont want too live with him. Hes never been there at all. The house is unfit and disgusting. They wont let me call, see or visit my brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles. Im not aloud to contact my family in any sort of way.There is drugs being used and sold there too. I want my aunt to get custody of me, i have lived with her my whole life. My real father wont sign custody over though… What do i do?!? Please help.

  • tim

    Im 16 trying to get my drivers license and am woundering if my 18 year old sister can sign my legal papers for that

  • http://none SERENA COWARD-LUCAS

    I have a son that is twenty-three years old i was appointed his guardian in 2006 due to incompetency he got into some trouble at one of my relatives house the court placed him in a group home without even hearing or even involving me in anything they made that decision but now they want me to sign over my rights and guardianship look please i ask you this is my son i cant imagine asking anyone to do that they also put him in that group home for life did not ask me my input or anything they said he needs supervision 24 hours a day something i could have gave him. i am always open to all assistance for my son and so is my house i really need a lawyer

    • l

      Hey I have a similar case. When I was 18 yo I had a beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed baby girl. I had her and I went drug crazy. However I have never received a Felony. I am 32yo now, I am raising one child that is 4 all by myself he is my heart and soul, I love both of my children with all of my heart and soul. I am no longer on the streets on drugs or anything of that nature. When I was 18 my aunt and uncle seen that I was going down hill pretty quick so they had immediately asked me to sign over custodial rights. And I cried for days I didnt want to, I did not read in fine print, I had no clue what I was signing. No clue at all. Come to find out, the only reason my aunt and uncle wanted to get custody of her is to get money each month. My uncle draws a Social Security Check, and so they knew she would be getting half of that each month. Well My aunt has had the same job since when she was 16 so yeah that looks great on her, ya know, my uncle retired and down and out because he is now so strung out on Hydrocodones. My aunt realizes that but dare would she ever admit it. My daughter ran away last weekend from my aunt and uncles house. She has court this am. I am going to court, some reason they do not want me there ? MY past is my past. I Have seen mothers that have got felonies, been charged with Meth, and still get there children back after years of proof of being straight and on a straight road. I know they will bash me in court, but I will be there to defend myself. And I will be there for my daughter…

      • Ranada Chandler

        Serena my situation was just about the same as yours I am 33 years old now and I was locked up 5 days after I had my daughter. I spent a whole year behind bars. I got out and I was working relapsed and then got sober again. I went back to court to get my daughter twice. The second round I knew what I had to do you have to gather evidence to discredit the people taking care of your daughter. You also have to have your self all the way together and pray pray and pray some more. Dont give up do some research to find out what would it take to have a change of custody. I won custody back without a lawyer.

  • Darby

    I have legal guardianship in the state of MD of my niece’s four year old little girl. We’ve had her for almost two years now. Well, the father is not on the birth certificate and thus his signature was not required to receive guardianship. The mother signed all the paperwork, willingly. The whole plan was to give the little girl a stable home environment in which to live and thrive while her mother got her GED, a job, a reliable form of transportation, and a stable home. The mother has done none of that in the time we’ve had her. The father and his new wife and her kids have since come into the picture as of last August and has formed a great relationship and bond with the little girl. My family and I are considering a move out of state this summer and while we would adopt and take her with us, neither parent wants that. So, my question is, since the father is now in better condition to take custody of his daughter, what does he need to do in order to take guardianship from myself and my husband and get custody himself?

  • Victoria

    My best friend has two children who an ex girlfriend of his has legal guardianship of. The childrens mother is in prison in Colorado for drug charges and he is finishing up a sentence in Oklahoma in DOC and it was not for drugs or a violent charge. What rights does he have when it comes to his children and obtaining custody of them? The woman who has guardianship refuses to allow him any contact with his children and he has documented proof of it. He wrote his children the entire time he has been in DOC until the woman called and had a stop put to it. In the paperwork he has from the guardianship it specifically states he has an interest in custody and visitiation to both of his children. There has bnever been any case of abuse of neglect concerning the children on his part. He would like to know where he stands when he gets out in a couple of months.

  • jusme

    Hi my brother and sister in law are about to go to jail they want to sign all rights over to me for their 2 kids (age 2 and age 2months) over to me. i have limited of time due to they are turning themselves in on monday. they dont want their kids to go to cps and i really need to know wh to at i can do help. what do i do? how do.they right the letter? what do they write in it? does it have to get notarized to be legal. plz lmk asap im really worried what might happen to my niece and nephew. thank you

    • Darby

      Contact your local circuit court and ask for the person who handles guardianship and adoptions. They can get you the paperwork you need. It usually takes at least 30 days to be finalized though. Explain the situation, they may be able to put a rush on it.

  • Dst33

    I’m 24 years old and my sister is 19 she is in college and i have supported her for the last 3 years but now that she is in college she is still having to track down our mother who is not in the picture for financial info to fill for financial aid is there a way for me to be named her legal guardian or something to that sort so she can just use my info. or is there a way for her to only have to account for herself?

    • char32

      Dst33 I have a very similar issue – were you ever able to find an answer – if so please share

  • love

    i want to take my son back from my uncle.i gave my son to my uncle from birth due to my struggles at the time.well its been four years and i have lived with them recently for a month and a half and have moved on my own.my uncles daughyer is practically raising my son and is not doing a good job.nothing id legal,i am still his mother on the birth certificate.can i just take my son back without going to court?

  • chris

    If I have guardianship of my godchild and his mother is still getting food stamps and cash for him how do I go about getting it for him

  • Sam

    Can a parent take their child to get bloodwork if they are not the custodial parent without the consent of the custodial parent? I believe my child would test positive for drugs due to being breastfed by an addict. What are my rights as a father? I have proof but it seems like I can’t do anything. Please help. I live in Ohio

  • Kristen

    My son is 18 and is trying to get a residency waiver to attend a local university. In order to get this waiver he would have to have his Grandmother be his legal guardian as her residence is within the 30 miles of the school. He has already move in there but how do I go about getting this guardianship as he is 18?

  • AlyssaL7513

    My husband and I are trying to get custody of our sister in law who is 14 and (our niece) her baby who is 2 months. The mother wants this to happen but her grandmother recently got custody of them both. What do i need to do to get custody of them both? In Arkansas

  • merchant101

    Guardianship in Okla. was denied and visitation was not granted to my daughters grandma two years ago but for my daughter I allowed her to visit at the least every other weekend because her grandparents lived some 80 miles away. Last year we lost our home and everything we owned (which of course grandma did not try to help us keep even though her son has never paid child support, she would rather spend $2000 on attys to fight for guardianship then spend $2000 on taxes so her grandaughter doesnt lose her home) but of course my daughter was welcomed to stay at her grandmas since we were homeless. For almost a year now I have been denied any type of visitation with my daughter out of her grandmas “fear of me running off with her so she wont let me visit her without signing the guardianship papers” the couple of times I have seen my daughter they surround us the whole time I spend with her. I am really fed up with trying to be civil for my daughters sake and the separation has been tormenting me for too long. I want to just take her back and with the legal battle of trying to get our house back I would rather not have to go to court for my daughter too when my guardianship is still in place and they are not acting in the best interest of my girl. I miss her and I worry what they are telling her to explain why she cant go anywhere with her mama.

  • Ann7

    I was wondering can i adopt my god daughter she is 1 and a half i had her for 7 months.Her mom is unfit and on drugs and she is not willing to support her. She have 5 kids and gave them all away. I went to court and file for Legal guardianship but the mom came to court and told judge she wanna her baby back. She told the judge she was on drugs but she want her baby back to go to detox, The judge said he cant take baby out of a stable house to put her in a detox. He said she dont got a problem you the one with the problem. The judge appointed the baby a lawyer to determines the baby best interest. The mom didnt contact the attonery until 2 days before court. They contined until November they have to do an investgation on mom. The attonery told me mother cant lose her parents rights, she have to be willing to sign her parents right over so i can adopt her. The attoney said if i m no longer want the legal guardianship i have to call dcfs to pick the baby up because mom is not stable to care for the child..

  • Nicky

    My situation is tricky. My sister and brother in law do not take care of their son. So much so that 6 years ago both our mom and the paternal grandmother went and got guardianship of him. Our mom does the financial aspects seeing how I can’t not find full time work. I do everything else for the boy. I take him to appointments, deal with school things(except in cases where my mom has to sign something). I want to adopt him and be the one responsible for him. My mom and the paternal grandmother already agree with doing it. We all live in Delaware what are the things I would have to do to get him? Thank you

    • Ann7

      In order to adpot him his parents will have to be willing sign over there parent rights. By being the legal guardian you dont have all rights as the parent do.I m in the same sisuation with my god daughter

  • Ms.Scott

    Hi, I’m 17 and me and my mom didn’t get along so I decided I didn’t want to live with her no more.the court had given my aunt custody of me.Just a little extra info my mom is much financially stable.and credit is good.unlike my aunt.anyways my mom and I get along great now.we talk and she’s allowing me to come back,Finnish my senior year.I really miss her and my younger brother and sister who live with.my mother is sick she has a lung disease.but is doing wonderful .I need to know what I can do to come back.my aunt has agreed to let me go back if the court says yes.I need to know how long it will take.I start school soon,and I wanna start at the school I was go in to before my aunt took me way to Cleveland at.John F. Kennedy. I also want to know if they’ll let me stay with my mom while they are trying to figure get me back on her custody

  • freed

    my 7year old sons dad passed away and i now have our son my sons grandmother who is the mother of my sons father wants to me sign over guardian ship of my son to my sons uncle and his wife is their any way they can get custody if i don’t sign the papers?

  • concerned mother

    Can an emergency guardian make decisions abut your child’s school if you have already enrolled the child in a private school that offers a full scholarship?

  • tiesha felton

    im 17 and adopted i want to know on my birthday may 13th cann i move out without any legal problems and can i get copiesof my social security card without a problem

    • Becca

      yes you can move out but I don’t understand the haste. Yes you can get your ss card but it could be difficult unless you have a copy of your birth certificate/adoption paperwork. You have to have proof of identity when going to the Social Security Administration for a copy of your ss card.
      Good luck!

  • BL

    My boyfriend lives with his Aunt and Uncle, and he ran away because of the abuse going on there, but the cops and DHR aren’t doing much because they don’t believe him because out of his younger brother and sister he is the only one that wants to leave. He wants to move in with his older sister who is 24 now. They all live in Alabama

  • mckenzey

    im 17 an i lived with my grandma for 17 years whell some friends got custody of me (gardien ship) and they treat me horriable is there any way my grandma can get gardien ship back of me. you cant be amancipated in the state i live in

  • joann

    so my parents are seperated and both have custody of my and my sister. neither of them can support us so my dad wants to sign custody to a family friend but my mom isnt going for it. we live with my dad and my mom does NOTHING for us. would she be able to stop my dad from going through with it?

  • craig

    Close to a year ago i made some bad choices, never went to jail, but during thT time my mom and step dad got temporary guardianship over my son, a few months later they got divorced. Someone told me thst their guardianship is voidu now. Is this true? And secondly ive been in the same house with my son for over 7 months, providing care for him everyday just like. a patrent should, but im not allowed to take him anywhere without permission…do i have any rights to my son now?

  • chan

    I am trying to find out how I can give rights to a friend to raise my special needs daughter. She is with them currently and she is happy there they have a special needs child as well.

  • missing my kid

    Been in court last 10 years never been charged with n e thing child was placed with grandparents on a temp guardianship order I live in Wyoming court in Colorado in Dec to dismiss order have tryed this many times how do I get a attorney that works in both states I don’t have much money work two jobs as is ???mind you this just a temporary order been in court 10 years ?? Help please

  • Garry Meron

    Hi my girlfriend passed away and we have a 4 year old he is intiled to get some money from an insurance com. That said I need to get guardianship .of he estate the court is saying I need to open a propate case wat do I do

  • Sharon Aldridge

    My husband has guardian ship over his cousins boys one is 18 and one is 12 , last week my husband asked for a divorce, it has been a devastating event for all of us, I love these boys like they were mine and the youngest one wants to come with me, my husband is fine with that, how do I go or where do I go to get legal rights over him, I can’t turn my back on him he has been through so much in his life already

  • Miranda

    Hi. My mom is in prison and My uncl has custody of my two baby sisters. He mistrats one of them really bad but he has history of physically abusing his own daughter. He doesn’t provide thwm with much food or clothing. What can i do to start getting the process going.

  • Miranda

    Hi. My uncle has custody of my two baby sisters. And he mistreats one of them. He has history of physically abusing his own daughter. He doesn’t provide them with much food or clothin. I was wondering what can i do to get custody of them both.

  • Ariel Sue

    im 17 years old, im currently living with a friends family, for four months now? after a certian time frame can they become my legal guardian without my mothers say? and how do we go about doing so? please help! thanks!

  • kim

    hello i have a question to a problem i have found myself in. my daughter and her son, my grandson. mom is abusive and was charged with it. she just took the plea d=for that abuse. she still has child. i am his grandmother and i was the one who called the police to report it so my daughter refuses to let me see him. he was in my life everyday until that day. i am filing papers to gain guardianship in colorado. she is not stable never has been, she dont work and the childs dad is not around. but i did find him and he is now helping me in court..my question is can i do this and what are the odds good or bad that i can see my grandson again.. thanks

  • Sherri

    I have a question I recently moved out of my school district but my daughter wants to stay at that school. Now my parents live in that school district and she goes to my parents house a lot but my mom and do not have the bestest of relationships and she wants me to give her some type of guardianship so my daughter can still go to that school but I refuse to give her any rights to my daughter. Wanted to know what can I do or is there something that would only give her a say in my daughter schooling that’s it.

  • disqus_QMcPnuwJbV

    Does anyone know of any laws that say step sisters can get temp custody of step brothers (related by marriage). I would like to try and get custody of my step brother because his father is in jail and my mom is having hard time with the state keeping him, but I have a more stable environment for the time being until they can get there things together. Please if anyone knows anything let me know Thanks.

  • Maria

    I have had my grandson for five years now and his mother lives in a different state my son incarcerated. She has never provided for him in any way, other than coming to visit twice, and phone calls. My grandson is 8. Can she take him from me?

  • girlw/question

    Hi, I am 18 and I am currently living with my 16 year old sister at my grandparents home because my mother (custodial parent) has allowed her abusive husband to move back into the house with her. We don’t want to be there as the environment is not a good one. Is there a way with out involving DHS that my grandparents could be made our foster parents? Would it behoove me to get emancipated for college financial aid purposes, as I will not be going back to live with her – ever?

  • aunt

    i have 2 nieces and 1 nephew, which they belong to my brother, and his sister in law has gaurdianship. of them. My mom (which is thier grandmother ) and I want to have visiting rights and be able to pick them up . but she is giving us a hard time. what can I do to??

  • Kristin taylor

    My sons grandmother who is his guardian told the school not to give me any of his school information. Isn’t that my educational right

  • heather

    My kids father and i asked my father if he could care for our two kids for three months tops so we could get out of living in a hotel and he agreed. Next thing i know is he filling guardianship on them and i was told that this was only to help him for daycare and medical reasons. Well that was about a week he has had them , so the court gave him temp. Guardianship. My dad made me look as though i was never a good mother and the court gave me 7 things to complete in a year to get them back well it’s been almost a year and my dad is not allow my kids to visit us on the weekends and has put me through Hell I’ve asked him for things about my kids what’s going on with them recently he has told me that he has changed their last name to my x husbands name. Is that even legal and my kids cry on returning back to him they want to stay with us we git our apartment within two months of him having them ..I’ve also seen bruises on them i really don’t think my dad has been hurting them but maybe the school or daycare they attending. My oldest is four and is a little slower then the other children and doesn’t speak clearly but is always trying to tell us something. My other child is two . My father says the reason they can’t stay the weekends any more is because my four year old wont behave on the following Monday’s please help ..i feel as though he iS trying to say im unfit when he sees that they don’t wanna be with him … i have everything they need and more. I wont them back .

  • Lillchick

    My Sister and her family are moving to Chicago my niece will stay with me until school is out. What legal paperwork do we need for me to make decisions like Medical, School and if there is an ER?

  • cindy hall

    My grandsons friend who is 15 was taken from his home by CPS and lives with his grandmother in another school district. He still wants to go to school in his current school district. Does the current school district have to transport him to and from his current school district. this is in michigan

  • shavona

    Hello. I need advice asap. I am 20 years old and live in chicago,il. My mother and father recently got arrested again and this time will be away for a long time. They both are also drug addicts. Cps has been involved with my family before in fact I think there is still an open case regarding my youngest brother age 2. I want to know if possible the quickest way to get custody/guardianship of my two younger siblings ages 2 and 7. I am currently employed full time and I am already taking care of them as far as having a roof over their heads, food to eat, clothes to wear and shoes on their feet. I also have a daughter of my own age 2. I am providing for them all as a parent should, but I just don’t have custody of them. How can I do so asap? Thank you, any advice will help.

  • geary bowman

    my wife and I have temporary custody of my adopted step daughter’s 2 kids. My wife wants to adopt them, but recently has expressed she she doesn ‘t have feelings for me anymore. If we were to divorce after i adopt the grand kids would I have to pay child support for them? We live in Il.

  • Melinda M.

    Hey, I live in FL and My husband and I are 20 yrs old. and we want to find a way we can help a 15 year old non relative. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mom and step-dad, but they are moving to Texas and She does not want to go. Although I’ve always noticed her moms way of parenting is very lazy, she does provide a roof over her head. Her mother refuses to drive/pick up her daughter anywhere but is not concerned about her daughters school, friends, her whereabouts, when/if her daughters has eaten, who she is with or where she is sleeping over or hanging out and what time her daughter will come home, etc. The 15 year old is like a sister to me, I feel for her. She is smart and wants to stay in school and even become a cop someday, I’ve known her for over 8 years. We would like to known how we can get temp. custody or guardianship of her so she can legally come live with us at our home atleast until she graduates high school….. is there anything we could do?? We both work and can provide her with a home, food, take care of her, give her the love,attention and rules that she needs; make sure she does well in school and she’ll have her own room and whatever she may need.

  • morgan hill

    Hi my name is Morgan and i am a dependent daughter of the military. My step dad is wanting to get gaurdianship of my 1month old on so that he is covered under his insurance with the military. I was wondering how to get that done? And how it will affect the father of my son?

  • Amy

    I live in California (moved here from Michigan 6 months ago) We are moving back in less than 6 months but my son wants to go back sooner. We signed a power of attorney to a family friend but we are having problems with the school district accepting it for enrollment. Guardianship is not an option. Do we have any other options?

  • sharon

    my step daughter is a heroine addict and as recently had a child who is going through withdrawal symptoms we have been asked to be the childs legal guardians we was told my a socail worker that one of us should give up there full time job.all the benefits go to the mother , but where do I stand now I have no job. thankyou s bloomer

  • mindy

    i have a friend who is 33 years old and her sister has guardinship of her. my friend wants to move out of state away from her sister/brother in law. can she legally just leave their home?

  • Fee

    My grandmother is 88 yrs old and has 3 daughters they don’t care about her their just taking her money bedbug are all in her house. My grandmother wants to stay with me but my aunts are not hearing that. I need help what the first thing I need to do? please help a heart broken grand-daughter.

  • Kristen

    My niece is 16 yrs old and wants to live with me (her aunt). Living in North Carolina how do I start the process of legal guardianship?

  • Guest

    I have been appointed by the court guardian of my mother. My sister who is under investigation by Adult Protective Services for financially exploiting my mother is her POA. I was advised by the court to dissolve my mother’s current POA . Can I just file a notarized letter dissolving POA with the register of deeds? I can’t find a standard form. Does anybody know?

  • Robert romo

    Hey ma name is robert n k lived wit ma sister ma whole life ma mom is alive but shes disabled ma dad is locked up n ma sister doesnt hav e ough money for us both how would she be able to get funds frm the government for me

  • Lady Misses

    I have quardianship over my niw 17yo nephew. His Mom and Dad Both abandonded him basically and a early aqe.. Since I can remember he has been with my mom n dad, me, my brother, ect. From pillow to post his whole life almost. I have ALWAYS been there for my nephew because I know how it feels to want someone to truely love you. I am his moms younger sister and I have a qood job, apartment and I take care of my 6yo daughter by myself.. My nephew has been through so much in his young life. Not having the proper GUIDANCE AND UPBRINGING. Lead to him doing thinqs he would later regret. So to sum it up it was either he qo ward of court and be thrown from group home to group home, or thrown to the streets to die young and become a statistic like all the other young men who hanq on the corner selling drugs and getting killed.

    So I stepped up to the plate and took action so that he wouldn’t have to suffer no more… and since then he has chanqed alot… its a work in proqress but its gonna qet better… I was qranted Guardianship because of who I am and how I carry myself and take care of my daughter plus having a job and apt helped too. They base it off the interaction of the childs parents involvment and the wellbeing of the child. so if the parent jus aint fit and never show the judge and ppl of the system that they are not concerned then uhh def will qet granted guardianship. thats how I qot mines… thanks siis for giving my nephew the life he truely deserved.!?!?!?

  • Josie

    My brother has asked me to stand up in court if he or the baby’s mom don’t get custody back and say that I am willing to adopt my niece. Then said after case is closed to just give her back to them. I don’t see how this is okay. How to I help without doing wrong

  • robin

    hi i have my friends 2 kids they are 13 and 15 and they have lived with me for over a year. we support them in all ways and recieve no support from their parents. they want to stay here but their mother keeps threting to take them back. what should or could we do??

  • Destiny

    My name is Destiny I will be 14 next month in April & I live in Texas. I’ve lived with my grandparents since I was 9 months but my grandparents never got legal guardianship over me they never went through court or any of that they kinda just took over after my mom started being out in the streets & have tooken care of me ever since. My dads out of the picture & mom is locked up right now but should be getting out sometime in July next year & plans to get her life right to take care of me, until then I want my sister who’s 18 to get temporary legal guardianship over me, she, my mom, & my grandparents agreed because my grandparents are getting old & have a lot on there plate right now & my sister doesn’t mind. Anyways my sister is fit to be my guardian I would have everything I need but my question is how can we do this if my mom is locked up? what would we have to go through? It would mean a lot if somebody can answer this for me! Thanksss

  • Josh David

    This is a testimony that I will tell to every one to hear. I have been married four 4years and on the fifth year of my marriage, another woman had a spell to take my lover away from me and my husband left me and the kids and we have suffered for 2years until I met a post where this man DR OLOKUM have helped someone and I decided to give him a try to help me bring my lover back home and believe me I just send my picture to him and that of my husband and after 48hours as he have told me, I saw a car drove into the house and behold it was my husband and he have come to me and the kids and that is why I am happy to make every one of you in similar to met with this man and have your lover back to your self. His email:lavenderlovespell@yahoo.com.

  • lost mommy

    I am a single mother who has custody of my two children and I have to go to jail because of false report made by someone . I need to allow my mother to care for them while im away and make sure financially and medically they are taken care of but I cant seem to find any website with advice on the type of letter I must leave please help

  • randy

    Im 16 in the state of Georgia, living with a mother and her girlfriend who have both been physically and mentally abusive over the past six years to me. I feel thaf it is in my best interest if I am removed from her care. My question is what steps do I need to take in order to be removed from her home and placed into the care of a close family friend that is more than willing to take me in and have complete responsibility for me. Is this possible without parental consent?

  • trajae crumby

    need help bad im 48 and i have to kids ive raised and they are grown. now my sister goes to jail for 4 yrs and 9 months,so i got gardianship of my 2 nieces who are 8 .but when i went to the dfc for help they say i make to much money for help… i dont thank thats right i didnt break the law and just didnt want them to go to the state. so they wont give me foodstamps because my income which ant to uch and now they dont want to help with childcare. and i cant aford to pay it… does anyone no anyone that can help me . ive worked real hard to get were i am and dont understand the system..do they want me to turn them over to the state which i wood never, quite my job. or what im so frustsrated. i love them and we need HELP

  • Jeremiah Tjarks

    Hello I have a 11 yr old boy that I gave up rights to when he was around two due to the stress and drama as well as the lack of being able to see him. This was not completely the fault of my ex and her husband but after 8 years of silence I now have a good relationship with them and my son now flies back and forth between texas and colorado for a few visits a year. It seems that he may in the future ask to come live with me my new wife and 9 yr old lil girl. He was adopted and had his last name changed. What legal issues and important topics should I make sure that we have discussed and such to make sure this is a easy transition for everyone as well as protecting myself?

  • sue

    I have a 18yr old girl that lives with me and i have power of attorney she has a brother that is 7yr old and he lives with his mother she is refusing to let them see eachother is there anything we can do we need help thanks

  • Monica

    I have been raising my 2 nephews for the past 1 1/2 yrs. Thier mother signed an agreement and notarized the letter of when she would get her kids back. She recently was going to face 3.5 yrs in prison and was going to sign over my nephews to her mother. Once I found that out, I right away wrote to my nephews Father that is prison . He sent me a notarized lettet giving me temp custody then soon after that he sent me a letter stating on behalf of the state of az he gives me temp custody. Is this valid? if so what is my next step? My older nephew is worried he will have to go with his grand mother. Please help I dont have much time before they come get them

  • latisia Villareal

    Hi my husbands nephew begged us to take in their three girls from CPS this was suppost have been temporary we feel that we were traped with the girls attorney we signed papers that state we were permanent conservator ship we gave up our rights on the girls we were only suppost to have had them for only six months we found out we were keeping them forever how was this possible we gave up our rigts because I operate a license daycare and can not fulfill the girls need and their parents were always threating and harassing us too much pressure. now CPS wants to have go to court and wants us to pay child support I don’t under stand they need to go after their parents what are our rights?

  • D.Nolan

    I’ve had my grandson since he was 9,He is now 14,He recently went back to live with his mom for 2 months,He wants to come back and live with me because of her abusive boyfriend,What can i do,She’s not letting him leave,We are in the midst of a huge disagreement,I need help,I live in Indiana

  • Paula

    My siblings found out our oldest sister left a Trust I an
    life Ins in my name a 48yrs old married mother of two Navy Officers and one Social Worker. Three days after her death. Was granted Administrator and Guardian over me. Can I sue. They sold her HOME. I am not sure polwhat all

  • Marla

    Hi there.
    I am on disability. I have a sister who has been deemed mentally unstable and her 8 yr old daughter has been removed from her home and may be put into my home and care.
    I am on disability as a single person. Do I claim my niece as my dependant once she is in my home?
    How will this effect my disability?

  • Frances Moore

    I am moving out of state, and would likt to take my grandson with me. I have both parents approval. How do I go about it legally?