Utah Marriage Laws 1

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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Utah

Also See: Utah Divorce Laws

Title 30 of the Utah Legislature is “Husband and Wife.” Title 30, Chapter 1 is where you can find the Utah Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Utah.

Utah Marriage (Title 30, Chapter 1):le.state.ut.us

Utah Uniform Premarital Agreement Act(Title 30, Chapter 8): le.state.ut.us


  • Julie

    In 1994 my husband and I lived in northern ID. We decided to move back to Utah. My husband left May 18 1994 to find us a place to start work and find us a place to live. I was 3 months pregnant at the time I had not seen a Dr. yet. After 2 weeks he started acting funny said he didnt know nif he wanted to be married, so I flew home to Utah on May 27. He hid from me and our 13 month old. We seperated and he said there was no one else. Come to find out he had went to a bar and was really drunk and end up going home with someone. I went to Dr. and was DUE Dec. 17 1994. He just deserted me and I our son I seen him like every 3 weeks then it went to 6 weeks and only for like 30 min. at a time. Late July he wanted to come home I said ok then the person he had been with said she was pregnant due April 4 so I filed for divorce on Aug 5. He hid from my papers. I finally had him served in Oct. at the girls parents house. we were divorced Nov.22 1994 our 2nd son was born early by choice C-section Dec. 8 1994. By that time I found out the girls due date changed to March 23 1995. I would have file a alienation of affection suite against her earlier but with the due date in march it would be hard to prove. Over the next 12 years my x never seen my kids but a few times and she didnt want him taking our second son because she had been telling everyone it wasn’t my x’s. Even his family didnt have anything to do with my boys because she told them if they had anything to do with me and #2 son that they would never see my x again. She was very mean to my son when they did go. 4 years ago I found out that she had had her baby on Feb.18,1995 which is 2 months and 1 day from my sons due date. Baby weight was the same as mine he was on oxygen since she smoked while she was pregnant. My oldest son graduates May 25 2011. My child supporrts goes from 500 to 250. I only received 184 for the 2 from like 98-03. My x is in the process of a divorce again. I am now unable to work and asked my x for 50 dollars more for CS he said he couldnt because he has to pay this girl like 500-600 she doesnt want my son counted as a dependant she says he is not my x’s son. I asked her back yrs ago if she wanted to have blood test on her son and my son and she refused. My question is can I sue her now for alienation of affection 1 because she cause my divorce he begged me not to get one. 2 because I do not feel she should get more child support then me because my son was born first and I DO Not think the son of hers is my X’s child. I do not want to sue her for money I want to sue for a Blood test. I don’t care if he signed the birth cert or not. She was seeing he husband she was seperated from at the time, during the time she was seeing my husband. He even says kid could be his but he wasn’t the DA that signed the birth cert. I dont care if my x chooses to pay on this kid even if he is not his thats his choice but he is scared of her since she has pulled a knife on him before. I want a blood test done under the grounds that her and her child caused aleination of affection for me and my 2 son’s, is this possible.