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  • Anne Konyn

    I need to know what the laws for Washington State are in regards to broken engagements, especially where the groom-to-be has broken the engagement. In my case, the bride (me) has incurred many expenses that are non-refundable (i.e. wedding gown, personalized wedding effects, etc. I supplied all the gold and diamonds to have the wedding rings and engagement ring made up, which are all my materials, and the groom paid for the labor to have them remade, I feel they are mine to keep.

    Also, I understand in some states, the bride can sue the groom for breach of contract or breaking a wedding engagement. Is that true in WA state?

    I need clarification on all these matters that deal with WA state law.

    Thank you.

  • Anita W

    My son was engaged and on February 14th his fiancee broke off the engagement. She had him move out of the bedroom and sleep on the couch (they were still under a lease). At that time she gave the engagement ring back to him, he put it in the box and set it on the window seal. Two weeks later my son had a female friend over, his ex fiancee came home and got upset at him. The next day she moved out taking the engagement ring. She didnt pay bills she was given money for from my son, didnt pay her half of the last month of rent in the lease and refuses to give back the engagement ring. We live in Washington State does, does she get to keep the engagement ring.

  • Lonna Walden

    Has anyone heard of a Federal Statute called “Parent Alienation Syndrome”? My son has not been allowed to see his daughter for 3 Christmases and Birthdays now….he pays child support, he did fall behind, however, he’s always paid at least half during his unemployment. As a Grandmother the pain and depression we both suffer is horrific. She has never let him be a part of his daughters life on a regular basis, and he’s never had any say as to her welfare. He has never even been allowed to have her on Father’s Day, we know she has another baby and lives with her boyfriend, we have no idea where she is living. She has purposefully lied to DSHS for financial gain and used my son’s daughter as a financial pawn. Why doesn’t the courts recognize that the only one’s getting hurt by this is my grandchild and my son. She has lied and manipulated the courts to gain her own advantage…he’s treated so undignified, they treat Father’s like they are criminals, while I admit some deserve what theiy get, some do not.

    Pierce County is the worse county when it comes to Children’s welfare, I’ve spoken to an attorney in Thurston County and he refuses to practice in Pierce because the laws are so unfair and unjust. Does this state utilize the Federal Statute called “Parent Alienation Syndrome”, the penalties are very severe and stiff for the parent who uses this practice against the other parent…this includes jail time, and the loss of custody. The problem is that they weren’t married, she broke up with him in the beginning of her pregnancy, he was allowed to be there during her birth….it’s a situation out of control and the courts just don’t care about my grandchild’s welfare or my sons. Sadly it’s not just about monitary gain, but what about the emotional toll it’s taking on my son, a daughter who he loves more than life and yet they are seperated by the hatred of his ex-girlfriend. How do you consciencously deny a child her fundamental rights of being loved by her Father?? It clearly should be criminal for her cruel and purposeful behavior. We have a hole in our hearts, and emptiness and I wonder how we will ever explain to her when she is older that he didn’t abandon her. My Christmas Tree has gifts under it from 2008, 2009, 2010. We have sent her message after message, text after text begging her to allow us to see my son’s daughter, but she never responds. Sadly neither of us can afford an attorney, I’ve had 2 open heart surgeries and was briefly homeless from losing my job in 2008. It’s been a long climb back. Is anyone able to take him on a pro-bono for the sake of his rights as a father and his daughters. The courts tell him he can’t file for a parenting plan because he fell behind in child support…she has never filed either because she doesn’t want him to have any rights over his daughter. Is this Federal Statute permissable in Washington on “Parent Alienation Syndrome”, this may be his only hope of seeing his daughter who’s now 6.

  • Scott

    My ex wife has been living with another man since our divorce was finalized a year ago, and I have been paying spousal support. My divorce agreement had the stipulation that spousal support payments would terminate if she were to get married, but I recently learned that just cohabitation is grounds to terminate the spousal support. How can I go about confirming this is the case and stop making these payments?

  • Grandma & Mom

    My son has been married for four years, has a 2 1/2 yr old beautiful son. He and his wife are wonderful parents, both share equally in the parenting, both being in professions where they work 12 – 24 hr shifts, normally 2 days a week, never daycare, arrange work days yearly, so days off not together are spent taking care of their son.
    My son, I can honestly say has been the most caring, 100% there husband and father.
    The Mom, in appearances is this “perfect individual”, when seen on the outside. Inside, she chooses her behavior…She has always been very controlling, unbelievably so, to the point that she is very mean to those that interrupt that “control and
    schedule”. She has always been the main control in the marriage, they talk about things, but most things are the way they are for how she has decided it, my son was never been weak, very self confident and strong, it just not worth it to sometimes reason with her, confront her, she always comes back with justification for everything, and she can be mean with her so called reasoning, feels she is always right.
    My concern and worry here, is she is getting much worse in your behavior. She is still a good mom, but my concern is what she is doing to my son, how she is treating him, she is literally destroying him as a person. She has threatened divorce, that she doesn’t love him, never did, and he is all to blame. She is obviously not happy, but goes deeper than that, is cruel with her constant belittling of him, as a father, husband and as a person in general. much verbal abuse. He is trying to do everything he can to keep the marriage together so his family is together, his son is the most important thing to him, without his son, he would not stay in the marriage. What he is most afraid of..she keeps saying she wants to move several hundred miles away, same state, where she has some relatives, and not with my son…my son keeps telling her that is crazy he would never allow it, they both have good jobs here, and he would never want anything less than the parenting he has with their son now. Which is as I have said, equal. He is so scared that if they do divorce she would be allowed to move several hundred miles away, where he would not be able to go to things like the school functions, BB games etc,regularly. He has even told her he would be fine with her moving closer to her work where she has friends..and the parenting could be the same. He is trying everything to keep the marriage together, putting up with her verbal abuse, which is torture for him, he is under so much stress. I am so afraid she will just up and leave and take her son over there…is that legal for a parent, to just up and leave and take the child several hundred miles away, before divorce proceedings? What are the rights of the father, if he has been a good father, at least a 50% equal parent, as far as the mother being given the rights to live that far away, so the father doesn’t get to share in the daily parenting. My son will never be the one to leave in the relationship, because of his son, he will not initiate any divorce proceedings,she has to be the one to do that. I just don’t know how much more he can suffer thru with her. If you can answer a few of these legal questions, it may help him. Thank you.
    And, yes I am worried about the verbal abuse, but know it is not something that could help him in any divorce/custody issues, it is hard to prove, she is so manipulating, it would hurt in the end. And my son would never do anything to hurt the mother of his child,or try to take her away from him. All this is hard to understand, you have to be close to this relationship to believe it. Only a few of the close family members know anything about all this, unbeknown to her, as he is not to talk of it.

  • chandra

    I have no parenting plan and was never married to my kids father. Can I leave WA and move to another state?

  • john s osterhoudt

    i got married back in 8/2010 for about 6 to 7 month.Now the marriage certificate wasn’t sent or filed with the county, Well we had and argument and she broke of the marriage to not consider her my wife or even being married, and she gave the engagement ring back to me and then about 11 days later she took the ring out of me stuff.Am i entitled to get the engagement ring back? Please help thanks

  • Karen Rimel

    Can I leave Washington state with our son? I am married and separated, but no divorce papers have been filed.