• sandi

    My daughter’s father and I were never married. He lives in New York and I have lived in Washington State for 8 years. He had visitation on the holidays and summers, but we never had any court paperwork done. Recently, I went out of town for a week and his mother came to the caretaker’s house to take my daughter to dinner. She flew her to New York and I have had no contact with my daughter at all. Can he just take my daughter and keep her there?

  • Scott

    Hi got married to my domestic Partner 3 years ago And I was married to a women for 24 years and she had told me year ago we where divorced I have lived my as such now I find out I can’t find divorce decree on the internet she lives nv. I live wash so I went on line and filed on for disalution from her I don’t no where she lives . What happens to my marriage now with my husband.