Washington Marriage Laws 1

Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Washington

Also See: Washington Divorce Laws

Title 26 of the Washington Legislature is “Domestic Relations.” Title 26, Chapter 4 is where you can find the Washington Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Washington.

Washington Marriage (Title 26, Chapter 4):apps.leg.wa.gov Washington

Husband and Wife – Rights and Liabilities – Community Property (Title 26, Chapter 16): apps.leg.wa.gov


  • Mike

    Well my wife left me and moved in with another man. She told me this guy she had met a few weeks prior had a room for rent and she thought we needed a separation. I was not ok with this. I asked her if she had feelings for this guy because it all sounded a little fishy to me. There were also pictures of the two of them sitting together holding hands on facebook. It was all pretty obvious. She said no that there was nothing going on. So she moved out and in with this guy and a week later tells me shes seeing him. Now they are officially “in a relationship”, We have not had a divorce and are not legally separated. I feel betrayed and dont know what to do or what my rights are. We also have a 2 year old son together. Isn’t adultery illegal? Thats what i always thought.