West Virginia Marriage Laws 4

Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in West Virginia

Also See: West Virginia Divorce Laws

Chapter 48 of the West Virginia Legislature is “Domestic Relations.” Chapter 48, Article 1 is where you can find the West Virginia Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in West Virginia.

West Virginia Antenuptial or Prenuptial Agreement Defined (Chapter 48, Article 1, Section 48-1-203): legis.state.wv.us

West Virginia Marriages (Chapter 48, Article 2): legis.state.wv.us

West Virginia Property, Rights and Liabilities of Married Women; Husband and Wife (Chapter 48, Article 3): legis.state.wv.us,

and (Chapter 48, Article 29): legis.state.wv.us


  • Meika

    Is it true that if u get married carrying another mans child it voids your marriage?

  • Bob Lopez

    I was married in maryland 6 years ago.
    My wife signed a prenup before we married in md.
    We moved to W.V. about 3 years ago and I bought a house in my name only..
    If I were to divorce my wife what are my rights with regard to the house,
    the prenup, alimoney and my 401k.
    We do not have any children..and I own the house no house payments.

  • kimberly

    is there a waiting period between getting a liciense and getting married?

  • desiree

    My dad is currently serving 6 months in jail in Maryland. My step mom says she is going to sell HIS personal belongings. Can she legally do thus? Id not what can I do to prevent it?