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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Wisconsin

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One of the Chapters of Wisconsin Legislature is “Marriage.” Chapter 765, is where you can find the Wisconsin Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Wisconsin.

Although you can view all the Wisconsin statutes at legis.state.wi.us, the site does not allow direct links to specific marriage statutes (if you know otherwise, please tell us). Here’s how to find the Marriage Laws (you can view these instructions along with instructional screen shots in the How to Find the Wisconsin Marriage Statutes Online PDF):

1) “Go to ‘legis.state.wi.us (by clicking the link above) and then click the ‘Updated Statutes Index’ link.”

2) You will be directed to “nxt.legis.state.wi.us” link, then click on “Statutes”. 3) For example, click “Chapter 765” for the Marriage statutes or “Chapter 767 for the Divorce statutes You’re Seeking.

4) Click on Section for the information You’re Seeking under Divorce Code.

A few of the important chapters related to Wisconsin marriage are:

  • Wisconsin Marriage (Chapter 765)
  • Wisconsin Marriage – Property Rights of Married Persons; Marital Property (Chapter 766)
  • Wisconsin Marital Property Agreements(Chapter 766, Section 58)


  • Rob

    In Wisconsin, am I liable for any debts that my spouse (and ONLY my spouse) has signed for? Would I still be liable for any debts that my spouse (and ONLY my spouse) signed for if we were to get divorced.

    My father-in-law were discussing marriage laws the other day, and had a disagreement on how this works. Hopefully you can settle our debate for us! Thank you.

  • Campos

    I am Chris Campos. I live in washington State. I was married on January 3rd–2003 to Michelle Marie Baldwin in Tonasket Washington. My wife and I separated in may of 2005. A divorce was filed here in okanogan county– but according to county records– a default or dismissal was entered in 2009 – because neither of us went to court. I confirmed with the county court clerk here today, that my marriage to Michelle Marie Baldwin was still legally valid. My problem and question is this: Michelle Baldwin moved to Wisconsin in 2006. At the time I was told I didnt know the exact whereabouts to her relocation.I wanted to serve her papers but didnt know where to send them. Not that I want to save a failed marriage— But in the process of trying to locate her. I was told by several of my friends to find her on facebook as her profile is there listed as Michelle Baldwin-Johnson. Today I was on facebook and found something very interesting.
    Michelle lists her new home as in Marshfield Wisconsin– Married to a man named Christopher Johnson. I wanna know if what she did is legal? if she can get into trouble for polygamy? I wanna Know my options as I want to divorce her. I have a copy of my marriage certificate and the case number is 05-3-00091-6 if it is important to your answer. The phone number for the okanogan county courthouse is 1-509-422-7275- to confirm my claim. How can I have charges pressed against her for polygamy?

    • Just Me

      Not sure you will see this, but have you been in touch with your daughter? If your life is more stable than hers it might be a good idea to look into rescuing your child and giving her the stability every child needs. Your “wife” is not stable and has your child in and out of different men’s homes as well as different homeless shelters on a regular basis. I hope you get some closure and I hope your child gets some stability in her life.

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