NBA Star Dwyane Wade Confirms Pending Divorce 4

D-Wade & SiohvaughnAfter refusing to comment on rumors of a split from his wife Siohvaughn for almost a year, basketball superstar Dwyane Wade has finally referenced his marital troubles in the press.  Wade, doing pre-season press for the Miami Heat, commented that his personal life was private and that no one would know the reasons behind his separation from his family.

Wade and Siohvaughn were high school sweethearts in Chicago.  They married in February, 2002 – about the same time their first son Zaire was born. A year later, Wade left Marquette University to enter the NBA draft at the end of his junior year.  He was drafted in the first round by the Miami Heat. He has been a consistent All-Star since joining the league and has been named NBA Finals MVP.

The couple’s second son Zion was born in May, 2007.  A few months later, in September, 2007, internet rumors began to fly about a split.  Reports indicated that Siohvaughn left Miami and returned to Chicago after Zion’s birth.  Rumors also circulated that Wade was seeing actress Gabrielle Union.

Court records in Chicago indicate that the divorce petition was filed by D-Wade in late November, 2007.  It seems that discovery in the case has been on-going.  There were some status conferences scheduled in court last week.  Wade reportedly missed a few days of training camp to attend.

Wade will reportedly make over $14 million this year in salary alone.  Endorsement contracts should bring in an additional $12 to 15 million. Presumably, Siohvaughn will get a hefty property allocation as well as child support for the two boys.  I’m not positive but I would be surprised if there was a prenuptial agreement in light of the fact that these two married a full year before Wade entered the NBA draft, while he was still a sophomore in college.

Wade is represented by the Chicago law firm Davis Friedman.  His estranged wife seems to be represented by Nadler, Pritikin & Mirabelli.  The court’s docket sheet is a bit confusing on this issue – at some point, it appears that she was represented by the firm of Schiller DuCanto & Fleck.  Her employment of that firm might have sent quite a message to her husband.  Don Schiller (of Schiller DuCanto & Fleck) represented Juanita Jordan in her divorce from NBA icon Michael Jordan several years ago.