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  • shanterrica edwards

    We missed the 30 day deadline to get my 3 year last name change from another man’s lastname to his biological father’s lastname! how can we get his name changed now? we have childsupport papers proving that his father is his father! I live in lee county ( opelika Alabama)! if you have contact numbers to the place that I need to call can you please give them to me?

  • Raechel

    I live in Alabama and have been married over 25 years. Is my husband’s pension plan a marital asset?

  • Samantha

    My husband and I will be moving to Alabama from Virginia, he has been offered a job and took it since he has been out of work since jan. I would like to know how to notify my daughter’s (i have full physical and legal custody of) father of the move? and what to surgest the courts of visitation for her and him- we will be 16hours away?

  • robert

    my daughter lives with her mother and she wants to live with me she is 14 we live in alabama her step dad has been hitting her i heard him do so so i know its true and i called the police and they did nothing told him to go to bed i dont know what to do i want her out of that house before he hurts her what can i do