Causes of Invalid Marriages 247

How to Make Sure Yours is Legal

Despite the best intentions, couples sometimes discover that their marriage is invalid. What they should do next will depend upon the issue in question.

There are basically two types of invalid marriages: those that are void and those that are voidable. Void marriages are those that cannot legally exist and therefore are deemed to never have been valid. Void marriages are generally limited to unions where one party is already legally married to someone else(bigamy) and those between underage parties (lack of consent) or close relatives(incest) .

In these cases, an annulment would be granted and the marriage would be legally “erased”, as if it never happened.

A voidable marriage on the other hand is a marriage that is technically invalid but isn’t immediately dissolved and continues as a valid union until an annulment is sought. This type of marriage doesn’t violate any moral principle and can at some point, become a legal union if circumstances change. This would include instances where the official presiding over the marriage wasn’t certified to do so or where the parties were underage but are now the age of consent and the marriage was never contested. In cases such as these, the court will normally try to honor the marriage if at all possible, assuming that both parties have continued to live as if the union were valid from the start.

In cases where deception occurred, many states allow for the deceived spouse to seek a divorce instead and treat the marriage as if it were a valid union. This is known as the putative spouse doctrine and provides certain rights and protections for parties who are led to believe they’ve entered into a valid marriage through their partner’s deception.

In this instance, the deceived spouse can seek a divorce and would have rights to property distribution and possible spousal support . If however, the deceiving spouse is the party trying to seek a divorce under the claim of an invalid marriage, the court may invoke the estoppel principle to prevent the deceiving spouse from benefiting from support and property division.

If it is determined that fraud or deception took place at the time of the marriage, the court will also consider when the deceived spouse discovered the fraud and the amount of time that lapsed before the annulment was sought. If the deceived spouse discovered the deception but then continued to live as a legally married couple for several years after, the courts will often set aside the request for an annulment on the grounds of fraud and instead treat the marriage as valid. The parties would then have to pursue a divorce to end the union.


  • Patsy Rudd

    I met a man on eharmany and married him. He told me he was worth a quarter of a million dollars, had a ministery and turned out to live in a 31 year mobile home and has little income. I basically have provided most of the support since we married a little over a year ago.

    He also appears to have other problems as he believes I have evil spirits in me that cause any misfortune that happens to him and stays angry and abussive about that continually. He believes God killed his first wife.

    We have been married for 15 months and I no longer live with him. Can I get an annulment? Or is divorce my best option?

    • Monica

      In most jurisdictions there must be some sort of fraud involved in order for you to be granted an annulment. The Judge makes this determination on a case by case basis depending on the facts in each case, but annulment is fairly uncommon. Your situation may qualify, but you will have to check the laws in your state or contact a lawyer in your area to find out what you must prove in order to obtain an annulment.

      • Tyna 008

        I got married when I turned 19 in 2008. I feel in love and married my husband but we never lived together. He lived in his apartment and I always lived with my parents. We were planing to get marry by the church and so thats what he made me believe. At the end it never happened he left me after he obtained his papers. The only thing we had together was the addresses in our licenses, taxes and some pictures nothing else. After he got his temporary Green Card he started getting defensive and completely changed. He later left me last year and told me that he only marry me for papers. I just recently told my parents they were not aware of my situation and are very nervous since this man only used me. I have already reported a claim with an immigration officer and the case is under investigation. But he informed that this person had already filed for permanent residency filling a form that says that we didnt get along with some email which I didnt write he wrote them from my email and send them to him.
        The case officer told me that he is looking for proves and I am helping him the best I can, however how can I actually help. How can I prove that he only marry me for papers? He has told me several times now because I asked him why would he do that to me. His answer was I only needed papers. How can I help the officer obtained proves about the marriage being a fraud if I dont have several proves. Only that I never lived with the man I married. How can i prove he lied to me? He is never going to say the truth about what he did..
        Please help me. Advise me.
        Thank you

    • Taylor Rudd

      Taylor Rudd, I am the one that Patsy Rudd married, she forgot to tell you when we got married I had $28,500.00 in the bank, She had a home in Humble,Tx that cost her about 75% of her income to keep! She move in with me where I paid all of the bills and had no payments on the home, my tax are very low! She move in my home so we could get her home rented, After one year of trying to rent it we findly got it rented. it took some one that can afford $1100.00 Plus bill. After we rented it she had all of her money to do as she wanted with, but it was only a few month after that that she left me, and that was of course after I took her to SS to see about getting early retirement, because with her home rented we did not need her to work but part time, and did find out that she could draw on the first husband, $1.300.00 a month, So she was only working 38 hours a month, not bad!!! She also did not tell you, when she left she took all of my wife jewelry, My wife of 31 years past away with cancer, 3 years ago! It is worth $9350.00. She also took a iPhone that she was using, that belong to a non profit agency that I run, she had it as she was going to help run part of the agency. She will tell you that I gave it to her for Christmas and I did, but what she want tell you is that same Christmas she gave me a membership in the The Pres. Club for Continental Airlines, I did not own the club I only had the right to use it just like the iPhone she has! She did not need it as she bought her a new one the day she left! and keeping the old one! She also check out of the bank $600.00 in cash which left me only $575.00 to live on for the next month! Now! I am her 4th husband, I have two children by one lady, and have only been divorce once! There is more I can say that I have learned from her children but will leave it alone for now! By the way she did find me on eharmany, and called me first and I did reply!!!!

      • Laughin@U

        Wow, I guess you proved most of what she said was true. You’re completely out of your mind. I could care less who did what but honestly, what kind of person feels the need to go on line and air all their dirty laundry to strangers? You even put names and all your personal info. That’s pathetic! You need a life or a friend, you have some serious issues!

        • ima goodgirl

          Dear laughin@U-your’e doubly pathetic as you read through that whole airing otherwise how’d you know the details?How much time do you have to be reading such?Are you handicapped?Maybe that writer is lonely,distraught,very upset and fely like typing it out,get it off his chest.Or maybe just about everything on the ‘net is fakey…suckers

    • Richard Steve

      I was divorcing from my ex wife, then we went to a court at the judge and we sign those papers, so I think every thing was ok, then I get married to my wife, so after 45 days the court send me a letter to appear at the court then they said Im divorced now, but I didn’t know I have to come back at the court again, so I married before the divorce was done, so what should I do now, do I still married with my wife or the marriage was canceled in Florida?

  • Wanda S

    I married my husband 2007,he was married to someone else in Feb 2002 and she told him she filed and annulment ,we just found out that she didnt .What can we do?

    • Monica

      In some jurisdictions courts recognize a marriage in which both parties believed they were legally married even though they were not. You should consult the family laws in your state.

  • Jayell Coop

    i was married for less than 4 months but im ready to just give up… can i get an annulment since it was less than a year?

  • Tina

    I want to know in the state of Ga if u dont send off for your marriage certificate if its public records or not n if not are u “legally” married.

  • Irvinna

    I was married in January 2010. My husband told me prior that he had a sham of a jailhouse wedding in 1999 but no papers were ever filed and he had no contact with the woman nor did they live as man and wife. Apparently she has held on to these records and ten years later turned them in to the courts. The public records show that the papers were filed March 2010. What does this mean about our marriage that occurred in Las Vegas?

  • Bonnie

    I married in 12/2009, but my husband and I had not live together as of today. He has been living in NY and I have been living in Florida. I was suppose to move to NY in the summer once my kids finished school and now he is telling me he is not ready for that step, and it might take some more time. I now this is not healthy for a relationship been apart. I think at this point want to end the relationship, preferable get an annulment than a divorce, Do I qualify for an annulment?

  • mg

    I got married over 3 yrs ago and recently found out that the man I married used a fake social security # are we legally married or not we married in vegas and live in utah

  • Mary Hobart

    Taylor Rudd you are nuts I am glad your wife was able to get away from you.

    • Taylor Rudd

      Well Mary Hobart, I don’t know you and never have and I sure you know Patsy! or you would not commit on this! I do have records to prove what I say, have her to pull records and show them to you! She has none to back up what she is saying! Its only words! The first year we were married we filed with the the IRS on $96,000, the year before that Patsy filed $27,000, the $27,000 from $96,000 is $69,000 that was my income, I don’t say anything, unless i can back it up! “I have the returns and there is more if needed” Truth is I have been divorce once and then married for 31 years, till she past away a little over 3 years ago, and would still be married to her if she was still with us! This can all be verified! I did filed for a divorce on Dec. 1, 2009, after 30 days of no response to text, email, and phone calls! I filed an uncontested divorce, giving her what she wanted! but she went to Houston and filed there on Dec.14, when she had not lived there for 90 days! My lawyer can prove this! This being the 4th divorce you would think she would know the rules! I also text two of her daughter and ask them to let patsy know so she can respond to the divorce, I did get a text back from one of the daughter, and it was a surprise of what she had to say. still have that text. This force me to get a lawyer, and I told her that, if it come to that I would have no choice but to try to get back as much as I can! Her Lawyer ask my lawyer a few week ago what I would settle for, I Email my lawyer and said NO DEAL! She wanted to go to court, So she is going to get what she wants! I am not being ugle I have already paid my lawyer in full so I have nothing to lose! No matter what she said I did love that lady with all my hart, soul, body, and my money! Again I do have the records, well at least my lawyer has them, the records show where we spent $63,000 in 15 month, and it still did not make her happy! Part of that is a $6,000 Wedding ring “I have the appraisal on the rings”, I had to buy her clothes to get married in, 30 days later I got her a birth stone ring, with diamond, that cost me about $500, I did it for no other reason, ” because I loved her” The bible say till death do us part! I don’t know about you but I try to live by it, don’t mean I don’t make mistake which we all do! BUT I DO ADMIT THEM! I think my record speaks for it self! This is her 4th divorce! I did not start this, I am only answering what is being said about me!

  • Dave

    i was divorce in another country and and get married in wisconsin before the 6 months waiting end. However, the laws of the country where i was divorce allow me to marry atany time.

    In this case, do i need an annulment or is there anything i can do so that my marriage can be valid in the state of wisconsin. I have been living with my wife for 3yrs believing that our marriage is valid and we love each other so very much.

  • lost

    me and my hubby married in 2009 and today we found out that the divorce papers his then wife had him signed 1998 were never filed what are our options now

  • heather

    I married a man back in 99 and we have never lived together because I didnt want to be married to him. On top of that he was dringing before we said I do. is my marriage legal?

  • Cielo

    I got married at the age of 15 1/2 Just want to know if it is void? Do I need to file a nullity of marriage, do you think that it won’t take long to process?

  • joe

    my wife and i got married on saturday. i have been divorced for 2 years and i was under the impression the marriage was annulled because i paid my ex wife the money. she withheld the truth from me until today. imagine that 4 days after im married to the most wonderful and beautiful woman in the world, my ex texted me to tell me she needs my address because she is beginning the annulment process. is me second marriage invalid because i marked off annulment on the marriage certificate instead of divorced at the court house in las vegas on saturday afternoon? or is everything ok. also how can i find out if my first marriage was annulled?

  • Milly

    I married a guy in 2003, but we went our separate ways shortly afterward (less than 1 month). I didn’t have any contact with the first husband for years and married someone else in 2005. The second hubby and I split in 2007, but during a custody battle, he gave a statement to the courts saying I was already married before him. It was noted in our file, but nothing came of it. We never sought to get an annulment because we were told our marriage was void. I am now divorced from the first husband and plan to remarry a 3rd and final time. Am I legally able to get remarried now that I’m divorced from husband #1? By the way, my state is California.

  • Been shammed

    Ok me and my wife who I loved so much got married in Vegas had axbig wedding all the families were there and it was a great time now about 3 months after I got a call from her sister saying that my wife had married another lady, yes lady when California let same sex marriages, so I wad hurt didn’t know what to do and still dont, I’m not sure if we are even legally married, she claims we are because the state we live in don’t recoginize same sex marriages, so I told her what happens of we visit California well I guess they wouldn’t recoginize our marriage and only see the same sex marriage, kinda weird and so so confusing to me in my opinion if you signed your name to a marriage that means your married to that person no matter where you are at which would make our marriage invalid, but she claims out state don’t see it that way, someone please help me and explain how this works it’s killing me thinking my wedding is a sham and wondering if I’m married to her or not and much thanks in advance for anyone that responds to this, and please no opinions I want to know legally if we are married or not tyvm

  • need to know

    In the state of Tennessee if a man was Married to his first wife, remarried to a second with, during second marriage he divorced first wife legally, married a third wife, got an annulment to second wife after he married third wife …


      Yes they are still brother and sister…

  • MaryR

    Hi my fiance is married to another woman but they r no longer together and because of her he got his citizenship. He married in the state of conneticut but now he lives in California and she in Puerto Rico..We are planning to marry in march 2011. My question is if we marry before the divorce is finalized can he loose his citizenship and be accused of being a bigamist? And how would we know if that happens? How long does it usually take for a divorce to finaliZe? And what if we only have a religious wedding can he still get in trouble?

  • R. CRUZ


  • E.Maltri

    I was married in 2003.
    and since being married I have learned that the Guy I thought was my DAD .. really is not my biological father. Has never adopted me. but yet when growing up. I was raised using his last name. since I was very young when he married my mom. not even 2yo. My mom and -dad. never thought I WOULD find out.
    so Im wondering if that would now void my marriage since my maiden name on my certificate.. really ISNT legally my last name.

  • Many people get married in a least age and suffer according to me one should get married atleast after age of 28 and such type of relationship lasts longer i liked the post and also the comments out here always keep up the good work thanks for sharing

  • Staceyc17

    My fiance and I are engaged to be married in 2011 he was previously married in 2008 but they havent been together in almost 2 yrs and has no contacts with her They did have 2 kids together and she wont let him see or talk to them at all he has made numerous attempts but she always gives fake numbers or changes her number before he can contacts her or the kids…She lives in OK the state they were married in and we live in PA and have been living together for a lil over a year so my question is if we get married in PA would our marriage be legal and could he get in any kind of trouble???

  • Soangry!

    My husband and I were married in 2010. I later found out that he married a woman that ( I knew to be a close friend of his ,went to college together and was 1 of his roomates) when we first met. They both lied by not telling me they were married for the sake of her being able to become a US citizen. There was no rmantic involvement so they say and for some reason, I believe him however, because he wasnt honest about this situation, I reallyndont believe much of anything he says. We had a huge wedding of over 200 guest and every memory is ruined! I found out their divorce wasnt finalized until 3 months after our wedding date. That leaves me / us as not legally married! Is it anything I can do legally to both of them seeing that they both let me walk down the fucking isle knowingly that this would not be legal? Advice please. Thanks in advance!

  • William

    I am 24 years old when I was 17 I met a guy and latter we got married in a same sex marrage, before prop 8 passed, I feel like I was very young and felt like I went along with it because it was all I knew, I have alwaysed have had feelings for women and now feel ashamed i did this, not because I’m aginst same sex but because I was not being honest with myself. My father is gay, My household growing up was not very ideal. and the guy I met was 7 years older than I and had money. I’m now with a women and attend church all the time and have gave my life to god. Me and my girlfriend want to get married, have kids and start a life, but we are unsure how to go about getting married. Do I have to file for divorce even though prop 8 passed? or can I just get re-married. I do not want to start my new life wrong can anyone help?

  • shaker

    can i get divorce after invalid of marriage ?

  • s. well

    My father passed away and the funeral home got a call from a Mexican woman wanting a copy of his death certificate. She said she was his wife. They got married in California but she lives in Mexico and is not a citizen. She lied to my father and only married him for a green card which he would not help her get when he concluded she would not live with him. She is a lot younger and he had Alheizmer’s disease. He thought she got an annulment as he sent her money to do this. They married in 1990 and was supposed to be annuled in 1991. They never lived together as man and wife and the union was not consumated. She wanted nothing to do with him except help getting in the country. I fear she wants to try and draw his social security. Is the marriage legal as it was based on fraud? He actually married again years later to a wonderful lady and this woman called and caused an annullment. I believed the same thing he did that the marriage had been annulled. Can a non-citizen draw benifits.Please advise.

  • Mrs D

    well, my husband and i have been married since 2008, we just recently found out that his last divorced was never finished… we found out our marriage is void, what steps do we need to take next?

  • William

    I married my Wife in the state of Washington 2 and half years ago and were going through a divorce right now. my question is, because in the 2 1/2 years we were married, she NEVER lived with me in the same roof for more the 60 days. She would come and vistit then leave and go back home to her mothers home. i was in the Marines and had a busy schedule but i would say the most time we spent physically together in over 2 1/2 years was little over a month. TOTAL time spent together out of 2 1/2 years i think was less then 7 months COMBINED. she was always coming and going, making excuses to leave. Now she is using me being in the military as an excuse to say that i CHOSE not to be in washington with her and my son, even though i was in the Marines stationed in california on military orders. can i get an anullment to show that we were never really “married” and that she never acted upon as my wife?

  • Jeannine

    My husband and I got married 10-10-10. Later to find out our marriage license was not sent in to legalize after ceremony. Are we legally married because now he wants a divorce? I say what divorce we were never married.

  • nickey

    I married back in 2006 when i was 18. I have been trying to divorce for a year now. I was woundering if it is true that if you married an illegal alien, and he used a false TIN number to marry you, that it makes the marriage a void marriage, meaning it was never legal? And if so, do I have to get a divorce or anything to be able to marry someone else?

  • Scorned Fiancee

    I have been engaged for 3 years and on Dec. 10, 2011 my heart was broken by my fiance. He married the mother of his children. She was recently diagnosed with cancer of the uterus and has no medical insurance. It is a marriage of fraud. My question is the original signed marriage license was not turned in and the 60 days grace period has passed. He is telling me that they are not legally married because, the license was not turned in before the deadline.

  • JustWondering

    My husband and I got married in Louisiana 2 years ago. We live in Mississippi and that is where we will file our taxes this year. Are we considered legally married in Mississippi, since we got married in another state?

  • Christine

    I married a man from Itally in august 3 days later he tried to kill me and was arrested I never mailed in the certificate to be legally recorded is my marriage still valid? do I need to file for divorce? And if so where would I begin since he does not want to grant me a divorce and I have no way to contact him?

  • Jessica

    My fiancee is currently going through a nasty divorce his ex is completely uncooperative with anything a all. Well we decided to run a background check on her to find out her true address since we found out she was lying about her residence she listed in the divorce papers. when we ran the background check we found her but there is no record of her before she married my fiancee. She did not exist before they were married. We are thinking she may be illegal from Mexico since her parents are and only married my fiancee to get papers. She told my fiancee when they got married that he neeeded to marry her right away cause she threatened to leave if not. He was in Iraq at the time with the army and when he came home on his 2 week r&r she had already filled out the paperwork for marriage at the courthouse with only her sisters present as witnesses all he had to do was sign. This leads me to believe even more she was rushing a marriage for legalization. If we can prove somehow she was not legal at the time of marriage and all of that was just a fake does this make m fiancees marriage invalid

  • not sure

    i got married a few months ago but my husband was married before. i was looking over his divorce papers and his ex wife used his last name even tho she never “legally” changed it. on her social security and identification card it still had HER madian name. and in those papers it states that she wanted to go back to her maiden name. so my question is shouldnt she have had to use her legal maiden name on those divorce papers and since she didnt is their divorce still legal or would it be considered invalid?

  • sherry

    my husband came out to texas to marry me when i was stationed at fort hood as a soldier. i knew he smoked recreational pot, but after we were married i realized he was a cronis smoker of about 10 joints a day. recently i was cleaning my files and came across our marriage liscense and noticed that he had put a false birthplace. my question is are we really married or can i leave now.


    My question is; I married my husband in 1974 in Mexico by church only because I was to young. We lived in the state of California from 1974 to Nov 2009 when he left without saying a word to me. I just found out 3 weeks ago that he married someone else in the state of texas, is the 2nd marriage valid?

    • jay

      yeah its valid cause you married in church only and there is no record of that.

  • roxy

    hi, applied for chidsupport for the father of my son september of last year
    i have not get anything from chilsupport yet. the father of my son is illegal in this country, he is peruvian but he came to this country 10 years ago with a passport from an argentine person. he married on april 2012 with the argentine passport identification. he is doing this to get the green card and avoid paying childsupport. what can i do? i tried to report it to enforcement line but they want so much imformation. please help me.

  • dual state marriage?

    I live with my fiance in Kansas. We are picking up our marriage license today. Next week we are going back to my hometown in Oklahoma to celebrate my dads birthday. While we are there, can my grandmother (who is an ordained minister) marry us even though our license is from Kansas?

  • esmeralda flores

    I got married in illinois (cook county). the certificate the judge signed, well, I lost it. was I supposed to mail that? is my marriage legal? :s

  • Dana Smith

    Okay, I married about a year and a half ago, but my wife never reported the marriage to social security. Does this void our marriage or invalidate it somehow? We live in and were married in Lousiana.

  • Nunny

    I got married to a boy who was married befor I didnt know about and they are not devorice … Are we legly married in the state of maryland?¿?

  • Rancheria

    it’s amazing to read all of the different ways that people get screwed over through deception and dishonesty. Currently I am trying to unravel the serious problems that came from my brother marrying an undocumented Mexican worker who was still married in Mexico. His wife had recently died, he was grieving and very vulnerable to her embedding herself in to his sad life.

    At first she was just the paid housekeeper, but things soon changed. She ramped up the pressure which was applied to him constantly to get married to her. This was insidious and constant. She lied to him and to the county clerk who filled out their marriage license application.

    She figured they had to be married because he had serious health problems, -he almost died a year and a half before they were “married”, and she didn’t want him to die without being his “legal California wife”, so she could ensure she had the leverage to work on him to set it up to inherit his property and investments.

    He finally put two and two together and realized she had told him a few different stories about her past marriage history in Mexico and that she had never been divorced, but it was too late because at that time he was powerless to divorce her or get the marriage annuled due to his weekness from being so ill. He fell in to a deep depression after a summer of full blown mania, being very angry with her, as he was 100% sure she had told him nothing but lies.

    Ironically it was the mental illness mania that gave him the energy and suspicions and fanatical drive to start checking up on her, calling her brother, and figuring out in his highly developed paranoid manic condition that it was true: she had lied to him and was still married to a man in Mexico!! He became more ill and was bed-bound for over ten years with her controlling absolutely everything in his life, especially the last 4 years after he gave her the power of attorney, even though he was not really competent to do so. He died last year, without a will and she took everything.

    The moral to the story: guys and girls, –if you meet a Mexican woman or man who is in the U.S. as an illegal alien/undocumented person, who is in his/her thirties or forties, and says she/he was never ever married in her home country, –the odds of that are so very very slim indeed,–especially if she said she had a baby or lost a baby or was pregnant, etc., or he just had a “boyfriend” who was mean to him and cheating on him, etc., etc., etc. It’s all super desperation bullshit !!!

    The level of desperation and deception and whatever means it takes to get to the supreme goal of being able to stay in the U.S. to become a legal resident with green card, and make money to send home and use for the American Dream, and to have an easier, richer life in the U.S., while not having to worry about returning to Mexico, is fricken unbelievably heavy!!! It can not be over exaggerated, seriously!! Be very suspicious and dubious, and do a background check and be absolutely in no hurry, ever, to get married to a person in this situation–showing these desperate signs. Please, save your family from this nightmare after you die, when they have to go through what should have never happened to get some justice for your ripped off family!

  • DA

    Wow…after reading all these comments its no wonder our values on marriage in the U.S. are such a joke.Come on people, marriage is a sacred union to be joined together until death do you part.

    I’ve been married to the same man for 30 years, fresh out of high school. When you marry someone you do everything possible to make that marriage work. You don’t marry someone so they can stay in the country legally, you don’t marry someone that you don’t know everything about. If you need to do a background check on someone do it BEFORE you marry them. Sometimes you feel so head over heels in love that you ignore all the red flags that are just screaming at you. Encourage your future spouse to also run a check on you. A marriage is based on trust. None of the above comments have shown a marriage that was based on trust.
    Quit going into all these marriages to begin with, you’ve got the attitude that if it doesn’t work out you’ll just get divorced. That isn’t how a marriage works.
    Some of you people are just so ignorant it is sad. BEFORE you get married, know this person, really know them. Not for two weeks or two months, take the years necessary to really know the person you are giving your life to.
    Do a criminal background check, find out if they are who they say they are. Find out about their finances, kids they are suppose to be paying child support on, do they pay their taxes, are they hiding from the law. These are all valid points to take care of BEFORE you get married.

    Come on people you are giving marriage a bad name and entering into it not as a sacred union, but as a joke. I’m disgusted reading all these comments.

    • Jeannie Frazier

      Most of these marriages are shams and illegals using others to gain their estates or use them to gain entry into US…Most of these stories do not fall into the “dream marriage”…These are people who were lied to…and they need legal annulments…

      • christine

        I agree in fact I myself have fallen into this marriage scam I thought he was Mr. wonderful.
        we worked together online for about a year had the same interests ,goals and beliefs .
        He flew here from Italy and we spent 4 magical months together he would sing to me was great with my children and my family thought he was wonderful on our wedding night he not only told me he was gay but he kicked me out of our hotel room….2 days later he called me telling me he had found another women when I went back to get my things he tried to kill me. Because we had gotten married through the courts they tell me its legal and I have to file divorce problem is he says he is in Italy and has to be located to be served divorce papers.its not a pleasent situation for any one to be in and personally I think with circumstances like mine the courts should really take a look and allow annulments. after all was said and down I found online comments about him looking for a wife there was nothing special about me he just wanted a green card.

    • wounded bird

      Oh Boy , we dated for almost 2 years before we married almost 39 years ago……Good lord if i had only known. I stayed for the kids , i went to counseling , talked to my pastor…did everything to make it right ! Well… a cheater is a cheater and if they won’t admit they have a problem is that enough reason to get a divorce ?……..I cheated myself out of a possibly fulfilling relationship with a man who might have appreciated my Love and dedication……..I stayed so long and lived with the bitterness and pain that my health was affected and now i need his health insurance ! Can you honestly say you did all of this investigation before you married 30 years ago , I doubt it ! I was 18 , just a kid what did i know except that i was in love. You don’t ever really know anyone , you know the person they want you to know. I don’t understand why God thought i needed to stay for this……..i feel lost and extremely disappointed with my decision to stay and fight for what ? A marriage without mutual respect is a lie at best ! I just want this nightmare to end !

    • ludyboodie

      LOL! Yep, THAT makes a lot of sense, DA. hahaha You state that a marriage is based on TRUST then turn around and say, “If you need to do a background check on someone do it BEFORE you marry them.” and then go on to say,” Encourage your future spouse to also run a check on you.” “Do a criminal background check, find out if they are who they say they are. Find out about their finances, kids they are suppose to be paying
      child support on, do they pay their taxes…” Damn skippy! Now that sounds really trusting, huh!!! Do a ‘background’ check before you marry someone??? I’ve been married to the same man for 33 years ONLY to discover that his first wife took his money, but never paid the lawyer and never went back to court to get the final decree!! Now, after 33 TRUSTING years, we’re in a dilemma and don’t know if we are even legally married or what we need to do to straighten this mess out. Yep, I KNEW HIM WELL! Had dated him in my younger years, but after his stint in Vietnam, we went on to marry other people then after ‘divorcing’, we reunited and got married. So sometimes, it’s not always because people are stupid that these things happen. And when only one side believes it’s “UNTIL DEATH DO YOU PART”, there’s not a whole hell of a lot one can do about keeping a marriage together. My husband ran off with another woman (and I use the term woman loosely. He and I were 25 and she was 15) and left me 8 months pregnant with his child AFTER we’d been in a 6 years marriage/relationship. WHODDA THUNK IT!!! My husband’s wife got up one night while he was sleeping, took his children and dropped them off at a friends to tend to while she whored around, and never showed back up for almost a month. She had run off with a man 10 years her junior. He took her back several times for the ‘children’s sake’, but she always left again. Now tell me, how do you “until death do us part” THAT one? Yes, marriage is a sacred union and should not be entered into lightly, but people most often think with their hearts rather than their heads. And just to clarify, my sister met a man, dated him a month, and they have been married for almost 40 years! It’s not always about ‘getting to know’ someone. You can spend years with someone, but not truly know everything about them until you’ve lived with them. You are lucky to have such a wonderful husband and a wonderful relationship, but don’t brag too soon. You might end up eating your words…

    • COL Cat

      I agree with your post DA I couldn’t say it any better!! Bravo!!

  • Pax

    NIce comment self-righteous “DA” – I agree with you that marriage is sacred, but believe me, people who your church, your family, your gut approved can turn out to be secretly abusive, addicted, you name it! Even after knowing someone for a long period and trusting them, they can still turn around and betray you! All I read in this forum is that people are vulnerable, and frail and they need mercy & wisdom not judgment from someone who obviously doesn’t know the hell it is to live with someone you committed your life to, only to discover that they are abusive or have a self-destructive addiction! Who would have known! Your Pastor didn’t know, your family didn’t know – you didn’t know! So, please don’t judge people for the sometimes quite innocent mistakes people make.

  • Short-sighted

    My brother just remarried, after awaiting a divorce from a mentally-ill ex-wife, which took over three grievious years to process. The judge’s order was in August of 2011, and he and his new bride, and preciding minister overlooked the 31 day wait period to finalize the divorce – within three days, when he re-married in Sept of 2011!

    Would he then be guilty of bigamy, and/or would this make the current marriage void and/or illegal. Does he need to go through a legal process of annulling this current marriage ASAP or does it simply mean that it is void with no official work to be done? I am worried that he will be charged with bigamy if discovered, even though neither of them realized what they had done.

  • kevin

    i got married 2 yrs ago in pa and im not seperated. my wife seemed kinda crazy like mabe split personality. since we separated i found out she was spose to be on meds for mental problems and everything she told me when we got married was all lies. can i get a annalment because she never told me she had a mental issue?

  • Exploited

    My ex-wife was given a ring, bought a dress, and flew to Las Vegas to get married with the man she is currently living with. She told her friends and my kids she was getting married which in Massachusetts would terminate my alimony obligation. My son had even recieved wedding photos which I made sure I kept a copy of. Later I found out that they did NOT apply for a marriage license. When I confronted her and asked her why she did not do this she replied “…well if I got a marriage license you would no longer be obligated to pay me Alimony”. Can this be considered a “sham” wedding? She clearly stated her intentions were deceptive. Can I go before the court and argue that she is married?

  • Teresa

    I am a Canadian citizen and was staying in Las Vegas for a short period of time. I met a guy and we were partying and drinking. We went and obtained a marriage license and shortly after got a quicky marriage. We have never lived together and honestly I have no idea where he is. I came to find out he is wanted by the law in California for drug felonies. How can I file for divorce if I have no idea where he is and no information on him????

  • Teresa

    Not everyone lives by your values and shares your beliefs on “sacred” unions. Fortunately this world is made up of all sorts of people. Some young and innocent and in love that marry, others who drink and party and act foolish in the heat of the moment. That is life. That is the world. Instead of judging others one should offer advice and support, That would be of course what a good Christian would do, . . . right? This world would be a very dull place if everyone was exactly the same. Also there would be no reason for police or lawyers or judges or courts or divorce . . . becasue everyone would be perfect! Lol 🙂 wake up

  • michelle

    I married a couple in May believing that they were truly in love, I now believe that they got married only so that (she) can get more money out of the air force. More than once I overheard him saying to his friends that he wasn’t married. Is there any thing I can do to point out this fraud and stop this scam? State California.

  • ashley

    Ok i have a serious question…. Me and my husband had a wedding ceremony in september of 2011 but at the time we didnt have our papers to sign because they never called us to pick them up so we could get them before the marriage but the preacher said he would sign once they came in… but when they did he signed it all and sent it to the court house but later that week the court house called saying he put the wrong date on the papers we had to make a new license in the book but when we tried to get him to put the right date he said he wouldnt sign them again…. my question is can we still get them signed now or do we have to file for them all over again?? please help

  • lhie ann

    I was only 17 when I got married in June 11, 1996 to a man who was 23 then,we are not allowed to get married in our Municipality Hall that’s why we went to Manila City Hall,but we fake my age to 19.They didn’t ask for birth certificate or any documents.Then we got married and had 3 children.On the 6th year of our marriage he went abroad and started to be womanizer,he’s not supporting us regularly and when he had his vacation in the Philippines he never showed to us,until I learned that he lives with another woman.At the present he is working in Saudi,and living with another woman..I don’t know how they able to live together at the law of Saudi..My question is, was our marriage can be considered void, because of my real age at that time? What are the actions I can do to make our marriage end? Because I wanted to go out of this marriage and I don’t know what would be my first step? Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks and Godbless.

    • Jessica Morgan

      You need to see a lawyer asap. You legally do not have a valid marriage, but you can go through this as a divorce with a lawyer’s help, to get spousal and child support, which you are fully entitled to.

  • Confused Girl

    I married a man last august 2012, knowing that he is still legally married to his ex wife..we bought a fake certificate of no marriage somewhere in the city, the judge didnt knew that his certificate of marriage was fake. Our marriage was recorded at the National Statistics Office. But our marriage didnt turned out good that is why im looking for solutions on how we can erase our records..Do i really need to file for an annulment even if we knew that it is already invalid? what if i want to marry another man? will it be legal even if i was not able to file an annulment in court? Please help me..Need your advice. Thank You!


    cousin passed way in auto accident. Family is finding out now, through documents belonging to cousin that cousin has been married to a “wife” we never knew about for 20 years, as a favor to a his friend so THIS friends love interest could come to US. This “wife” has never lived with cousin. Does this “wife” have any claim to anything our cousin has/had. He even filed taxes as married, california. No will either. Any suggestions/direction to whom to go to?
    thank you

  • Sarah

    Is my marriage still valid if on my marriage certificates, they have put in my name incorrectly (they entered my ex’s last name instead of my naiden name I took back) AND had the wedding date incorrect? Also the church’s wedding license was never completely filed out. They left our date of marriage blank, entered only the month, and even that was covered in white out and written over! The social security office has me running in circles to prove my own identity, now I’m curious if my marriage is even valid in the state of Ohio…. because if it’s not, I am one happy woman!

    • Kay

      Good question


    I have a strange situation. Two old people my mom (78) and her new husband (88) chose to get married August 29, 2012. They thought their finances medical assistance would not be affected. However that is the case that all their assistance’s were affected his as a veteran and her state medical and food stamps and medicare coverage. I have their power of attorney now and need to get their marriage annulled asap. What are the steps and how do I do this. They will still live together but not as husband and wife. They reside in Massachusetts.

  • Randy

    We married in Mexico back in 2005 and we do have documentation from Mexico. We never went to a courthouse in the USA to get a marrage license. Are we legally married? How does this affect divorce procedings?

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    well, i’m with this guy rite now ad we have been together for tha last 9 months now but i have one problem. he’s married but him and his wife are seperated because of her cheating. but when they got married, the person that married them wasn’t licensed to do it! so are they still legally married? i need to know because i dont like being with married guys and he wants to marry me, but i cant if he’s legally married.

  • Concerned

    I am engaged to a wonderful guy that I went to school with and remet after 28 yrs. I have a marriage that I am embarrassed to admit to and had looked into and requested an annulment after only a month due to his illegal activities and other details I dont care to discuss. I was told in MI it was very difficult to get an annulment so I went with a divorce. If we apply for a marriage license and I leave this marriage out of the # of times married, will the marriage license be invalid?
    I am not a dishonest person in nature but do not want him to have the wrong idea and do not feel he needs to know about the specific details of this part of my past.

    • t28

      I want to know too. In NH if I don’t mention I am divorced and I remarry will I still be married?

  • omar

    Hello I was jn california going tbrough divorce I was tokd that marriage was going to be finalized by end of dec and I had to leave as I wouldnt have any heLth insurance. So I moved back. To my country. Now I fi d iut it fwas not true. CN I get a lawyer to void this divorce to get half of property and better acces to my kid. Please let me know. I was tricked everything was perfect we were in good terms now everything has changed. Appreciafe uour help if I can void it I will.get a lawyer asap. Thanks

  • Concerned Son

    Hi My Dad left my mom to raise 4 children in the mid 1970’s. I just found out he passed away in 2012 and was married to another women. My mom never received a divorce from him. She is currently collecting SS benifits from her own work history. Would she be entitled to his benefits, if he was a bigomist? he was also a retired military with a pension. Thanks

  • marriedtoanolderman

    How do I figure out if my marriage is legitimate? I met my husband in Africa and we got married there but recently he is telling me that I don’t get certain benefit a I believe a wife would get.

  • Ken

    I was married in the Philippines and I filed divorce in Las Vegas approved Sept, 2007 and I remarry for a second in California and also divorce again in the next year. Do I need to file divorce again in my first wife to remarry the 3rd wife?

  • sarg

    I was married years ago. I found out that my marriage to my first wife had not gone through as it was suppose to, Some kind of delay that wound up a few weeks later. I had been seperated for some time and the process was six months after filing. I met what was to be my next wife, maybe. We got married but I was not legally divorced. If I file for void, annulment. will she get any of my military medical retirement

  • Maria

    I am trying to file for divorce from my husband. He told me he was never married before. He was married before and is divorced. When we were applying for the marriage license he wrote that he has never been married. Since this was a lie does that mean our marriage license is invalid?

    • Kaitlyn

      i had the SAME thing happen here he put married and divorced once but it was actually TWICE! I want to know the SAME thing!!!

    • Fairy

      Your marriage, his second one, is void. It is invalid. For the technical part of it, you can apply for an annulment.

  • CaliforniaBrideToBe

    My divorce will not be finalized until November of this year. I am getting married in October. I didn’t even know I was married to someone, it was a drunken stupid night in Vegas 6 years ago. I obviously can’t change my wedding date. Is there anything I can do in California? Can I hang on to the marriage license application and send it in after said date?? Please HELP!!!

  • forever love

    my best friend is married to a married man, and she don’t know that he marry a married man before the celebration made. for this case , my bestfriend marriage is that valid,? is she need to file annulment or not?

  • kd

    I was married 3 yrs ago, I am now separated and was going over my files. I noticed the town in which I was born in on our marriage license was wrong. does this make my marriage void??? or do I need to still file for divorce?

    • William

      I want to know also

    • VisionAngel

      Hi! I met my husband in 2003. He was here illegally but had been gainfully employed for 9 years while living here illegally.
      He obtained a Mexican passport in orlando and returned to Mexico. I joined him 2 months later and we were married in Mexico City, Mexico. He had a son with another woman 10 months after we were married. Is his son considered My son or my dependant in any way? I am an American citizen who has resided in Florida for over 20 years

  • Jennifer Swink

    My daughter is dating her second cousin, and the whole family is upset about it. They say they are going to marry. Is it legal, in NC, for them to marry?

    • Ricky Rowe Sr.

      I dont think it is legal in any state due to the close blood line.

  • Elizabeth Gaspodnetich

    I was married in Idaho 6 years ago. The marriage was over days later. I never filed anything in the courts. I can’t check public records because it cost’s to much money.(I alwasys thought that was free) So I can I find out? Did the preacher file only in Idaho and not in my state of residence? Was I saposed to file it? I don’t want to file a costly devorce if I don’t have to. I was going to after he left but didn’t have the money. I can’t even find any of the paper work on it because it’s been so long I may have thrown them out. If anyone has any ideas I could use some help.

  • nora

    I have a friend who did not follow the legal process of getting marriage license. they get their marriage license 9 days before the wedding date. And they pay under the table for the reciept. They dont publish their wedding 10 days before the wedding date. Is it a void marriage?



    • judith

      that happend to me too im over the moon that I dont have to go through the divorce process.

  • Jeanette

    I was married in 2008. We just found out that the paperwork was never filed, It is too late to file it and have the same marriage date.

  • Kimbo

    we were married by a minister on march 3rd but in order to meet the waiting period in Florida the marriage license was dated March 4th. Is the marriage still valid…if it isn’t, I will be one happy woman and what would be the next step?

  • Montay Mcclellan Ventura

    help me plz I am a mother of five living in harrisville michigan I was married in 2005 to an illegal immagrant who had warrents and numerous police problems that i was unaware of he was using allias he married under his real name i think but later i found out he lied about all his info where he was born his parents birth place and I signed it to be true on the certifacate not knowing it was not he took off in 2010 I dont know his where abouts or nothing in yrs im engaged again and need help im new here in harrisville no money for lawers no idea where to start is now 2014 i was thinking the marriege would be void automatically i was young and stupid please help me plz

  • michelle

    I got marrien at the end of February last year. We ended up never moving in together and after opening a bank account together that I have already closed we never really even saw eachother. We did not consummate the marriage before or after and I havent seen him in months. How do I know if we are even still married or if I need a divorce/annulment? I have no idea where he is and is this something I can even do on my own?

  • Fairy

    I was married when I was 17 to a 27 year old man. It was celebrated in a wedding ceremony, although it’s against my will. I was very young then I didn’t know what to do. My father worked on our marriage certificate. I remember I signed the contract but believe me it was so against my will. I was just so out of my mind. I was really just in a mess at that time. Months after, we separated but not legally. Today, it has been almost 4 years since the first day of separation. I am determined to never get back together. My question is, do I really need to apply for an annulment? Since the marriage is void ab initio, what is the use of papers? Can’t I just go on with my life like nothing happened? Also, what civil status do I need to put on my official papers in the future? Do I put single, married, or unmarried? This really bugs me for a while now.

    • ana

      apply for the annulment… get it taken care of. You will be glad you did. He could right now be messing up your credit. Get it done!!!!! If you have the annulment you were never married.



  • geminiohio83

    “I was just told by a paralegal that if my divorce attorney isn’t paid
    off that I’m not technically divorced.. please tell me that said person
    is wrong…”

    • ana

      if you have a judgment filed and signed in the court file you are divorced…. please make sure it is a judgment . If the attorney did not file your judgment (this is after the judge says you are divorced and one of you need to file the judgment) with the court and so the judge did not sign it you are not divorced. Paying the attorney is irrelevant.

  • Ashley Thomas

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  • Dan Vincent

    If the justice of peace used my middle name then my first name and my last name is my marriage valid

  • Scott

    I married my wife 10 years ago. After we married in Las Vegas we found out her previous marriage wasn’t finalized In California. We got remarried 2 years later in California Does our first marriage count?

    • Judy

      I have the same question?? If you have a void marriage and remarry does your first marriage count and what about the children born from that marriage?

    • Judy

      I have been married 47 years and just found out that my previous divorce was not final. I have talked to several attorneys and they all seem to disagree on how to proceed in our situation. Did you guys talk to any attorneys before remarrying? A few of the attorneys told us to just remarry and then straighten out any legal issues caused by the 47 year void marriage. How has it worked out for you?

      • cheska

        I’m on the same boat,I found out after been married for two yrs to my current husband that my divorce to my ex husband was not filed at all and that makes my marriage to my current husband “invalid” I straightened it out,filed a divorce myself and got the final decree of divorce from my 1st marriage,do i need to file an annulment for our invalid marriage prior to remarrying the same person again?

  • Jessica

    I am currently living in CA, where I got married, but I want to get a divorce. I just found out that my husband’s name is really his middle name and he never gave me his full name. The name on his driver’s license is different than our marriage license (don’t know how he pulled that off). Is our marriage valid? If not, does that mean I need an annulment?

  • Sarah

    I married a illegal aliens to help him get him green card…..well it didn’t work and they deported him. Am I still married and if so what do I have to do to get a divorce?

  • blueskies

    Can you get your marriage annulled after eight months in georgia

  • Broken and need legal advice

    I was married a yr and a half ago in Jamaican did the paper work to get my husband here. I also visited until he arrived here until last yr because I could no longer afford to go over, but I would western union my husband money. Once my husband arrived on 6-24-13, he started being on the internet all times of the day and night, calling Canadian without me knowing, there was domestic violence when I confronted him about a child that he said was his on a social network site and when I ask him why is he on all these different social network sites. He got anger and push me in my chest. I filed an order by this time on Sept 17, 2013 when I came home from work my husband had left and took some things that were not his such as my tablet which he continues to use and not return, cell phone, and other items. We were suppose to have an actually we were suppose to have an actual ceremony on 10-5-2013 everything was paid for by me and my parents. My whole world has fallen apart because I really love my husband and I married him for love but it is clear he married me to come to America. I tried to fix the marriage before I knew about the other women and the child. After leaving he went straight to this woman that had his child, a child that I knew nothing about, there was also a female who he introduce me to that was like his daughter the day he left she professed her love for him all over face book even using our wedding pics cutting me out. its like I did not exist to certain people and I was so shock about how many people knew about this child and the relationship with the other women. I just want to know if I can get a annulment I am so broken, in debt, in therapy, and on medication for it Is so hard not to cry as I write this. I filed for the divorce when I got the money together after paying a 1800 cell phone bill, continuing to catch up on bills that I fell behind on because I was trying to get him here so we could start the life he promise me and my son.

  • Christie Lee Hernandez

    I paid a lawyer in fort worth and went to court and the court was sopost to have granted my divorce my ex was very abusive all I know is I went into a womans shelter and moved back to sc this was in 97 I signrd my part and ot was sopost to be divorced so in 2005 I remarried I called the court and asked for copys of the paper’s becouse I was ina shelter in texas .know noone can find the paper’s its shows we where in court but can’t find documents and the lawyer I had has since died and his office has long gone with all documents so know I don’t know what to do please help I would NEVER have done. Anything wrong I left my x he has police records of beating me here in south carolina thats why i escaped from him and divorced him

  • Mrsboyd87

    Just got married April 12 it was such a hectic day and my first marriage we signed papers and all..then the Minster went on to tell me something bout returning theses papers to the courthouse with in 10-15 days I believe well it totally slipped my mind with a honeymoon right after then coming back to gifts to put up or return and kids in school I was very busy and totally forgot bout question is it only been a month in a half can I still get this taken care of I would hate to find out that you miss the deadline your marriage not real and all that money was a waste…this was done in aiken south Carolina and we live in Augusta ga thanks

    • jay

      its void it happened to me too you can go to court and marry again ,its just a court marriage nothing big

  • RachelAnn

    Ok so here’s my thing. I married a guy but never reported it to social security to change my name. I was told that it was invalid marriage….is this true?

  • Rhode barrett

    I just noticed that I signed my maiden name on the marriage certificate and my name was changed to a different name because I had been married before and had not changed back to the maiden name. Does this make my certificate invalid

  • Tracey

    I got married in 1997. Found out yrs later that the guy I thought I married tore up the marriage certificat . It was never filed with the court. Then I found out the middle name he used isn’t his real name. Is my marriage legal

  • Qian


    We have a legal marriage in Beijing four years ago. Our marriage
    certificate is obtained USA in China embassy and the Ministry of foreign affairs
    of Chinese certification. He died this year. His estate lawyers told me he did
    not marry with anyone. He conceals the fact that our legitimate marriage during
    4 years. In spite of his and his surviving spouse he made his “will”.
    My question : Did My husband’s “will” effectively?

  • Qian

    I met my husband in Beijing when he taught English in local schools. We were married in 2010 and lived together in Beijing in my house until he come back to US in 2011 for treatment.I stayed in Beijing and planned to come to US to take care of him. He died of heart fail this year
    after a surgery in his hometown, Altvista Virginia. We did not talk about his will and how he arrange his property when he dies,neither did we have a Prenuptial agreement. After his death,I consulted my husband’s lawyer for his will.The lawyer,who is the executor of my husband’s will,told me my husband didn’t mention this marriage to him and no
    one know me there.

    According to the will,my husband left all estate and money to his college and his sisters.To my disappointment,the will did not mention my name, let alone to leave any property or money to me.I have a copy of my husband’s email to
    secretary of House Representative asking for assistance in my VISA application,in which he referred me as his wife. I have our marriage certificate authenticated by USA Embassy in China and China Ministry of foreign affairs. I don’t think my husband intended to conceal our marriage.

    My question: Is my husband’s will a valid will(leaving nothing to me for my life)? Am I eligible for my
    husband’s inheritance? How can I claim my interests?

  • jennifer

    i was married in 1999, I found out in 2000 that he used a fake social security number, after that we split up and I still have not filed for a divorce. are we technically even married?

  • janice

    my father married in 1965 and then again in 1982. He never divorced his first wife. Is his second marriage legal?

  • esther vargas

    I’ve been married for 10 years but was separated back in 2009 and my husband went to Mexico and re-married someone else. We are still married is that legal or illegal??

  • tw

    I was married in VA exactly 2 years ago. I moved to GA in that same week of marriage. My husband never followed me and our two kids. Is the marriage annulled?


  • Eric

    I got married 1998 but lied about my sexuality being gay. Now I’m separated. Is my marriage VOID from the beginning?

  • bernard

    i am now claiming now for death claim of my wife,the problem is when i got her (cenomar) certificate of ni marriage,i found out that there are two records of of me and one of her first husband..can you pls help me what will i do in this case? t.i.a

  • bille keith

    i have a question i got forced into marriage at 16 to a 22 year old. i was pregnet. we had three children and later divorced. now we are suppose to have joint custodt but he wont let me speak to my children. my mom signed my marriage but my father did not and they botth had joint custody and it happened in ky and i was resident of ohio. if i can prove my marriage was illegal then the the father has to give the children back to me until custody arrangements are made am i correct and where do i go from here

  • AZR

    In the State of Texas can a Cheating Wife receive putative marriage rights or alimony for a marriage that is considered Void due to a previous marriage that was never dissolved? The putative marriage rules state that she should have acted in good faith to receive rights. Doesn’t cheating constitute a non-good faith situation?

  • Veronica

    Hello I had a question in 2011 i didn’t put my full maiden name on marriage certificate Sosa-Nino instead I just put Nino because that’s what I had always went by well I changed my maiden name and changed it to my husbands last name Maynard so am I still legally married to him?

  • Veronica

    I live in Texas btw

  • tt

    Me and my wife got married in 2009 in maryland because we heard they was legal for same sex marriage now come to find out that same sex marriage was not fully legal until 2013 in that state does that mean I’m not legally married?

  • mel

    The date on my marriage license is incorrect (0101). Would that void my marriage that didn’t even last a year? Or do I still need to seek a divorce?

  • Blisa

    I married a man that i later learn wan not who he said he was. Different name, social and even bday. We have 2 kids now what can i do. Am i married, how about my kids hiw do i change rhe facts about the father. Please help.

  • ann

    Hi. When my. mum had me she wasn’t married to my Dad. However I took my Dads surname My Mum has put my Surname on our marriage certificate as if she had been married to him. Believe it IR not I have just noticed this and have been arrived for 38 Years. Is our marriage valid…worried as we have children.

  • blackserious

    I was married for 11 yrs already and I just found out that my name in my marriage contract is not the same with my birth certificate that I got in National Statistic Office.Is it possible that my marriage is null and void?

  • Bruce Johnson

    Serious issues… what if there is a marriage certificate on file… but it was fraud? As in I never got married, and the other party also states this. We do know each other. We have both been victims of ID theft involving stolen ID…and the fraudsters used mostly correct information in the document which makes it appear valid. Problem is they did not know who my parents were so they listed people names that are not my parents. Can I legally contest this due to fraud and have the public record expunged? Could I challenge the legality of the document based on incorrect information (parents names).?

  • Samantha Sims

    ok my husband and I met in 2003 and called each other husband and wife but never got it on paper with an in formal marriage in 2010 we split up for good in 2013 after now 11 years of it noted on paper we called and made it known as husband and wife found out he was still married to his first wife out of dallas county tx while married to me in tarrant county tx so what I am wondering is do I have to get a divorce or is my marriage to him even legal and do I even have to mess with it or move on with my life like it never happened? we have a child involved hes a gang member,a cheater,a liar,abusive and a drug user and has taken my son from me and I have custody papers stating im the primary custodial parent and he’s the non custodial parent and just want to know what I can do or need to do now to get my son from him back and also be free of his bigamist self as he and I will never be again???

  • noe Robles

    Can a person who is common law married have to get devorce without having a marriages licences but have kids together and het married to someone else.

  • Beto Alenjradro

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  • Jamesha Walker Tenjinmon

    I got married on Facebook. How can I make it official?

  • Victoria

    I was married for 5 years and not too long before out 6th Anniversary we found out that his divorce from his pervious marriage was not finalized, therefore making our marriage a void. My question is what do I do about my last name? My last name is hyphenated, but I dont think we will be re-marrying. Will it cost me to drop his last name?

  • Tamy

    Can you marry your first cousin then come back to Michigan still married?? Or will it be void?

  • Tamy

    Well I mean can you marry your first cousin some where legal like Canada then go back to Michigan where it’s not legal or will it be void then??

  • Tressa Jantzen

    Okay I have a sister that thot she was marrying a man July 4, 2011. Only 2 witnesses signed but her fiancee had the minister NOT sign or document it at the courthouse so it looked like they got married to get back at me and my sister’s parents and take her away from them. Then one day she noticed that the minister had not signed so she questioned her husband and he said oh it’s too late u didnt notice it sooner. Now he says he’s getting a divorce and he’s went thru a lawyer to have it all done and she needs to sign papers. He is 46 and she just turned 26. This is louisiana. ( I was told there is a time limit to get it filed in the courthouse and a minister, justice of peace etc. has to sign plus the 2 witnesses.) She contacted someone at our local courthouse and they told her she is legal married but she ain’t. Now what is that all about. I’m curious and gonna call the courthouse myself. Does anyone have the facts on the laws pertaining to this situation.

  • cm

    Would this divorce be legal in Missouri? The judge was never told the woman was pregnant nor was he ever told. The divorce was granted when woman was pregnant. However, the baby died at birth. This took place in 1967 in Missouri.

  • hector

    I’ve been I was divorced for 20 years but I want my divorce paper I put the wrong first name second incorrect am am I still divorce

  • Luck

    I was married in 2002 in third word country. I got a divorced in 2003. I moved here shortly after. In 2011, I remarried my current spouse. In 2013, my spouse and I were filling legal forms that ask for divorce payer for my previous marriage. Due to the earthquake that happened in 2010 in my home country, my house there was destroyed. I lost many things including legal papers one of which was my divorce paper. So I send money for my friend who is a lawyer there to pull out the divorce from the system. He searched. he did not find it. He told me it is not in the system. And that the divorce may have not been filed appropriately. I have been married for three years with spouse for 3 years. We have two girls together. I would do znything to fix this. It is killing me to see how much pain this is causing our family. Can someone please give me some advice? I’d greatly appreciate it.

  • Shella Staten Morris

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  • Shella Staten Morris

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  • coco

    I married a man who just wanted a green card.He is from west Africa and has two wives as I have found I withdrew the I 130 petition.He managed to produce a false divorce from one of them however I refused to appear at the stokes interview as I was not willing to defend a false marriage.Can I have this marriage voided?

  • maria

    as a resident can i still fix my partner papers if we get married?

  • Joyce Frohnhofer

    my friend got married then found out he was still married. is hr marriage void??

  • carol

    I need to know if im married. My ex was still msrried when we got married and i didnt know. So are we married?

  • Rosanna

    My husband and i got married in 2006 and the pastor put the wrong date on our marriage license, I’ve always wondered if that made it invalid. I also wrote over it, trying to put the right date. Which I’m sure is a big no.

  • tigers73

    Only been married for 2 months. Discovered today that I was misled to believe several things by my now husband that are simply not true. Had I known these things I would not have married him and would’ve stopped dating him entirely. We have both been divorced before. On the marriage license here in La. They ask if you’d been married, require divorce docs etc…. Since he couldn’t find his I check that it was his first marriage. Is our marriage even valid? Are we even married?

  • Worried in Texas

    During my divorce to my wife, we’ve discovered she’s still legally married to her first husband. I have custody of the kids but can she bring up hey bigamy to have divorce voided and what will happen to my custody rights? This is in Texas

  • sherry moore

    My husband I had separated for a about a year then my husband starting seeing another woman for a few moths he decide to come back to me and reconcile but this woman claim we’re married went to court to have their divorce and now wants to take ourcars and he has to pay 9000 dollars in Dept’s that she already had and they had a married but we have ours and the courts say somehow she convince the courts that they we’re married how do we fightthis

  • renee

    I live in Minnesota and I found out my husband lied on are marriage certificate and said he was never married and I found out he has not been divorced so does that mean my.license is invalid

  • Annet

    I married one year ago in California but never went to dmv or social security to update my name. I filed taxes the same as before. I’m wondering if my marriage is valid.

  • mariah

    My husband had a first marriage and everything went awful for there divorce and custody. She is beyond words. Looking at their marriage license she put a couple she claims “adopted” her. She was an adult and it was 4 mos before her wedding. The court papers state it is not a legal adoptio, as she was well over 19 and simply a name change. Can we have her charged with perjury? She’s a pathological liar and hides behind false domestic accusations. Can this possibly help say the marriage was never legal to start? This to me shows her credibility and she tells the court they are her adopted parents and has denied us visitation to travel to OK from NE to see them. They don’t claim her or the kids on social media or to their friends and family.

  • Lu

    I just got married less than 60 days ago me and my husband are not getting along and we feel as if counseling will not help us and we want the marriage to end do we have to get a divorce or can we get an annulment or dissolution

  • Amy

    my marriage license says it expires in 2 mths. Does that mean we aren;r married anymore after that?

  • Amy

    can someone please answer me

  • talia

    I was married to my first husband filed divorce and had a 60 day wait I g period remarried is it void
    Am I in troublr

  • talia

    I remarried before my 60 day waiting period in al am I in trouble and was told that second marriage wasn’t valid so married someone else is that OK

  • Robin

    Are you legally married if it was never registerd

  • carlos

    can my ex use her madien name to file a case for child support if legally she changed it to my last name . and we are still legally married.

  • Kacee

    In the state of Mississippi, if the marriage paperwork was never turned in, are you legally married?

  • Danielle

    my cousin was married to a man 10 years ago she remarried another man without getting a divorce she thinks her first husband has passed away but has no death certificate if she finds the death certificate will her second marriage be legal?

  • roxy

    my cousin was married to a man 10 years ago she remarried another man without getting a divorce she thinks her first husband has passed away but has no death certificate if she finds the death certificate will her second marriage be legal?

  • Married 21 years

    Brief History: I was married and jointly created a high-asset California marital estate during a 21 yr marriage. My expert-witness,vindictive (“because he said “I left him”) ex-husband received 199% of OUR jointly created marital estate, I “verifiably” received 1%!!! My understanding from 2 + Attys is: my ex, exploited the guardianship court process”claiming”me (who’s verifiably NEVER been in the mental health system)!”Gravely Mentally Disabled”in order to steal our estate. I also learned (from a Diocese that he filed a “Catholic Annulment” with an erroneous civil annulment… I have also heard this is a CA Putative Spouse case….

    How does a “Putative Spouse” case work?
    Can I file against his “estate” when he is gone (he’s 14yrs older)
    FYI, he’s created layers of LLC’s,LLP”S,LP’s etc…(Think Victor Mattiece)? So, How do Trusts affect such an action?

    Thank you for any advice…

  • jenjen

    My question is the man I married is here illegally and he used a fake id with a birth date that was wrong. Are we legally married?

  • jen c

    I got married in 1987 found out that the paper I signed was not a marriage liceance after 25 years found out we where not married, what do I do to no longer with this person. he used me for my money.

  • hope

    my boyfriend married a woman. a few months later, she got arrested for bigamy because she was married to someone else at the same time. my question is is my boyfriend still legally married or not? and does he need to file for annulment or divorce? he has documents that show she is married to someone else and he has her arrest records for bigamy.

  • chingurl

    Hi there, i just want help regarding our family matter. My mom and dad was married and have marriage cert. When he died we found out that he is married to someone else before my mom. Now the decision maker for the properties is our half brother. I just want to know is it possible that my mom has a marriage certificate from NSO but then his already married to someone else? Pls help. Thanks!

  • michael jay p fernandez

    good mrng…i married my wife in2005 and now she filed annulment case.but i found out she was marriedin 1998 in other guy.and my wife living together in other guy with 3 kids.can i file a case to my wife

  • Edwand McNeel

    I was married in Wilmington NC by a judge at a courthouse. We never sent off for any papers after that. I wanted to keep my last name and now I’m wandering if we’re actually married

  • catherin vazquez

    i just found out that my ex father of my kids filed for custody of my kids he spelled my first and last name wrong in the court papers and put wrong information in it is their anything i can do about this since he has already filed this paper work he said his lawyer told him to do it.

  • alma

    I got married with a mexican man after fixing his papers he took off on me now iam divorce what can i do to take his paper away because he used me to get his paper

  • Ishan Siddiqui

    I was forcibly married in 2013 in kanpur ..BT after observing the papers I came to know that the witness name are fake it valid or I valid plz tell..there is no proof of witness their name and address both are fake…

  • P37

    Good Day I recently got Marriage to a Womderful Gentleman and we both were married before my divorce was final and his was also final that was what was told to Him by His Ex Wife they had been separate for 5 years and she told him the divorce was finish and she was only waiting for one more paper so she can send it to him well we went ahead and got Marriage and then my Husband ask her later for the last paper for his record but the answer she gave wasn’t sounding right to him We are waiting for the papers but still no paper we decided to hire a Lawyer to check because we got worried about this so we when ahead and hire a lawyer to find out what’s going on to see if He can get the paper work by himself he came to find out they are still marriage now we are worried because we did not know what can we do in this situation I need to Get my name back so He can clear this up what can we do please can someone give us some advise please thank you for your time…P37

  • chrissa

    Am I considered Legally
    marry if we never turned in our marriage license to the recorder office and we have the officiant copy to?

  • Tammie Michelle Adkison-Englis

    Ok, need a little help. We live in Texas. My mom and dad married in 1969. They stayed together for about 5 years. Mom took the children and moved to Austin from Houston. Dad stayed in Houston. Dad asked mom to sign divorce papers in 1981. She did. They had them motorized and everything. Dad said he would give them to his attorney to be filed and that they would be divorced 3 months later. 1 year later, mom really marries and divorces again 2 years later. 10 years later, mom marries again. Mom and dad have stayed in close contact this whole time. Dad calls mom in 1996 to inform her that he never gave the signed divorce papers to his attorney and they where never filed. Mom never divorced the last “husband” because she contacted an attorney that told her that her 1st marriage is the only one that is valid. Upon discussion, mom and dad decide not to get the 30 year old divorce. They decided there was no reason too as neither of them planned to Marty again anyway. Dad passed away last December. I have a brother, both of us born to the same father. He is mean and greedy and wants to administer my father’s estate. It’s my understanding that my mom, because she is still his legal spouse, will inherit his intestate estate due to superior right of cescession. Is this right or is the marriage NOT valid anymore simply due to death? That’s what my brother thinks….

  • crystal miller

    I am dating someone that someone said they think he got married in vegas. How can i find this out?

    • Jessica Morgan

      Go to the public records in the state. You should be able to find proof of marriage if it exists.

  • jlynn

    My father was living with a horrible woman he told me he never planned to marry. He was dying of cancer, 6 days before his death he didn’t even recognize his own kids. 4 days before his death, this woman got her pastor to marry them on his death bed. Is this marriage really valid in the state of WV? Can I do anything to get it annulled?

    • Jessica Morgan

      The pastor should never have done that, and should testify that he wasn’t legally competent, but if the pastor won’t say so, you need his doctors to. Getting his doctors to would be a good place to start.

  • tinatina

    I married to a man in march of this year. I found out that he got married to another woman by an ordained minister 18months ago but they never sent the signed document in to the probate judge to get their marriage certificate. Is he still legally married to that woman or me?

    • Jessica Morgan

      You. Without a divorce from you, he cannot legally marry anyone else.

  • Tanya

    hi atty good day po. i wish to see some advice from you regarding my situation. my ex and i (both aged 26) got into a secret marriage 9 yrs ago but have not leave together nor acted as a husband and wife at all. Nobody knows about the marriage as we intend to kept it for long until we are ready enough to have our own family. unfortunately, i went abroad and because of his constant jealousy and quarrels we decided to end our relationship and marriage. after that we have not communicated not seen each other anymore, after few years i found a partner and now has a child. last time i heard he’s into a relationship and planning to get married na po. is there anyway we can nullify the marriage since we have not act upon it at all naman po? thank you very much po.

    • Jessica Morgan

      You file for divorce. You can file in the state you live in, the state he lives in, or in the state you got married.

  • disqus_7NEdi9xOxK

    If my divorce was final in November of last year, and then I moved back in with my ex in February of this year ( 4 months after the divorce finalized) does this make the divorce void?

    • Jessica Morgan

      No. To be married again, you have to get married again.

  • Kristine

    I have been married for more than 10 years and found out that we do not have a marriage license before we got married.I just want to know if my marriage is valid?

  • Chris Reed

    I recently discovered that my spouse age and birthyear are not accurate. I found out that the social security number he is useing was issued in 1973 or 1974 he was born in 57. Dont know what to do next as far as the legality of this matter. Can anybody help me.

  • Chris Reed

    I recently found out that the social security number my spouse is useing may not be his. According to ss office the number he used when we got married was issued in 1973 but hes 57 how can that be ? Does that mean we are not legally married ?

    • Jessica Morgan

      It is entirely possible that he was simply assigned a social security number later in life. It was common practice for some people to not get a social security number until they had to work.

  • concerned sister

    my sister is trying to find out if her marriage can be voided fraud was committed from the beginning as he took a test for an ordained minister under my fathers name and he has been involved in illegal activities and is currently sitting in jail

  • Gracie Lumpkin

    I am legally married to my wife and a woman that I had 2 daughters with is using my name and we were never married. She has no rights to use my name so can I bring suit against her?

    • Jessica Morgan

      You cannot control what name a person legally changed their name to. However, if the name change isn’t legal, she is committing fraud.

  • Mike

    I got married in 1999 and was unaware of my wife’s mental illness that does impair her judgment. Does that make our ohio marriage invalid.

    • Jessica Morgan

      If she is legally incompetent, your marriage is void. If so, you can get an annulment.

  • Della

    I was illegally married to numerous people who were fraudulent men and women who stole my identity and stole property and money from my estate. I was not aware of these fraudulent marriages,adoptions,power of attorneys, illegal attachments. Never received notices in writing from courts or fraudulent spouses to appear in court to defend myself. I also have been discriminated against in the Court of law. Was not notified professionally about my probate case inheritance. This case has been illegally hidden from me for decades. I want a fair trial and need compensation for livi g expenses, not shelters or living on the street. I am the sole heiress of my Will. I need a Attorney.

  • Edwin Avellanet

    So I got married about 5 years ago and weeks after our marriage my wife just disappeared. To only find a year and a half later she was in another state all this time with someone else ! I obviously never wanted anything to do with her after that I just tried my best to continue living life. Long story short I also noticed she purposely misspelled her name after finding out she has been arrested for fraud before I immediately thought my marriage was void, please help me out! What should I do ? I plan to marry the woman of my Dreams this New Year and I won’t be able to make her Dream come true without your help . Thanks for your time
    sincerely Eddie

    • Jessica Morgan

      Seek an annulment to be on the safe side.

  • Cassie

    Marriage was invalid do i still need to file an annulment?

    • Jessica Morgan


  • Friend

    In case of an annulment under void causes… Does the woman have to change her name back to her maiden name since the marriage was not legal in the first place. She married an already married man. So technically she can’t carry his last name anymore, am I correct? This is not a divorce where the marriage was indeed recognized as legal and then dissolved. This is an annulment where the marriage was void in the first place, therefor illegal and not recognized by the courts..

    • Jessica Morgan

      It should be as such that names, etc go back to what they were before the marriage, in an annulment. Therefore, her name is reverted to her former name.

  • Muwaiz

    I married a girl three years ago and our marriage was secret my family and her family did’t aware and her family refused me and it became cultural and religious taboo although one of religious member was present their by that day. I run away my country and I came US after two year her family divorced me without asking any thing and married anther one . After tree year I married America women so its that valid or invalid marriage

    • Jessica Morgan

      A divorce in the US requires both parties signatures. If you did not sign, and the ex did not go through the proper legal channels to claim abandonment, the marriage has not ended

  • No haters allowed

    If someone signed my name on divorce papers is that illegal

  • Ashley j

    If we got married in September, is our marriage still valid if we haven’t got the marriage certificate

  • Andrea Hanson

    I married an Englishman who said he would file for citizenship once we were married. He didn’t and he’s left, I have no idea where he is. Can I get an annulment?

  • Diana Ponce

    My maiden name was restored when my first divorce was finalized. I have a ss card with my maiden name on it. I hadn’t had a chance to change my driver’s license yet. When I got married the second time, I had to sign my previous married name due to my license. Is it a legal document? My ss card and the divorce papers say a different legal name. And there are no witness signatures on the second marriage license. Yet there are on my first one. Is my second marriage even legal?

  • Bruce Leytham

    my wife was married in the Philippines to a U.S. citizen in the air force say 20 years ago then she went to america and the husband filed a divorce oh she is Philippine citizen not american she did not take divorce to Philippines to have filed there but married me in the states we have moved to the Philippines now to live. question is my marriage valid to her. can we file the divorce now and file our marriage license that would be say 10 years before the date we filed the divorce. Or is my marriage not valid at all cause she was still married here at the time of my marriage

  • Treasia

    I sent for a copy of my marriage license to the Office of Vital records and they sent everything back including search fee stating ” Marriage year not found” does that mean my marriage could be void or invalid?

  • Stephanie

    At the time, I didn’t understand.. Curious to know if my marriage is legal, concidering my spouse is not legal in the US….. Anyone??

  • Kevin Jacobs

    My wife and I have been married for 5 years… I found out recently she didn’t get a divorce from her first husband… is my marriage to her legal? She has moved out and back in with him… what do I do to annual it?

  • Lynn

    I got married 3 yrs ago on the 17th. The man i married was here illegally on an expired visitors visa. At the time he told me his name and also told me a traditional name. This is pertinent because the names he said were his were of 2 different tribes. His name he use in america is actually anothers identity from his country. His birthdate is not his either. I just found this out yesterday. I want to know am i legally married to him?

  • Lynn

    I thought i previously posted a question regarding the legality of my marriage. I married nearly 3 yrs ago a Nigerian man. He came into this country on a visitors visa. It later expired so he was now residing here illegally until we married. The marriage has been one of much heart break, but i had some suspicions he was hiding another life from me. His friends from his country didn’t seem to know him by the name i called him and the name on his nigerian passport. Recently he confessed he took another mans identity some years ago to travel to the UK. His attempt in his own name failed because he didn’t have enough money in the bank so he was denied the visa. It waa then when he took on the other mans identity because his account had the funds needed to get a visa to the UK. Since he’s been traveling under this identity. Is the marriage valid we share when he is not at all the person i married and its not his legal name?

  • Stacey

    I was told by my supposed to be wife of 3 years whom i have been seperated from for 90% of this time that our marrige is not valid because since we were married in reno nv and we lived in northern California that we were suppose to file our marrige certificate or license here in California at our local clerks office that our marrige was not valid can someone help me out on this because i am trying to figure out if i need to still seek a divorce or can i proceed in getting married to my current live in girlfriend??? Someone please help me out here!!!!!

  • Vannah Dudgeon

    Am i legaly married if my licence was never filed?

  • Desmend Sage

    My ex and I are going to file for a divorce and I noticed that the county we filed for our marriage license in is not the right county. We are from Texas and at the time of the marriage we lived in Parker county but filed for our marriage licenses in Tarrant county. If we filed for our marriage license in the wrong county can it be annulled or do we still have to file for a divorce?? Do I have any options other than divorce??

  • Patricia Williams

    after 18 years together i married my husband 9 months ago. he lied and said he was only married once before but he was actually married twice before. i have been widowed twice before and never divorced before and would rather have an annulment. any chance of this? we are seniors with no kids together and no financial or sexual relationships. please help me.

  • Fay Pierce

    If my ex and I never returned for our marriage license in Maine are we married? He was supposed to fo sign it and pay the clerk fee and never did. I then changed my name at DMV and was supposed to bring the marriage license in to make it permanent but never did as I found out he was cheating at my reception. I’ve been told without the license we’re not married but wanna know for sure. We were never sent the offical certificate either.

  • Joe

    I have been seperated from wife for 6 months, and am heading for divorce, the young lady that married us was ordained online, and lives in another state, is there a chance the marraige could be invalid?

  • Norma Thomas

    What is a confidential marriage licsence mean?

  • cris

    okay big question. i married a woman 2 yrs ago. and this was one of the worst decisions i had ever made, but as i was looking thru my files i see we didnt have our ceromony until after the expiration date on the license. so my question is was this still valliad after that is it not even legal? because i have met someone else and we intend to get married. i just wanna know if it will be okay now

  • Laila Arceo

    Hi, I’ve been married for 21yrs now, I just want to know if my marriage can be considered void since we both changed our birth year to make us look in legal age at the time of registering or getting our marriage license. I was born of October 25 1978 but since I was just 17yrs old then and he was 20yrs old, we adjusted our birth year 1yr backwards.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Toni

    Hi my big problem I found the man I married is is still legally married. What do I do, I do not want to be married to him and I want my last name back? Help please…

  • Michelle

    Hello everyone, I married my husband in 2002 but lived with him since 1993. In 2007 my father in law fell ill so my husband & I traveled to Merida, Yucatan Mexico to see his father. While there in Mexico my husband was served with papers for divorce with his ex. I waa able to read the documents carefully, basically it stated that hos ex wanted a divorce & child support for two children, I was aware of one child. But supposedly the second child was from another man, but since she was legally married to my husband, she was able to give her son my husbands last name. So fast forward to 2015, I left my husband & now I am seeking child custodial rights for our 3 children & a divorce. But since he was married at the same time to both of us(US & Mexico) it makes our marriage void. Although I was not to pleased to find our that our marriage didn’t exist for my childrens sake, I was pleased that to believe that I didn’t have to go through and extensive, expensive dreadful divorce. So now that I have an attorney, he is explaining to me tgat my husband got divorced in 2000. And therefore we would need to get divorced. But prior to me hiring an attorney, I had family do a search at the local courthouse in Mexico & supposedly there was no marriage decree nor a divorce decree found. I also had a judge in Monterrey Mexico check gor the same documents & nothing was found. However, I was able to get his father to text me a copy of his Marriage license in Mexico over a year ago and this leads me to believe that someone was trying to deliberately make these documents disappear. So now my husbands attorney apparently has a document stating a divorce date of 2000. I honestly have a gut feeling that he paid good money to get dates changed! All is possible & I put nothing past me. I was really hoping that the marriage was void as I feel that he does not deserve the privilege to count me as one of hos many wives. As of yet, hos attorney has not produced the divorce decree for my husband and his ex in Mexico… but I am growing inpatient & I want to know how I can get my hands on a copy of these documents? Do I need to travel to Mexico or can I get them here locally in San Antonio Texas?? Thanks in advance

  • Gabriel Casillas

    I got married in 2004 and I’m looking at my marriage certificate and her sister that was a witness to our marriage has a different last name claiming she was married to her so called husband who also signed as a witness but they were never married so does that affect my marriage in any way.

  • Christy Quarles

    I want to know, my husband was married but found his wife never finalized her first marriage divorce, and was to file a comment as there marriage was void cause she was still married. Me and my husband later got married thinking everything was handled to later be served with anullment papers, they have since fine sliced the anullment but now would our marriage be valid if theirs was deemed as if it didn’t happen after we got married? Would we have to remarry?

  • Rodney CarterJr

    My wife divorced her ex, but her legal name was not changed, and is on our marriage license. Does this affect our marriage status?

  • KW

    I got married in 2003 and recently found out the paper where the officiate signs and witness’s to the marriage was never taken back to the courthouse by my then supposed to be husband. Am i legally married to this man. I called and asked and the clerk here in Indiana stated that we could fill out another application. I figured it wasn’t legal. Any answers please help

  • katie

    i got married in jan of 09 we went to the court house then i found out he was still married to his first wife and he wasnt devorieced yet what do that make me because im in a new realtionship and ready to get married again help me

  • Jessica Fotter

    I recently separated from my huaband and I realized that the marriage certificate wasn’t turned in within the 10 days after the marriage. It was turned in a month afterwards. Does that mean my marriage is void?

  • Laura

    I was married in 2008 and he was still maried to someone else til 2010. Can I walk away and change my name back to my maiden name or do I need to have an annulment?

  • Diamond Jackson

    My husband has been told for years that his 1st marriage does not exist. After we got married we found out that that the 1st marriage does exist. What can we do?

  • christina jones

    On my marriage licenses the residing minister signed as a witness and the license where he was suppose to….. is that legal?

  • Annette Clark

    I was going over my divorce decree from years back and noticed that they misspelled my maiden name am I still married how can I get this corrected.