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  • Gidgett

    If we have joint custody but the boys reside primarily in Florida with jurisdiction remaining in Colorado and I do not send the boys back, what can happen to me as a result of breeching a court order?

  • Carol

    Our father died, he had started his will, which he did not get finished. He had told all of his children that all of his estate went to us. Nothing for the Grandkids that was up to each parent. There were 4 of us. My brother passed away he had 3 children. Two girls which we had not seen in over 35yrs, he had given them up for adoption to his ex-wifes new spouse. Do they have a claim to the estate? Also since nothing was suppose to go to the grandkids does his other son stand to inherit our brothers share. Our fathers house is the only thing left. My nephew has stated more than once he did not care about the material positions of his Grandfather.
    The fathers lawyer never made to his bedside when he knew he was in a hospice and his death was imminent. When we all sat down after my father died we told him what he had told us. He handled the disposition of the estate. He was paid. Does this lawyer having anything else to do with my fathers estate. We have not hired him.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated.