Child Custody Court Forms by State 33


  • The Alabama courts do not have online forms for child custody.ou








District of Columbia








  • The Iowa courts do not have online forms for child custody.














New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia




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    • Jenny

      Hi Jeremy:

      The Illinois Links are not working.

  • The link for missouri is not found

  • LauNita Christy

    The Montana link will not show up on any of the options.

    • Thanks, LauNita – the Montana links have now been updated.

  • Roseanne

    I need to find where I can download a document to change or modify a child visitation schedule for Tucson AZ

  • melissa

    The motion to modify visitation form is not showing up in oklahoma

  • Diana

    I have a court order from Texas that gives me custody of my 2 children and my ex husband, who lives in Alabama, has visitation rights. We moved to Wyoming a year ago. My ex husband is constantly in contempt of court. I am fed up with this behavior. There has been family violence during our marriage. He also verbally and physicially abused his second wife and her daughter and recently assaulted our biological daughter during his visitation while visiting his sister in CO. A police report was filed here in Wyoming, but nobody wants to do anything, because it happened in CO, my daughter lives in WY and he lives in AL. A judge here in AL would not grant us a protective order, because nothing has happened in WY. How can I get the Court Order from Texas “transfered” to Wyoming, so the courts here will be responsible for this case. How can I file paperwork for his constant contempt of court here in WY? I can not afford a lawyer, I would have to do it on my own. He filed for Custody in 2007 and after 2 yrs he gave up, because there was no way for him to win this case. This cost me about $8,000.00. My youngest daughter is with him right now and he refuses to let me talk to her when I call. He is forcing his allowed court ordered phone calls on me. Please help!

  • eti

    The Virginia links are both invalid.

    • @eti – thanks for the comment. The Virginia links have both been fixed.

  • sara

    I have 3 nephews in my care 1 of the boys dads is wanting to take him from me , my sister gave me power of attornay of her children while she is in prision but now one of the dads is trying to take my nephew which his in way better care wt me , so i was told to do a parenting plan to get custady of the child but not sure how to do so … please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic blog, I am really liking the styling and colour scheme, Can I ask what theme are you using for this blog?

  • Astral pasture

    Oregon links are dead

  • Cody

    My name is cody and im 16 years old. I have been trying to figure out how to leave my dads and go live with my mom for a while now and im becoming desperate. If someone could email me and help me have my custody changed i would highely appreciate it.

    • Telly

      What state do you live in?

  • Rick Miles

    New Mexico links are all dead…

  • Krystal

    My sister recently asked me what I thought about her sighing her prenatal rights to me for a few months. The father of her child isn’t around and hasn’t been since she got pregnant. I don’t want him to get her son. He hasn’t even meet his son.
    She said she needs to straighten up her life, and believe me, she needs too. But she hasn’t mentioned anything about it since. I know her son would be better off in my care than any of my family members care. For many reasons, he knows me well. I been there for him since he was born, and now he is almost three. We are close, and her son is close with my two children and their dad. I have had many days and nights alone with him. So I know everything there is to know about him. If I was babysitting him and my sister left, he wouldn’t even notice that she left. She will admit that she trusts only me with her son and said that she would want her son in my care than any other of my family members. I believe it would be traumatizing for him to be put in one of my family members care because her son doesn’t know them. He sees them once in a while, like on important holidays and sometimes a few hours in between. Also they don’t have the experience with him. With him being two, his attitude is bad. I have a two year old and I have the experience. The experience with a two year old and the experience with her son. (Well, my mom has had experienced with young children, but we all are all grown up now. My other sister is having her fourth child. My brother has no kids. He doesn’t like them and he is an alcoholic.)
    So I know how exactly her son works and everything else about him. I always have consider her son one of my own. I’ve always treated him as if he was my own child. Our father will agree with me that her son would be better off in my care then anyone else. He will also agree that she needs to straighten her life up. Also my sister did considered about signing her son’s rights to my brother. The only reason why she did is because they live on the same street. I just recently moved out of the town. If she did go through with it and signed her son to him, could I fight that and get her son?
    I don’t know the first step to take her to court. I can’t find any help online regarding what to do. I don’t want to take her to court but I will if I have too. I only want him until I feel she is fit to be his mother. Once she straightens up her life. Like I said, I honestly believe that her son would be better off in my care than any one else in this world.

  • Alex

    I live in South florida 5 months ago I sent my kids to live with her aunt in atlanta Georgia temporarily due to Financial hardship I was having. I signed a temporary guardianship form that the school requested, but I never signed any court papers.

    Now that I want my kids back she refuses to give them to me until they finish the school year. My question is how or can I get my kids back? What do I have to do?

    • Telly

      I am not a lawyer, but I feel that it is in the best interests of the children to wait until the mid year break (XMAS) and then go and pick them up and re-enroll them locally. Go and pick your kids up and if she refuses to release them to you, you’ll probably have to get the sheriff involved. Not releasing them to the parent sounds like “abduction” to me. But again, I am not a lawyer… call the Sheriff’s office and file a police report.

  • Mona

    Try living in South Dakota, cant get a darn thing on the computer. I just want the forms to start the visitation court process ourselves before my grandchilds mother takes off with him and we never see him again. I cant afford an attorney and all these darn legal places that are supposed to help say they dont have funds. Nothing like being stuck between and rock and a hard place. And, this site only has visitation guidelines, I already have those, I need court forms!!!! UGH!!!!

  • Tami

    South Dakota link is not working. Thanks

  • Mary Hutton

    the wyoming links aren’t working

  • D

    Texas only has one linka nd it is for Travis county. How do I find other information for other counties?

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  • skydog

    I would like to move out of state but i dont know the steps i need to tak to change my visitation with my son to long distance my job is makeing health problems for me id like to go to a good school out of state and i would like to better my self and my life and need to be out of state to do that how can i change it on my owne?

  • missi

    my sons ex girlfriend is framing him every way we turn and is keeping his 3 month old daughter away from him…how can we schedule visitation with her…and our rights as a parent are?

  • Zack

    Does anyone know what forms are needed to file for visitation in the state of Alabama?

  • Sarah Stewart

    My ex is lying to the court saying I won’t let him see his daughter and filed for modification of child custody visitation. So what is he asking for his visitation or custody of her?

  • Jason M Freyer

    I was wondering what paperwork I’ll need to fill out for joint/shared custody?

  • jamie

    I have been trying to get some forms for contempt of court order in the state of Kentucky if you know of anything send the website to my email address
    Thank you