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  • Kimberly

    i just got married in the state of florida my new husband and i lived together for nine years before we got married a house was purchased while we were living together but his name is the only one on the mortgage. we both have children from other marriages. now that we are legally married if he dies and he has not specified that the house is mine what are the legal laws to protect me or will his children and family be able to get the house or part of it? also how does that leave the rest of his benefits from the union?

  • Ryan Beall

    I was engaged, I ended the engagement because we were not right for each other and I want the engagement ring and the wedding band back. She won’t give them up. What should I do?

  • ann

    how do i get a judge to requs him self from my case my ex husband has sent me texes stating that he is paying the judge to side with him

  • ms. w

    If the father of my child has legal custody in another state and then allows the child to come in live with me in the state of florida for over a year can I go back and change the order of custody if the child is at an age where they can voice their opinion where they want to reside.

  • Jay

    My 13 year old son wants my husband to adopt him. He has been the only father figure in his life since 3 years old. His biological father has never had any contact what so ever with him. My ex-husband (who is NOT his biological father) was given visitation but I have sole custody. It was written in the court order per my ex-husband’s request that my son is not biologically his so as not to have to pay child support. He has had no contact what so ever with my son for the past 10 years. My son has no desire to have any sort of relationship with him, nor does he even know him. Can my husband adopt him? We live in Florida.
    Thanks for any help.

  • Mrs. robinson

    Do my husband has to child support if the children not biological his and he receive benefits

  • Matt

    My X-wife divorced me in Florida, and now acts like the all mighty power over all matters involving our son. we have split custody of our son though I now live in WI… She is taking a trip over seas this summer 2012 with the school she works for watching 12+ high school kids. In the divorce papers it doesn’t say anything about traveling out of state or country, but at the mediation hearing I swear the mediator said both sides have to agree on such travel or the parent not traveling has first right to have said child for the duration of travel not counting against any scheduled visitation and/or be charged with kid napping..How do I enforce or go about getting my far shake and enforcing laws of this nature?

  • mark

    I meet a woman 10 months after she left her husband, we fell in love and now her husband will not sign the divorce papers and is telling her that he is fighting for the kids because he said she has committed adultery and is putting her kids through stressful hardship. After 10 months does he have a chance at winning this..

  • Concerned parent

    My husband and I live in Florida. My husband has a middle school aged child from a previous marriage. The child was tested, without our knowledge, and has been diagnosed with a learning disability, dyslexia. The child’s mother enrolled the child into an amazing school, which specializes in dyslexia; however, the school is ridiculously expensive. The child’s mother is quite financially successful, and can afford the school with no concern. My husband can not. The court recently ruled this school was medically necessary. Because it is a medical necessity, my husband must pay for half. He can not afford this. As a matter of fact, we, together can not afford this. We are both government employees and have transparent financial statements. We do not make enough to pay for half of the tuition for his son and survive. The tuition is half of my husbands yearly salary. What can we do?

  • Sherry Douglas

    My son’s ex-wife is wanting to go to Afghanistan to further her career but leave their 9 yr old daughter with the stepfather. My son wants his daughter to live with him while she is gone. The mother is threatening to take my son to court to prevent this. They live 60 miles apart and the stepfather could have visitation if he wanted it. What options does my son have to get custody during the mother’s absence? They have joint custody of their daughter now.