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  • Linda

    I am trying to verify something I heard about Indiana state law regarding children who are over 18 still being legally dependent on their parents. I was told that a parent was still considered to be responsible for his/her non-minor children if the children were not financially independent and did not have their own health insurance. I.e., say Harry has a 19-year-old daughter, Susan, who dropped out of high school in her senior year, has no job, and no job prospects. Could Harry obligate Susan (or is Harry obligated by law to keep Susan) to still live with him and could he make certain decisions for her? Oh, Susan is not married, not in the military, and has no intentions of pursuing either option.



  • Johnny Carpenter

    My wife was having affair for 22 years, I tired my best forgive and forget, but even after 20 years I keep finding out more and more about my wife,s affairs of which I was not aware of, and I cannot forget these affairs, and they caused me a great deal emotional pain, and my wife and I cannot get along now. I have putting off telling her that I am aware of even more infidelity and cannot be the husband that I would like to do, because now I know that I will never be able to trust her. She never shows any remorse and consideration to me by admitted these marriage problems were her fault, and that mine, she always tries to blame for everything. I do not know what to do. These affair occurred in other states as well as Indiana in which presently live in.

  • lilria

    I have been divorced for 3 years, and have full custody of our son,he is 11,now i have the chance to start over in another state 12 hrs away. Can i legally do this without my x saying he agrees to it or do i need to have something in legal binding before my son and i can go. Also my son does have a good relationship with his father,but wants to be with me as he always has been.

  • mary

    I have a child living with me in indiana although her father has a judge order from New Yorkl state for him to have physical custody. Due to major issues that have araised since she came here in August, I have repeatedly told her father he needs to get his daughter and he is refuses. Is there anything I can legally do. We do have joint legal custody out of NY and he will not contact me to make necessary decussions for her. She is presently in a hospital in a behavioral unit due to ODD which has continued to get worse and I at this time fear for my life. any help would be welcome

  • Smooth618

    I want to know if I have to still pay social security to a woman that has legally adopted my child and still asking for more money from me?