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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Kansas

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Chapter 23 of the Kansas Legislature is “Domestic Relations.” Chapter 23, Article 1 is where you can find the Kansas Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Kansas.

Although you can view all the Kansas Statutes at kslegislature.org, the site does not allow direct links to specific marriage statutes (if you know otherwise, please tell us). Here’s how to find the Marriage Laws (you can view these instructions along with instructional screen shots in the How to Find the Kansas Marriage Statutes Online PDF):

1) Go to ‘kslegislature.org’ (by clicking the link above). Select ‘Chapter 23 – Domestic Relations’ in ‘Statute Table of Contents’.

2) Select ‘Article 1 – Marriage’ to view the sections under Marriage Code.

3) Select ‘Chapter 60’ to view the Divorce Articles.

4) Select ‘Article 16 – Divorce And Maintenance’ to view the sections under Divorce Code.

A few of the important chapters related to Kansas marriage are:

  • Kansas Marriage (Chapter 23, Article1, Section 101)
  • Kansas Uniform Premarital Agreement Act; enforceability (Chapter 23, Article 8, Section 807)


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