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  • shannon bradshaw

    does the state of ky have Grandparent rights law??????

    • Jean

      KY has one of the most generous set of grandparent rights in the nation. Check out the commonwealth site and there is a complete downloadable handbook.

      • BROKEN

        I would like for you to send more information. I am a grandparent and cannot seem to get anything accomplished in order to see our grandson. We miss him terribly as we have practically raised him, which he is only 3, but he stays with us most of the time(days, weeks and even a month). Now, we have only been able to see him once in 4 weeks. Please reply by email as I may not find this site again.


  • curious

    Can the non primary parent enroll a child in school if he doesnt have physical custody of a child?

  • curious george

    in kentucky if a child under the age of 16 gives birth does the minor child have all parental rights to the newborn or does the minor childs Mother have all the parental rights to the newborn?

  • curious george

    in kentucky who has parental rights to a newborn child if the mother of that child is under the age of 16?is it her or the grandparents of the newborn?

  • worried mommy

    If I move to a different county than where my divorce it final…..which county would we have to go to for the visitation hearing?

  • Wendy

    I am living in a shelter for Domestic Violence…My husband commited acts of violence toward me for the duration of our marriage….Also I am filing for my own green card under the VAWA….I have a DVO protection order on him…Just resently his father pasted away and he was left a part share in a house…Him and his sister pair a $1 FMV for the transfer of deeds…My husband is telling everyone we are devorced but we are truely not….I was told I could be entitled to half of his share is this true…

  • dea

    My son ran away from home on monday 11-14-11 and has not returned, my parents have custody of him, and they are at there wits end,i think i know where he might be which is my sisters house. And she has not called or anything to let us know, what legal action do i have to get him away from her.

  • margret

    If parents have joint physical & sole custody of a child do both parents have to sign a paper to give guardianship to another family member? What happens if one parent has already signed the paper for guardianship without the other parents consent or knowledge?

  • Judy

    My daughter lost custody of her son because of drug dependency and is now turning her life around. She has been denied visitation with her son because the father and the child’s stepmother want to dictate her time with him even though supervised visits were ordered and he has to be informed when she is there. If she attends the child’s basketball game is that indefiance of the court order or attends a program at his school?
    What rights does she have as a noncustodial parent?

  • Tracy

    If you have lived with your fiance, for 28 years, he suddenly tells you to get out, and he can’t stand you, been very controlling, won’t give me a dime ,yet won’t let me drive my own truck, to go get a job. Can I get palimony in ky?

  • teddybear58

    does a mother have to notify the father of a birth of a child?they are seperated and he is sending death threats to the entire family and says he has court ordered papers that she has to notify him.