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  • Thomas Haley

    Can my sister who has guardianship of my kids be arrested for not allowing me access to my children?

  • Colleen

    Why does the “end of life” care automatically fall on the spouse to make decisions as opposed to the mother, sisters, brothers? Is there anywhy to change the “next of Kin” status?

  • Rosalind

    How do I as a PA resident obtain guardianship of great nephew who resides in MI?

  • Mike

    Can I adopt my ex-wife’s 18 year old son? He is living with me. we were married 8 years, and he does not have contact with his birth father and minimal contact with his mother

  • geri gillespie

    what is the law of adultery in michigan?

  • Katie

    My fiance and i want to take gardianship of his neice and nephews. How or can we take them from his sister who is financial and emotionally unfit to care for her children?

  • scott

    I have raised my ex daughter since she was 6months old till now she is 3 do I have rights to see her still she calls me daddy and I want to see her still and her biological father isn’t around I need some advise I live in michigan