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  • Ann

    In the state of Missouri, if a female breaks her engagement off is she required to return the ring IF she contributed towards the cost of the ring?
    If she is required to return the ring can she be entitled to what she contributed? Please advise.. Also, what type of attorney would we need to hire if the matter goes to court?
    Thank you

  • Carah

    my husband of 6 years threw me out of our home and moved a barely legal girl in and has told me that i have no right to come there and he will call thecops if i do… he has been having my 7 year old daughter and 2 yr old son there and telling them not to tell me… i have told him not to have the children around her but he continues to and lies to me about it… he will not let me have anything that is in the house no money no nothing.

  • wondering

    If an unmarried couple has a child, and father denies paternity and legally signs away his rights (with his mother present and in agreement) does that grandmother have any rights to demand to see the child a few years later? Father does not want to see the child, only his mother

  • jjoosh

    Me and my ex (childs mmom) split up in april and shortly after she decided she wanted to move out of state against my wishes. Leadin up to this event we had agreed together for her to move 3 hours away little did i know she had other plans. Up until that day i thought differrnt. Heres what happened she had called me to let me know her ride was almost there so i left work early to spend time with my child before they left. She ended up lying and moving 21hours away huge differemce. We were unmarried but there was not a good enough reason for her movet. Her reason was cuz if we werent together she didnt want to b in the same state as me. Pretty selfish i know.. long story short do i have any rights here??