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  • Tomas

    How can I in the state of New Jersey get full custody or Primary Parent of my 4 month old son? I Don’t feel that his mother’s intentions are in the best interest of my son. I’m 23 with a full-time Job and she is younger then I with a part-time job. She has the WIC program and filled for food stamps the day before filling a complaint against me. I feel that Having to shell out so much and still be 100% responsible for him on my end isn’t in the best interest of my son. I’ll be unable to provide for him on my end and keep a roof over my head if I’m bled dry. I don’t want to lose my son…

  • j

    I’m currently layoff,nj chield support is making pay the same amount as when i was working fulltime.I’m collecting unemployment insurance,if anyone tell me what to do ,I also live on diferent state.and my dougther is 19 not going to college.

  • i

    I filed child support petition in New York. My son is 19 years old, full time student. My ex lives in New Jersey. I heard that in New Jersey responsibility for child support may go until the child reaches 26 years old if not working whereas in New York, it’s only until child is 21 years old. Can I transfer my petition to New Jersey Family Court or should I close my New York case first? I don’t have a final order yet.

  • Lisa Hurley-Madera

    I am a divorced single mother of a 3 yr old son. The father is my abuser and he has visitation the first friday of every month, this month I am unable to travel the 3 hrs to drop our son off at a local police department due to my having broken my foot. I am under Doctors orders to be off my feet for 6-8 weeks. I have offered the father to travel to the city I live in to pick up our son at my local police department. The father states he will have me arrested if I do not comply with the visitation order. I have the hospital paperwork concerning my injury and wanted to know if my ex-husband can have me arrested for not bringing our son?

    • Shareese

      Your sons father ought to have you arrested you miserable bitch. You don’t deserve a family or happiness. Do everyone a favor and drop dead.

  • SHAM

    my marriage license has no affixed seal from the county or the city in witch the ceremony was performed is this marriage legal or not and what needs to be done to straighten this out