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  • kris daniels

    my wife got released from the hospital on 12-23-10 she informed me that she was not going home with me that she was going home with her mother so she did the next day she started moving her personnal items out of the house into her mothers so there for I started moving out my personnal items we have been seaperated ever since then I found my self in a relationship with someone else since sometime in march I just received my divorce papers and now wondering if my future ex wife can get me for adultry along with the girl I am with and if so what can it be punishable by law in the state of ohio thank you for your cooperation on this matter

  • kris daniels

    my wife got released from the hospital on 12-23-09 she then informed me she was not going home with me the next day she moved some of her personnal belongings out so I then did the same sometime in march I got into a relationship and now I have been served with divorce papers so now I need to know can she get me for adultry this is in the state of ohio thank you for your cooperation on this matter

  • myd

    hi, im a stay home mom and custodial mother of 2 years old boy,i filed a child support order against my baby’s father but he wants to modify child support order and want to claim my baby’s tax exemption even he don’t provide 50% of support to my son and he never visits him,my son lives with me and my boyfriend since he was 3 month.i have a court hearing next month and i wanna know if he can claim my son even im not agree,can the judge force me to sign the IRS form 8332?
    my boyfriend is the one supporting us(my son and i)providing house and everything we need so, i let my boyfriend claimed my son for the past 2 years since he is the household and because i don’t have any income.it is legal that my boyfriend claims my son?or what i can do to make it legal?other than marrying?

  • jessica

    im married and had an affair on my husband and got pregnant now the father wants custody rights to her can he do that…get joint custody of her

  • susan onisko

    my kids and i were yes..victims of lucas cty family courts.my exs lawyers were crooked, and judge steven yarborough was as well. now, years later, it has messed my 3 kids up and now , its filtering down to my beautiful grandchildren1 my oldest daughters husband has cheated on her and abandoned her w/ 5 kids! hes horrible!! ohio needs to enforce the alienation of affection law back NOW!!! maybe there wont be sooo many family problems and divorces and such1 call me anyone 1 sue 903-876-5577


  • Jenny

    Question: I want to file for a divorce. If I leave the marital home before the settlement, will my husband be awarded the home because of me leaving.

  • Jessica

    I have custody from Ohio on my 2 daughters and my ex boyfriend took them February 17th,2011 for a visit in Jeffersonville,Indiana and i havent seen them since then i drove to Indiana to get them the police,courts told me i couldnt have them back unless i go through their courts for the same paper work that i already have from the judge in Ohio what can i do please help me!!!!!

  • Jordan

    If I am 16, can I legally move out and live with someone who is not related? Like my youth pastor, boyfriend, or boyfriends family without my moms permission?

  • Mom n need

    I gave custody of my son to friends 5 years ago. I was on drugs and needed to clean up! Iv have been clean for over 3 and a half years, but left my child in there care because I beleaved that he was better off. We had open visitations and they would bring the child to me on the wk ends that they went out. That all changed 2 years ago, when I started talking about my son coming home! I had to take them back to court, just to set up REAL visits, after they had stopped all contact between my son and I. Now that He is visiting me in my home, my son has made statement of abuse and neglect against the male counter part in his house! I want custody of my child to be returned to me! I went to CSB and reported the abuse- Went to the courts and filed for custody! Now that the gardians know about the up coming case- My son has retracted his statements! He has even gone as far as calling me a lier – What should I do? There is an open case with child protective services….

  • nancy

    I have a question my husband and I are Foster Parents and have 3 adorable little kids ranging from 7 months to 4 yrs. We have been asked by the Case Manager to sign a form for Legal Custody of these kids (court).. We want to adopt but was told if we do adoption it could take a yr before it could be final and that Children Services does a more intense search for relatives to take them for Kinship we fear that we will loose them and are seriously thinking of Legal Custody What we dont understand is can we at a later date change our minds and go for adoption or will they CS go back and try to find family to take them .. we just dont know which way to turn we have already had them in our lives for 6 months and dont want to loose them Help Please if anyone knows I am also a Ohio resident