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  • kelley

    What type of petition would I need to do to the courts to try and have an out of state final custody/CS order done? I agreed to my ex coming 1 weekend a month to see and 1 day a week for phone visitation with my son. I brought him back to SC after we split up in 2007. He hadn’t seen my son, at the time, 3yr old in 1yr and 3mths in may 08. He spent a few hours with him and that’s all. He doesn’t have an active role in his life and has no clue what has happened since we moved from IL. He calls him every week, but my son, now 5yrs old, is getting confused. I don’t say anything to him about what we went through with him, but am now having to figure out what is age appropriate to tell him cause he is beginning to ask questions. My ex has in my eyes proven that until he is totally caught up in CS, that he isn’t going to come see him since I don’t have to pay him $150 if it is caught up. I am having some behavior issues out of him and they are worse after he talks to him. He doesn’t even know who he is even talking to for the few seconds he stays on the phone with him, after roling his eyes and saying ,”I know, I have to talk to my daddy”.

  • Kathy Dutton

    My daughter is thinking about moving with her 3 month old son. The father’s name is not on the birth certificate and he does not pay suppoirt. He does see the baby occasionally. Can she legally leave without fear of prosecution?
    Thank you so much.

  • Veronica

    My brother had a child out of wedlock and is no longer with his girlfriend. He does not live in the state of South Carolina but his daughter does with her mother. The mother will not allow my brother to see the child or to even speak to him by phone. I am her Aunt and was able to see her and she would live with me all week while her mother worked and then she would go home with her on the weekends. I provided everything my niece needed while she was living with me. Her mother is no longer working and will not let us see my niece or speak to her on the phone. Do I have any rights as an Aunt in the state of SC?

  • Thomas

    The mother of my son and I have a court ordered visitation and support document. The document states that I will pay for the child’s insurance and 1/2 of the daycare as well as weekly support. The mom has now secured medicaid for our son and does not need me to pay for the insurance. She wants me to pay the entire daycare bill instead. That’s fine with me, but it’s not what is stated in our order. How can we legally change the order? Is there a simple way without involving an attorney? Thanks so much! We both live in Dillon County, SC.

  • Patricia

    My ex has been minpulating and non corporative with our parenting plan. he refuses to send our two daughters to washington state per court order. I am in the process of filing a complaint. I am contueing to pay support for my two daughters, and telephone access when able to reach them. Its been two years since I have seen them. Its exstreamly frustrating when he has bargained with them such as “you wont be able to go to disney world with us if you spend the summer with your mother” summer 2010. This summer he has completly avoided my calls to arrange air line tickets, and then proceeding to put our 14 year old daughter on phone to relay messages. I feel like the situation is getting worse our 17 year old daughter has moved out with my ex 2nd exwife. He is excepting support for her and not reporting this and also not taking any financail responsibility for her. Im very confused in the matter if she would be a runaway ect. So i almost feel like the situation has exculated to more than a contempt of order. All of this has transpired over the last 2 and half years. I m starting to think and fear that my children should come back to washington, that two many bad things are transpiring their. I need tp know where i stand with all this. I desperatly want to see my children. At one point before this nightmare began they were my whole world a bond so strong between mother and daughter. Please can you help me.

  • Whitney

    My ex husband and I have joint custody of our 2 year old daughter. He sees her when its suitable for him. He only pays childsupport when they call him into court. We have an agreement that states we have joint custody but a judge did not say we have joint custody, she just made sure we agreed to what was in the agreement. This past weekend Irene was predicted to hit along the east coast. I told him I did not want her down there so he made arragements for them to stay 20 mins from my house so it would be safer. I called him Saturday morning and he was on the way to Mytle beach. Is there anyway I can not give him our daughter? In our agreement his weekends are not specified.

  • Wade Green

    my x girlfriend of 6 years has started dating someone that lives in another town 2 hours away. she has only been dating this guy for 3 weeks and has only met this guy 3 times and is wanting to let her boyfriend stay the night at her house with our 5 year old son sleeping in the same house with him. Does anyone know what the law states about no overnight visitors of the opposite sex while the minor child is present?