State Bar Associations in All 50 States 2

Links to the Main Associations of Lawyers in Each State

Each state in the US has what is called a “bar association,” a professional body of lawyers. A bar association is generally responsible for the regulation of lawyers and the legal profession in its respective state or jurisdiction. Every state’s bar association has a website, and many of them have a website or page devoted specifically to the Family Law section of the bar. While bar associations often emphasize service to their members (lawyers), their websites can serve as a good source of information for the public as well.

The term “admission to the bar” indicates passing of a “bar exam,” and allows a lawyer to practice a particular area of law. But that admission to the bar does not necessarily indicate membership in that state’s bar association. While some states require that all lawyers be a member of a bar association, others do not.

With those key phrases in mind, below is a list of each of the Bar Associations in the United States, and a link to each’s website. The list is in the following format:

  • [State Name] – [Bar Association Website] – [Family Law Section]

National Bar Associations

State Bar Associations


  • G.D. Warner

    Nice resource!

    Unfortunately, after Michigan, the links no longer open in a different tab.

    Also, clicking the North Carolina family law link takes me to an Ohio family law page.

    • Thanks for the note, G.D. We’ve fixed the North Carolina link, and made it so all links open in a new window. Appreciate the feedback.