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  • Richard

    Can I obtain a divorce lawyer that can help me if my income is limited and do not have the financial means to have representation. This is due to disability income and medical bills that I now have.

    • You should contact the bar association in your city or town. Local bar associations often provide free or low cost legal representation by attorneys who volunteer their time.

  • Misty

    My ex quit his job and has never given me child support (we split last December) formally (although he has given me maybe $300 in 10 months and defaulted on alot of bills he had agreed to pay including our mortgage). We have joint legal custody. I live in Tennesse. I was wondering (if I choose to do this) can I legally prevent him from seeing our son? He is working a crappy food delivery job and doesn’t even provide insurance like he was supposed to…it’s such a long story, he is a deceitful person at best. I just wonder if I can keep him away from my son the one day a week he even has him. I often wonder what’s the best decision for my son. He is deaf and 3 1/2 years old so his level of comprehension is altered anyway…I really hate risking him turning out like his dad, but I don’t want to bear the guilt of being the one to “force” his dad out of his life. I have an appt w/DCS tomorrow to ask for assistance. I work full time at a job I’ve had for 7 1/2 years and am pretty responsible (at 33 years old). I am feeling guilty enough about asking for help to provide for my son.

  • John Redmond

    I live in Tenn. I have texts emails video an other proof my wife has cheated plus she moved in with her lover an his parents took our 5 yr old daughter changed her schools an everything an didn’t inform me of anything until she had disappeared an when we did have some form of contact I just wanting to try be her friend an give her a divorce with no problems just wanted joint custody of our daughter informed her after she kept disrespecting me that what she did was illegal an she was entitled to nothing well 3 days later she had an order of protection put on me to try turn the tables but as of now I have gotten my daughter an she informed me that her mother not only does sexual stuff in-front of her but also her mother an mother’s lover has hit her an smacked her in the mouth along with verbal abuse because she had said that she wanted to be with me her dad an not her an I haven’t been able to find anyone who is willing to help without at least 1200 dollars with the evidence I have can I not have my cheating wife pay for everything since she is the one who started all this also how can i prevent my wife from taking our daughter while I’m at work since my daughter does not want to be with her an my wife an her lover has been abusing my child?

  • Jessica

    My husband and I have had temp. custody of 2 children for almost 2 years. DCS has been involved but did not place them with us. We obtained Emergency Custody of them b/c their mother abandoned them to us and has been on and off drugs ever since and they have still found her to be ineligible to take them back. We are not related to them. Since weve had them we have had no financial assistance and we have a toddler of our own and are expecting again. What resources are out there? We cant be there foster parents and we dont qualify for Relative Care Givers or Child Only grant? Is there any financial support?

  • victoria

    you can always get in touch with childrens services and they have to investigate all claims. Also you can potition them to get full custody of your daughter. You will probably have to jump through hoops to do this but it will be worth it in the end.

  • Darrin Moore

    Ok, if i got married in Texas (i live in Tennessee now) and according to the doctors office then a private investigator after that. Maria has no social security number and the one that she used belonged to a dead woman(so she is an illegal alien).
    So if she used this stolen SS# on the application, are we married???
    I keep getting mixed answers or no call back and no im not interested enough to get a lawyer because i cant afford that. But i would like to know if i am legally married.
    If anyone could help with provable information i would be greatful.

  • Diane

    Our divorce 1 1/2 years ago stated we would sell extra house to family member and each get 10,000 and remaining profit back to primary mortgage that we refinanced to buy this house. (I got this house) so extra house has always been free and clear. I have rented this house out and maintained all cost, Insurance, Taxes , repairs and now family member does not want it.Received an Attorney letter stating now Ex wants me to give him half of the recvd rent and buy his “1/2” although he agreed to only $10,000 in agreed disolution. I see this as I maintain 90 % control as he agreed to only $10,00 and the rest was to go back to the house I own free and clear.
    and I do not want to sell this house. Any ideals on Tn laws for this.

  • Aimee

    My brother and his same-sex partner live in TN. They are going to Washington, DC to “get married’. Partner says that he has changed his last name to that of my brother. I have called every county court that is relatively close to where they live, and there is no record of his name change. Is there any other way he can have that done? Can he file for that in Washington DC even though he doesn’t live there? Doesn’t he have to file in the county where he lives or waive jurisdiction to have it filed in another county? I was told that the”preacher” who is going to “marry” them took care of the paperwork for the name change. Can you help?