Do You Qualify For An Annulment? 28

Nullity Is Not An Option For Everyone

With the growing number of celebrities receiving annulments, many people are wondering whether they qualify for an annulment . An annulment terminates the marriage as if it never existed, based on the argument that no “valid” marriage ever took place.

Most people seek annulments because it allows them to remarry in their church or because they feel there is a stigma associated with divorce , and that an annulment would essentially wipe their slate clean.

A marriage may be invalid for several reasons , but the majority of annulments are sought based on claims of fraud or incapacity. For example, someone who was intoxicated during the marriage ceremony may argue that they did not have the capacity to enter into the marriage. Or if a woman knew she could not bear children, and misrepresented this information to induce the man into marriage, the marriage may be annulled based on a claim of fraud.

Even if you feel that an annulment is right for you, it’s important to know that annulments are often difficult and expensive to prove, so most people are advised not to pursue one unless they have extremely strong grounds.


  • susan brooks

    I want an annullment in nevada tomorrow. I have been married twice to this man and now its been 13 months on the second marriage and he has left me for 10 months and now with me 1 week and i want an annulment. how do I do this

  • ashley zell

    i want a annulment in Florida i have been married for less than a year, and my so called husband has been mentally abusive and he and his mother went out of their way to get a paternity test behind my back on my child that we all knew might not be his.because of a previous relationship.someone please help do i qualify for an annulment.If not can someone tell me what my options a young mother and im just trying to move on with my life.

  • melissa ortiz

    im wondering if an annulment is the right way to and my “husband” have only been married for 2 months.. he has a drinking problem and everytime he does he mentally abusive.. says that i discust him and he regrets marrying me.. this is not the first time he says things like that.. im not happy and when he drinks he becomes violant.. I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old and dont think this is any way to raise a family.. i desperatly need advise and really dont know what to do.. i dont want my kids growing up and remembering mom and dad fighting all the time…

  • Tonya Harrington

    I would like to know if I can get an annulment of my 3 month marriage. My husband and I went into the contract with the intentions of living together in my home and running a business. He has OCD and says my home and it’s uncleaness torments him. You can not eat off my floors, but my home is no dump. I am a professional nurse with a doctoral degree and besides my mother taught me and I practice clean house practices. But someone with OCD I will never measure up to his standards. Is this grounds for annulment? There are other serious issues, like financial we both are senior citizens on a fixed income, and he has made it painfully clear that he is not capable or will to assist me in income manners, now that we are married. But before marriage he promised me the world and all that he possessed. May I use these issues as fraud or false prentense? I am going to get out of the marrieage either by divorce or annulment either way. How will I qualify for legal aid?

    • roxithefox

      This is terrible. Were you able to get the annulment?

  • jonay

    I got married on valentines day of this year 2011. And my husband donesnt care about me the way he used to. He goes out with his friends and never makes time for us.I’m saved and he’s not I don’t want him to hinder my salvation but i ve began to be depressed all the timebecause of the way he’s began to treat me. He curses me and belittles me all the u think I qualify for an annulment

    • Amber

      Did you ever get an annulment? I’m in the same situation and don’t know what to do?

  • ED

    My wife and I have been married for 7 months we sleep in seperate bedrooms,havent had sex since the honeymoon,she refuses to do anything with me,she currently contacted our cell provider to get copies of all my text messages and refuses to have any association with my 9 year old son,can I get the marriage annulled before my life is totally ruined

    • roxithefox

      Of course. That is grounds for annulment.

  • Alejandra

    I want an annullment, I got married in New Years day Jan. 01 2009. I was with my ex one yr before getting married. We got separated in 2009, we’ve been living separate for about 2 years now. He was a girlfriend and a child with that woman. Our marriage never got consumed, I was 19 at the time and he was 22… I want to know if I can qualify for an annullment, and how much it will cost…

  • Jackie

    I was married and divorced in Va. can I still have the marriage annuled?

  • Laura

    I was married in Las Vegas NV, my “husband” left right after our marriage on deployment, we have never lived together and we were both intoxicated. I believe we qualify for an annulment. I just moved to NY, how would I file, NV or NY? and do I have to go to court in the state in which I file?

  • neil f

    I live in Florida. My wife and I got married at the court house and when the clerk ask her if she took me to be her lawfully wedded husband she said i’ll try. Am I legaly married? I guess she is not trying very hard as she has NEVER live with me since we allegedly got married. Yes thats right we have NEVER LIVE TOGETHER, Can I get an annulment on the grounds of misreprsentation. I expected to have a wife and live with her not live alone in my house. She is living with her mother and we live one block apart she stays every night with her mother and I sleep alone.

    • roxithefox

      Sorry but she is crazy. Who would do that? Of course you qualify.

  • Krisity

    Okay so me and my husband have been married since feburary of 2011, we lived together up till a week after we got married.. He has been very disrespectful and intollerent to not only me but my family too.. Im also a saved christian that does not believe in.divorce after a marriage and I was told he had the same thoughts on thay.. So I was wondering do I qualify for a annulment

  • Angela Templin

    I was wondering if I could get an annulment. I do not trust my husband ,he is mentally absusive,he was not like this before we were married.He loves my kids and he knew it was a package deal.Now he does not want to deal with them. What can I do? I would have never married him if I knew this. I had to quit my job,and go to a job where I can not afford to live on my own,and he know’s this. I was better off before I got married. We sleep in seperate rooms on and off ,and this started only a few months after we were married.

  • Tia lane

    I married my “husband” nov 10,2005 we seperated shortly after having our daughter. Seperated march 2006. we have not lived together since March of 2006, I since have moved to Ny (2007) and he was deported to Canada in 2007 after trying to move closer to me. Being that he was deported and we seperated less then 2yrs after being married what are my grounds. Would a divorce be granted due to deportation???

  • L. Dee

    I married my “husband” first in 2000, left him due to his abuse 3 months later,and divorced him a year after that. Then 9 years later came back and married him again. I just found out today he has never been divorced from his first wife. I married him this last time in the State of Virginia but we have always lived in Florida. Where should I file for the anulment??

  • sue82

    Hi I live in Colorado but got married in NJ how would I get the marriage annulled? We have been married since March 9 2013.

  • Mom

    My son was married in Alabama 7 months ago. His wife has admitted to adultery since the beginning of the marriage. Is he entitled to an annulment?

  • Guest

    my cousin is in a predicament of being married to a man but since that man has become a woman physically and mentally and therefore has put my cuz in a lesbian relationship that she is very uncomfortable with. IS this grounds for her to get an anulment.

  • Charlotte Jagneaux


  • ADH

    i married my best friend a couple weeks ago in Tennessee and was very intoxicated, i live in Alabama what are my steps to getting it annulled and if we both agree to do so will it be expensive and or difficult ?

  • marian

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  • fuse

    I’ve been married for two weeks and discovered that my wife married me for money. Do I qualify for an annulment in texas

  • Mom me 5

    I got married when I was 18, only knew him a coupld months or so and haven’t seen him since 2 1/2 weeks after. I am now 37 and have never had the money to file for divorce. I have been with my childrens father for 14 years and would love to marry him, but I cant pay for a divorce. My friend told me it may not even be legal because he was Hispanic. What can I do?

  • Sheen

    Can I get an annulment if I was married to my husband on a 4/4/2010. Deployed on 4/6/2010 for 10 months. He cheated on me the whole time we were married had the women move in with him misrepresenting himself as being single stop living with me since 2/2011 and he was locked up since 8/2011.

  • Christopher martinez

    After a very short courtship (4 months) my wife and I were married. She changed drastically after the wedding, denying me affection of any sort. Fast forward seven years and two children later, she has told me she doesn’t love me and has never loved me. She has said she married knowing it was false and the covenant with me and God is false. It has been the loneliest seven years of my life and I am now coming to the realization that I cannot rebuild this marriage with an unwilling partner. I feel like I was lied to and I really want to give up… she gave up a long time ago. She stated her biological clock was ticking and she knew I would be a good father. This is the only reason she married me. I’m so very broken hearted and I feel deceived and after all these years of counseling have been fruitless because of her lack of dedication to make attempts. I need to know if I can get an annulment.