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  • lisa cranford

    Need legal law information!my daughter lives in colby ks with her stepmom,the father left the home back to calif last june,stepmom won’t let me see her what can I do the father abandon her

    • You should file a motion for custody and visitation as soon as possible. The motion will most likely have to be filed in Colby, KS. I advise seeking counsel in Kansas. If you have limited or no funds for an attorney, I advise contacting the Kansas State Bar, often bar associations can provide some free legal assistance.

  • Grandmama

    I have custody of my 5 year old granddaughter, but her mother lives with us. I do not believe the mother is a good influence. Which is better keeping the mother around because of the emotional tie the child has (an abnormal separation anxiety) or removing the mother from the living situation and dealing with the child’s fears?

  • How long have you practiced law in Kansas?

  • Concerned Mom

    I have a concern involving my 18yo son and his 17yo GF(who will be 18 in 9 mos). His GF’s home situation is not the best according to what she has told my son. She said that 1 of her parent’s (dad) had custody but then discovered recently (or told by the other..mom) had custody w/ papers.. The GF had been living with her mom but had a blow up in Jan/Feb and moved in with her dad (whom she thought had custody) but because they were out of town alot so was living with stepmom and or Grandma. They had been talking about getting married all this time but I had convinced them both to hold off till this girl turned 18 in 9 mos. Then about 2 wks ago this girl’s her dad called to say that her mom was wigging out and said she wanted her to go live with relative to finish school and that was when we discovered that mom had cusody (or so she said). Then it changed to that her mom would sign permission for the 17yo and my son to get married..because mom didn’t want cusody and if she got married she would be my son’s problem. But if they didn’t the girl had to go live back home till she turned 18 but during that time she would have no contact with anyone including my son. Now they did think about going ahead and getting married but it was 4 days before my son left for basic. But then Mom (or so the girl said) said that she could just go live with a friend as long as there was adult supervision and she could proof that she had gotten all required credits to graduate. So again we were back to waiting till she was 18. Now I get a call from my son telling me that things had changed again. Somethign about her dad wnating her out and mom causing problems or doing something regarding cusody. Because of this once again we are on the getting married before she turns 18 and that he wanted us to bring her to his graduation from basic and that he would get paperwork for them to get married there….this is in another state. I do not have issue about them getting marriage just them doing so before she turns 18 and has finsihed HS …. plus it seems strange that she is not telling me all of this as I would be the one responsible for getting her to graduation or even helping with the options… but is telling my son & his friend that everything is going bad. So my ? is what is required to get married if you are under 18 and what issue would I get into if I took this girl across state lines (not that I will). To be honesty I want to get as many hurdles to try to avoid them getting married before she is 18…. to also avoid more stress and issues for my son right now. Also partly because I am not sure what is being said is the entire truth. Please Help.

  • Elesa

    I have been married to another man for 20 years.. we seperated 11 years ago… We still aren’t divorced… I met another man and we have 3 wonderful children together.. According to my disabled son’s worker.. In the state of Kansas my 3 children since they was born within my marriage legally belong to my husband…As West Virginia said the same… Need a littel help finding if this is true… Thanks

  • Colleen

    I am planning on moving to Kansas with my aunt and uncle to be at a better school. But my mom will not be able to enroll me in school down there. Will my aunt and uncle be able to enroll me with a temporary guardianship? Or will they have to have full custody or even temporary custody over me? Help soon please!