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  • Ashley Guerrero

    my sister in law is keeping my kids until I get on my feet. what is the limit of time they can stay with her before she could file abdonement charges and take my kids from me?

    • Monica

      Laws may vary from state to state, but generally there is no set amount of time that constitutes abandonment. Instead, a number of factors are taken into consideration when a court determines whether a parent has abandoned a child, including the amount of time that has passed, but also including efforts made by the parent to stay in contact with the children (visits, cards, letters, telephone calls, etc.), and the circumstances that existed when the parent left the child in another person’s are.

  • joan p

    what are the laws in north carolina regarding a custodial parent re- locating to another state.

  • Pamela

    My husband and I separated in October. Two months later I caught him with another woman. Is it considered adultery in NC to have sex with another woman while separated?

  • Libby

    My ex husband and I share joint custody of the children. He pays me half of their health care but other than that no money is exchanged. We will be seperated and divorced for 3 years in August. My boyfriend that lives 60 miles away has asked me to marry him. My children are happy but my ex husband is not and sharing them during the school year will be difficult. I bought my own home after the divorce and he moved in with his parents and still lives with his parents. What is the possibility that I could get custody of the children during the school year?

  • kathaleen porter

    am terminally ill. DSS has taken legal custody of my two teenagers. I feel my rights have been violated. I am not dead yet.
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    I have hepatic encelopathy(HE) and DSS feels I cannot make the decisions as an adult to raise my two teenagers. I am on two medications that help with the (HE). They feel because of that complication with stage 4 liver disease. I am unable to make the parental decisions and provide a safe environment. I have 4 nurses that come each week to assist me in my daily living and to educate me live independently with a disability. My two teenagers basically take care of themselves with my supervision. DSS made their decision the day after I got out of the hospital recouping from (HE). My two children are now in the legal custody of DSS and giving care givers rights to my 19 year old daughter still living at home with us. I feel I am being judged because of my illness I have no control over!

  • Concerned Party

    I have been dating a married woman who has broken my heart for the last time. I am really tired of the lies and I want her to come clean. Even So, She is a very kind and loving lady but she won’t be straight. I feel like a trip in the court house will show her I am tired and I wanted more!

  • JanMc

    DSS has had my son on a case plan for reunification with his toddler son. They have started the process for permanency placement adoption, as he has been in the system for 18 months. Can this adoption process be stopped?

  • julie

    We have recently moved to SC , my Significant other has Joint custody of his 11 yr old son. We are trying to make things work out with Visitation visits, Thanksgiving we met half way (drop off and pick up) and now this his son’s mother is emailing us telling us that since we moved out of state that the agreement is voided that she does have to pick him up >> The original agreement was we pick up on Friday after school and she picks up on Sunday after 5.. we both understand that this cant happen anymore, but is her obligations voided because we moved??? She is telling us that she doesnt have to do anything, because we moved????We are hoping to keep this out of the courts but if it comes to it we will.. I just dont want her to keep bully us because we moved out of state…. and we are trying to do the right thing, by meeting half way…

  • kevin

    My 17 yr. old daughter is pregnant and wants to move in with her boyfriend when she is 18.She will still be in high school.I have custody of her and I am court ordered to pay her ins..If she moves out will I still be legally responsible for her?

  • TheOneIndependent

    I have fallen in love with a fantastic woman who has stage 4 cancer and there is a possibility that she might not be here long. She has separated from her husband before I met her. We want to be married. Is there any provision in NC laws that addresses this so we wont have to wait the 1 years separation?