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  • Calli

    My Mother- in- law has Permanent Gaurdianship of my daughter for right now. She is wanting the Father and I to sign adoption papers, and we refuse to. I have heard that in the state of Oklahoma she can automatically adopt my daughter without mine or the fathers signatures after 1 year if we have not paid her any child suport. Is this true???

  • mommyx4.5

    my husband and i got married in oklahoma. he is currently walking out of our marriage to go to michigan. if he tries to file for a divorce in michigan without being a resident there can he file or does he have to return to oklahoma to file for divorce?

  • Mrs.loper

    My mother-in law had i and my husband sign papers on her to have guardinship of my daughter but i dont of which one it is we dont pay her and she has told us that our daughter stays with her until she is 18. But my older daughter stays with us and im pregnant wont the courts see in our favor we have done nothing wrong we try to give our daughters the best enviorment and the best life we could it just hurts me and her sister and my husband that we cant take her home what do i do? Please help

  • KC

    I have two questions I hope just maybe I can get an answer to. When someone goes to the judge for emergency custody, Does the person have to show some kind of proof to the accusations used to gain the emergency custody order to be signed or is the person just able to go before the judge and say whatever it takes whether accusations are true or untrue?

    When you raise somone elses children for many years and the parents decide to take the children, is it legal in Oklahoma for the caretakers who’ve raised, cared, and provided for the children to present the parents with a bill of the expenses it took to raise the children for all the years they’ve raised them?