Polygamy, Bigamy and Adultery 10

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What’s the difference?

Polygamy , bigamy , adultery … aren’t all of these basically the same thing?

Well, yes and no.

A bigamist is someone who has two or more “legal” spouses at the same time.

Polygamy encompasses a number of different “multiple marriage ” arrangements, some of which could technically incur a charge of bigamy but the key word here is “arrangement”.

In a polygamous relationship, all of the spouses are both aware and in acceptance of the multiple partner structure. Typically, polygamists live together, either in one household or adjoining houses and share all of the parental, financial and marital responsibilities. They operate together as one unit, raising all the children together and making all the major decisions as a team.

Polygamists are often only legally married to one spouse, bringing the subsequent spouses into the fold with a private ceremony . Others will marry and divorce each of the spouses so that bigamy charges cannot be brought.

A bigamist on the other hand is typically someone who has entered into a multiple marriage arrangement without the other spouses knowing that the arrangement exists.

In this case, the bigamist would maintain more than one household and each spouse is completely unaware of the other relationships.

Both of these types of relationships meet the technical definition of adultery, but adultery isn’t just limited to other marriages. Adultery also applies to extra-marital affairs, even if its just a one-time occurrence.


  • Joyce Earl

    What if the bigamist assume that they were divorce, and what steps should they take. Also should the other spouse that is married to the bigamist divorce that person, or are they married?

  • mother-in-law

    My daughter’s, now ex, husband had a marriage ceremony 3 months before their divorce was final. The other “spouse” was fully aware that he was not divorced. When this so called marriage was disclosed to the judge in a pre-trial hearing, the husband told the judge it was not a marriage ceremony, but a “commitment to love” ceremony. We have reason to believe that the information from the “love ceremony” was transferred to the to the marriage license filed with the court in the State of Florida without the ceremony actually taking place again. Is this a voidable marriage? If so, how do you prove and file it in Florida

  • My wife is living with her x.I’m handy capped and living home while looking for an apartment.Can she force me out after 20 yrs.together/

    • Jessica Morgan

      You need a good divorce lawyer.

  • theresa fitzsimmons

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing to you because I am in a very confusing and difficult situation and I am hoping you can help me and answer my questions I spoke with your secretary today she said you would call me back but I wanted to give you alittle background on my case. My spouse and I got married during that brief window in 2008 while gay/lesbian marriages were legal. I am from New Jersey she is from California I married her and stayed there when I recieved an urgent call that my mother was seriously ill in the hospital bleeding internally they didn’t know from where, her blood pressure was something like 60 over 20 they didn’t know if she would last the night. I of course came home, my spouse did not have the money to come with me, my mother luckily lived but she needed a colostomy and they took out 75% of her colon, she needed a colostomy bag and I was the only person in my family who could tend to her needs so I had to stay here. I did promise my spouse I would return but I did not know it was so bad, my mother is 70 years old, she also has a pacemaker and defibrillator and she needed to have the colostomy reversal when she recovered from the orginal surgery. Well, my ex became upset and began cheating on me with a man, she began living with him, well he beat her, raped her, stole money, made passes at her mother, mistreated her, got her pregant forced her to get 3 abortions against her will but that’s another story. During this time I begged her to leave him and come to live here with me her family isn’t as close as mine is she lives 3 hours away from them and they only see eachother on holidays and maybe once every 2 months. My family is very tight and with my mother being ill I have to be here to tend to her, however she doesn’t understand that. In the meantime we were getting my mother ready built up, and recovered so she can have her colostomy reversal surgery when January 18, 2009 my 48 year old sister passed away unexpected of a heart attack, she went to bed and never woke up, I was the one that found her, which traumatized me obviously and my spouse still was not there for me she yelled at me saying I was a baby. My spouse is clinically Bipolar, she was in therapy and on Abilify and another medicine I am not sure the name of it, when she was on it she was fine she agreed to move here after she graduated Job Corps which is where she was attending to become a security gaurd and to get her GED then she was moving here to be with me and my family and remarry me and have a life together. Well, she began sleeping with her teacher Captain Ken Hurst of Job Corps I guess to gaurantee that she would pass. She has tried to leave him she claims but he says he will hold her gaurd card, and make her lose her job if she leaves. She is Bipolar and they are prone to lying so I am not sure about that. But her mother tells me she is covered in head to toe bruises when she sees her. Well, anyway back to the topic at hand, I can not leave my ill mother, especially after my sister’s sudden death all my other sisters are married on lives 45 minutes away, the other lives in Pennsylvania and she is 2 hours away and my other sister lives in town but she has a 14 year old daughter in dance classes, after school activities and such and she can’t be at my mom’s beck and call so we share the responsiiblity of her Dr. apts and tests and stuff. My spouse as happy as she claims to be with this man keeps e-mailing me, writing me on Facebook, I block my number of my cell she changes her number to call me, she even called me when her and him were well having sex, how sick is that? I changed the number again she finds me through e-mail, facebook, my mom will not change the house phone number so she calls restricted on there to get to me or has her family members call me. She called me Thanksgiving morning and we hadn’t talked in weeks and she called me from 7am through 9:30am singing songs about wanting to get back together, about she will leave the lights on in case I decide to come home, Like we never loved at all, Come to bed and everything will be solved, the truth is I am still strung over you. She sends me I love you messages. Now my birthday is December 3rd 2 days before she calls me and tells me she is getting married to this guy in March and that she found out from the courts we aren’t married and she didn’t legally change her name they told her. I was with her when she got her Social Security card it says Brittany Fitzsimmons I do not know if she changed her license over but still marriages can’t get lost in the system, so I called the courthouse in Los Banos where we got married and they say we are legally married. I called the divorce office and she never filed, I tried to but she never did she threw the papers out or said I swear direct quote “Got had to tell her when”. I got her a xruise for her 21st birthday I thought she couls stay after that because the upstairs was partically done for us to stay one room but told me again she was coming and again no show. I have had to deal with threats on Facebook about how she wants to choke the life out of me, she hates me I am stupid. And that I am stalking her when she is trying to add my friends as her’s so who is stalking who? She is not stable she is Bipolar and not medicated, she wouldn’t go back to therapy after her therapist left and she went off the meds. That;’s when she lost her mind. She called me telling me her uterus fell out, her brother beat her up, her mom was ill with MS and a stroke and that she was raped all for me to jump on a plane to go there. She is I’m sorry to say crazy, and now she is getting married when she is married to me legally I can give you the number to check yourself (209)725- 4124 and the divorce office is (209) 725-4117 family court (209) 385) 7627. You can see I am not lying and I have voicemails from her e-mails begging me to get her a place here she can’t take it there where I am is where her life is now she is getting married. Now, what I would like to do is go after her for Bigamy and Adultry and I do not know about what would happen to him but he knew all along she was married so I am hoping that he gets penalized as well. He is 46 years old she is 22 they both should know better but especially him. I do not know what to do but I do want to have them charged for this and I want to be paid for emotional damages, the money we put out for the room upstairs for her, the 4 diamond rings I bought her she either lost, sold or gave to someone else, and I would like to get the money back from the cruise she promised she was coming here to go on and didn’t. She put myself and my family through alot of emotional strain calling yelling nasty things at my sister who passed away, she yelled at my mother, and she played head games and see-sawed me in and out of her life. So please help me as much as you can. I did the link on the courthouse self help to get the copy of our marriage certificates to send to her to prove we are in deed married I want to do it as close to the marriage as possible. I did all I could for her I really did and this is my thank you? I want to get what I deserve. Please help me. Also I do not know where she lives she will not give me her address cause she lives with him so I don’t know if you can find that out or not her name is Brittany Dagnino Fitzsimmons she works at PG &E i can give you her address and phone number and his too she works at PG&E Corp 1 Market Plaza, San Francisco – (415) 267-7000, her cell number is (209)489-3594, he works at Treasure Island Job Corps 351 Avenue H
    San Francisco, CA 94130-1648
    (415) 277-2400. I do not know his personal phone number. But his name is Captain Ken Hurst She is Lietenant Brittany Dagnino Fitzsimmons..
    So, if we do go through with this you have all the information I have I also have her e-mail address Brittanyfitzsimmons@yahoo.com.
    Please get back to me on how to go about all of this I want her charged him as well, this is not legal at all for either of them to do this to me.
    Please I am new at this I have never been divorced before. My home number is (201) 991-9089 my cell number is (201) 618-5201.

    Thank you for you consideration
    ; I do appologize for it being so long

    Theresa Fitzsimmons

    • Dacey Even

      I’m ken hurst ex. I was 16 and he was 42 when we dated. If you want to talk my number is 8036002820 my email is snorkek1987@gmail.com
      He is a predator. There is no saving her without pain and the withdraws that comes from an abusive relationship. He controlled where I worked, who I talked to, when I slept, everything. Call me. Have her call me.ive survived him and if I can help i want to. I wish I had retorted him to prevent the other victims but I was so under his control I didn’t think I could. Please call me.

  • sue

    i have been with the man i married for almost a year recently ive become suspisious hes getting calls and money from the woman who suppose to be hixs x wife but shes told friend of my family that there still married im concerned i could get blamed for not know ing cuz he told me there divorce was final 17 yrs ago when he left her for a nother woman who became pregnat with his child any help soo confused lost wish i new what to do

  • Mischelle

    My Husband is a Muslim we married in the USA. about 20 years ago now he has left the States Not wanting to live here anymore said he didn’t want a divorce said in his Religion he can have another wife he says if i dont except that then we can Get divorced and be done. He now live’s in another country he said he hasn’t married but plans to. I told him that since he plans to he should divorce me he says that but he’s not sure he can do that I will except it when it happens. he will continue to take care of me as long as I remain faithful. Which He’s a Nut…. I think he is Married and took her to Paris on their HoneyMoon. But he insist he’s Not and Comes to Visit me every few Month’s taking care of me every month he knows I would never go to his Country So I think it was kind of was his plan have a second wife there to retire with since he no longer wants to live here. How can I prove he is Married To Strap a Bigamy Charge on Him?

  • Ashley

    I have a question, my husband and I are going through a annullment and I was wondering how long it takes for a judge to sign off on the papers? And what happens after that? plz help

  • Aaron Mathews

    Leonidas Skylakis is a bigamist married to Michelle Leigh Wunner. They live in Pennsylvania and were married illegally so Leonidas Skylakis could stay in America. That’s how he got his green card. He is an adulterer, thief, bigamist and abandoned his children. He had numerous affairs and deserves to be deported.